Ground Invasion? I think not!

So the “battered” and “significantly weakened” and “leaderless” HezbAllah has just scored yet another victory in the ground battles raging in the south. 3 more Israeli soldiers have been killed, and 9 injured. The injured are currently trapped inside Lebanese territory, at Maroon al-Ras. An attempt was made to recover them by helicopter, but the helicopter was shot down. Several tanks have also been destroyed by anti-tank missile.

Update @ 7:26 pm: 2 Israeli soldiers killed by HezbAllah in Maroon al-Ras. 7 injured, and are still trapped.

Update @ 7:48 pm: Al-Manar TV (HezbAllah’s TV station) has aired videos of rifles and other equipment captured from killed Israeli soldiers.

Update @ 9:03 pm: 4 Israeli soldiers killed at Maroon al-Ras.

Update @ 9:11 pm: 2 Israeli Mirkava tanks destroyed.

Update @ 11:58 pm: Lebanese Defense Minister reaffirms that in case of Israeli ground invasion the Lebanese Army will fight alongside HezbAllah.

Update @ 2:42 am: Israel claims 2 of its Apache helicopters have “collided” and crashed near Kiryat Shmona. (I told you so). At least 6 Israeli soldiers killed, 2 of them in a separate incident in Lebanon.

More updates coming as soon as the news come in.


43 responses to “Ground Invasion? I think not!

  1. What this from the same soursce as yesterday you know the one that said four tanks has been destroyed

  2. Oh and the one that said the f_16 was shot down

  3. Yes, the four tanks have indeed been destroyed, as insider sources tell me, as is the F-16. Well for the F-16 we saw footage of it, so that doesn’t even need to be talked about.

    Btw, did you hear, an F-16 crashed inside Israel as it was on its way to bomb us?

  4. How many Hezbollah dead and injured? We’ll never know because you won’t publish those figures. Who knows how many leaders of Hezbollah have been killed?

  5. So far 1 killed, whose name was announced yesterday.

    By the way, HezbAllah would be more than honoured to announce the names of its martyrs.

  6. Oh come on if there was dead israeli soldiers they would be showing them as well you doing a deal with the devil and i wonder how you will lokk back at this

  7. Anything about kidnapped journalists

  8. where are you getting this from is it aljazera

  9. Ha !!! The Zionists will NEVER admit this….lmao

  10. please keep posting these updates!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No peace with Zionism.

  11. Spain people and government are with Lebanon
    First of all I hope you are all safe in Lebanon. Here in Spain, most people supports Lebanese people against the Israeli aggression. In several opinion polls Spanish people considered Israeli actions as aggression and no defense operations. As well, our presidente Zapatero is the only European chairmen in criticizing Israel. Therefore, Israeli ambassador in Spain said that relations with Spain are harmed considerably. Today evening there are a lot of manifestations against Israeli aggression against Lebanon and Palestine.
    In conclusion, you aren’t alone all Spanish people are with you. Be strong.

    Ma Issalama

  12. So it must be al jazers because i looked it up on google and it said it was coming from al jazera is it al manar or al arabiya or a soursce of yours

  13. It is an insider source, but some are taken from various local and Arabic stations that have reporters inside Israel.

  14. Ok i dont what to be banned but israel has a small population if israelis soldiers were being killed in so many number it would be coming out.I believe al jazera when they said 4 were killed but im not sure about the tanks.

  15. Of course i could be completeley wrong and im being naiev

  16. This is not the first time Israel has lost many tanks…

  17. No but what i am saying is that if the tanks were or are destroyed thenn the soldiers are dead so that would make a hell of a lot of dead soldiers.Also there is so much propoganda going on who actually knows where do you think nasrallah is

  18. Nope, not necessarily… an anti-tank missile can destroy a tank but its crew might survive (sustaining injuries or not even being injured at all). It depends on the armory.

  19. Ah so where do you think nasrallah is do you think he is planning something big and it seems i was wrong about earlier a majority are now surporting hizbullah

  20. I have no idea where Nasrallah is.

    As for what he is plannning, that remains to be seen. 🙂

  21. Oh come on why does the idea of him geeting rid of israelis make you happy i dont get it i really do think you are entering a packed with the devil after all his dream seems to be a mini iran in lebanon.After all he said this was a battle of the islamic nation

  22. You never answer any hard question like the fact that nasrallah hizbullah iran they are not actually fighting for you but for extermists all over

  23. Also, with regards to what you said, what is impossible about “a hell of a lot of dead soldiers”?

    To answer your last question, that is what you get for supporting the killing of innocents.

  24. There is nothing impossible about but there wouold be no point covering it up with sush a small poulation there would be no point covering it up because it would get around anyway besides how many soldiers died in 1982 they are not stupid they now that a lot of soldiers would die in a ground invasion.Im personally not supporting anything i would love a cease fire look if hizbullah have a fantastic victory think about afterwars and whatt life is going to be like there they will be stronger than ever iran and syria will be involed more and more and there will be a lot more extermists in your country.After all he said this was for the islamic nation

  25. And think about this how many secular marxists are actually left in iran now

  26. Breaking news: you just created a lot of extremists by what you did.

  27. Yeah but thats very bad news for all secular liberal people all across the middle east not only in lebanon

  28. I don’t know why all of a sudden that is your primary concern.

  29. Just pointing it out that maybe you should think about after all this is over so what did he say in the interview

  30. Anonymous – I am sorry but I don’t have the time to answer all your questions. The internet is a huge place and you will find lots of information. Search engines are your friends. Check out the Al Jazeera website.

  31. can you post some photos?

  32. Jack - New york

    🙂 ,

    There’s one thing I really can’t understand – why Israel I fighting your war.
    Freedom, progression, technology, tourism, economy, education – I can’t seem to find the reason for your support in Hezballah.
    Can you explain to me what’s the reason, Israel will not suffice for an answer.


  33. unforunately ground invaions are usually mishandled these days because of “media wars” like iraq, where the public perception was everything,

    however if isreal truly committed to this war, one would quickly see the lebanese death toll rise and the threat reduce…….

    on the case of a ceaseifre, tell me, how does one operate a ceasefire with terrorists? isreal have been out of lebanon for six yrs, yet throughout that time missiles were launched…..

    btw…..askng for prisoner releases? im sure that the thought that some lebanese will be freed is comforting to those lebanese who have lost loved ones because of the actions of hezbollah…..

  34. sharon should die of clogged arteries

    Israel, in a bid to show off their power, bombard Lebanon with missles and attacks, just because their 3 soldiers were abducted.

    Is that how a country should behave?

    Shame on those cursed jews.

    They are like gangsters; killing people who are weaker than them with whatever powerthey have.

    Shame on them.

    No wonder many people don’t like jews.

    I wonder why.

  35. Eran - Israel

    Small Victories, South Lebanon will bleed Seven Years because of people like you & I thought you were striving for peace,

    Ina’al Abuk, Ya me’afan!

  36. Gee, how about some stats on Hez killed.

  37. Hey boys, don’t forgot these are people you are talking about on both sides.
    Jack when you say that is our war. and isreal has been out of lebanon for six years. then how come i used to sit in school and hear them break the sound barrier over Beirut.
    But it seems pointless to ask who started. the question is: will israel get peace, acting the way it does. It becomes very difficult for me nto to celbrate every israeli soldiers that is being taken down these days. (and shamefully i admit so) but this massacre has probaly created more hizbollah supports. people that rmeber 1982 1996 etc the numerous massacres that happend in Lebanon and else where.
    I think those that survive will remember their losses for along time. ( and justifiably so)
    As ridiculous as this might sound but the more this goes on the more brutal israel becomes the more hisbollah will celebrate it as victory. Further: assuming hisbollah is defeate and nasrallah dead. the people that will take his place are likely to be worse. add to this a number of sunni radicals, and you will have created another safehaven fro terrorist,(if you want to call em that). who has made Hamas and hisbollah strong who has made them find support. when people have nothing where will they turn.
    so apart from being inhuman it is a strategically pointless. At least on the long term. (ask your self in what a world you want your children to grow up) eran? anonymous? Sharonshould die of clogged arteries (even though i agree with that :))? etc.

  38. so israel pulled out 6 yrs ago hey….is it ok for them to carry out assasinations in lebanon? or violate lebanese airspace? or kidnap lebanese citizens? you are creating these so called terrorists yourselves and you will never be able to beat these forces in this manner. israel is not very popular with people in this country just as in spain.(politicians not included, as they are just pimples on the asses of americans). please stop the LIES and the BOMBS!! beg for forgiveness and you may find peace.

  39. Amir Bakhtiary-Teh

    If Israel is targeting terrorists, they should be taking tests on their eyesights.
    As far as I could tell by the pictures I was seeing, them 1 to 10 year old kids splatterd on the
    walls, had a very long time left to become what the call “terrorists”.

  40. Amir Bakhtiary-Teh

    wander if I would qualify as a terrorist 😉

  41. So the “battered” and “significantly weakened” and “leaderless” HezbAllah has just scored yet another victory in the ground battles raging in the south.

    Sure, right. They are winning. Nasrallah is hiding in a hole in the ground. The big rat lives by scurrying from place to place. It is just a matter of time.

    I feel very badly for how many people he has intentionally murdered to further his bloody cause.

  42. I have the fortunate luck of being born Canadian. I get to see the world with a full stomach and a sweet place to sleep; no bombs, no stuff. But I tell you what… If I was Arab or if I was Jew I would seek a super joining of all sons of Abram or Abraham as some would say! Can you imagine the entire middle east all under one tent!!! Isreal and Iran one country…………Syryia and Iraq one and the same. A group of Brothers, Isreal, Iran, Lebbanon, Syria, Jordan., Araibiaand all god fearing sons of Abraham. This group would control it all man……….get it together bros

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