The “Crisis” Explained

So, what is this Middle East “crisis” that everyone is talking about?

  • Israelis:
  1. We destroyed 50% of HezbAllah weapons stockpiles.
  2. We killed the HezbAllah leadership after dropping 23 tons of bombs on a suspected bunker.
  3. Our agents have infiltrated HezbAllah ranks significantly.
  4. We’re bombing trucks that are carrying “missiles” (i.e. rockets).
  5. This is a declaration of war on Israel. We will respond in kind.
  6. We are not waging a war against Lebanon. We are hitting terrorist targets.
  7. There are no civilian casualties, all the targets we have hit are terrorist targets.
  8. HezbAllah bombed a “Christian holy city”, wake up Christians crusaders of the world.
  • HezbAllah:
  1. We are capable of continuing for many, many months.
  2. What the Israelis claim was a bunker was a Mosque under construction. HezbAllah leadership is unharmed.
  3. Lebanese security forces have arrested a number of Israeli agents.
  4. You’re bombing trucks carrying flour, medicines, cement, as well as water drillers, not rocket launchers.
  5. You declared open war, and we shall respond in kind.
  6. You are targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, not HezbAllah targets.
  7. At least 350 civilians have been killed and so far only 1 HezbAllah fighter.
  8. You are bombing Mosques.
  • Lebanese people:
  1. Israel is imposing collective punishment.
  2. Israel is massacring civilians.
  3. Israel is targeting ambulances.
  4. Israel is targeting trucks carrying medicines.
  5. Israel is bombing the Lebanese Army.
  6. Israel is bombing all areas indiscriminately, despite the fact that there is no HezbAllah presence there.
  7. Israel has declared war on Lebanon. HezbAllah has the right to respond.
  8. Israel started bombing us and the rockets against Israel were only a response.
  9. We don’t believe that Israel is doing all this for 2 soldiers, even if we blame HezbAllah for starting this.
  10. The international community let us down.
  11. Our government is powerless.
  • International community / world leaders:
  1. Israel is using disproportionate force, but the time has not yet come to think about ceasefire…
  2. Israel might be massacring civilians causing collateral damage, but the time has not yet come to think about ceasefire…
  3. Israel should technically restrain itself in targeting civilian infrastructure and take extra care not to harm civilians… but we won’t ask it to do so…
  4. Israel has the right to defend itself from the danger of rockets.
  5. Release the two “kidnapped soldiers” (not “prisoners of war”, and no talk about the Lebanese hostages in Israel).
  6. Condie is praying for the Lebanese people (I feel much better now).
  7. Blair: I am the spokesperson of the Israeli government, and I say, no ceasefire until the 2 soldiers are released.
  8. Israel should make sure that the fragile Lebanese government would not collapse.

29 responses to “The “Crisis” Explained

  1. OK, act with out responsibility. Let your Shiite private army to run your state and open wars. But never blame others for your situation. Israel has the all rights to defend herself no matter what Lebanese might think. You have to think before the Hezbullah push you down the hill.

    Blame only your self !!!!

  2. Abe Bird, this should be a more than sufficient response to your comment:,,329531975-103552,00.html

  3. Note: on point 8, you could also point out that:
    “Greek Orthodox Church hit in Israeli attack on Rashaya al-Fakhar injuring 5, LBC”.

    Collective punishment is fascism. Pure and simple. If terrorism is the wanton killing of civilians to achieve a political or military goal, the IDF is the largest terrorist organization in the world. The bombers in Mumbai only managed to kill 150 innocent civilians, the IDF is at double that figure and still going…

    And Abe Bird: OK act with out responsibility. Let your IDF run your state and open wars. But never blame others for your situation. The Lebanese have all the rights to defend themselves no matter what Israelis might think. You have to think before the bunch of warmongers you elected to office push you down the hill. Especially as you have apparently made an enemy of every single Lebanese – and (once again) you have made Hezbollah a champion of Lebanese independence. And especially, as the utter chaos you have created in Lebanon promises to become a hotbed of anti-israeli actions in the foreseeable future. Your “Insecurity” is no excuse for the murder of children and the destruction of a whole country.

    And its not as if Hezbollah woke up and decided to fuck around with Israeli troops one bright morning, is it? I mean assassinating people inside Lebanon, doesn’t count as a provocation? Killing Lebanese inside Lebanon? Shelling targets in Lebanon to test Hezbollah?

    This is an ongoing war. Blind slaughter because of two POW is just plain immoral. It is also a war crime and a crime against humanity. The fact that Hezbollah has been criminal before doesn’t excuse the Israeli government’s crimes.

  4. Thanks for this analysis…you are so correct….

  5. Amir Bakhtiary-Iran

    ever so correct

  6. good summary. a little attitude, but it puts the insanity in perspective.

  7. a_greek, blaming Israel for all your problems is much dealer than actually looking at your own problems and resolving them right?
    Whenever there’s an assassination, an accident or whatever lets just all blame Israel.

    The war is not over 2 POW its about all the future dead\POWs there wouldnt have been if we didn’t react to this attach too.

    You’re not taking care of your shit so we’re doing it for you, a kind “thank you!” would be enough!
    You don’t want the IDF to attack civilian homes\Mosques\whatever? You should have made sure they’re not used for war (and don’t tell me they don’t… we’ve seen the pictures all over international news channels)

    Civialans die because they are used as human shield and because YOU let them die, so instead of blaming Israel again and look for the root cause of your problems.

  8. Whenever there’s an assassination, an accident or whatever lets just all blame Israel.
    Or Syria/Iran. What’s the difference?

    Civialans die because they are used as human shield
    Israel is the only one to have been proven by international organizations to be using human beings as shields. You’re doing it in Palestine and now you’re bombing civilians and claiming HezbAllah is using them as human shields.

    I don’t see much of a difference between your kind and the Nazis.

  9. A ridiculous post deserves a ridiculous response.
    So I present you with… ta daaa…
    The Translating the HezbAllah (original text provided with the post):
    1. We don’t really care what happens to Lebanon or its people. We’re under Iranian orders and these people are just our human shield.
    2. One Mosque down. Don’t worry we have weapons and bunkers under many Mosques and you can’t destroy them all because that won’t look good in the media. We also have civilians praying in there and a camera crew ready just in case…
    3. “Israeli Agents” means arabs who disagree with getting bombed over HA causes. We’re also arresting their wives in the charges of witchery, and there’s a man who was selling Israelis with Christian babies who’s blood they need for their holy ceremonies…
    4. Israel is targeting tracks. Although we seem to be very successfully in transporting missiles and arms its seems that every time we try to transport medicine or food or medicine we fail.
    5. Israel is bombing radars and other facilities we loan from the Lebanon army. Oh well, its not ours anyway…
    6. All HA men are walking around with red T-Shirts saying “Shoot me!” and yet, IDF insists on missing them and hitting ordinary civilians carrying their day-to-day duties of shooting missiles…
    7. The nasty Jews faked an operation where they killed their own soldiers and abducted two just to satisfy their greedy war ambitions. Of all the organizations in the world they chose to hit an organization of Islamic peace keeping hippes (HebAllah) just because they hate hippies…
    8. Israel is also the reason for our existence in Lebanon and we hate them for it. The only way we can convince Israel to go into Lebanon and make some order is to abduct some Israeli soldiers and show them the crap we’re in so that they can report back to their government.
    9. We thought we could abduct at list 3-4 more soldiers before Israel will get pissed off.
    10. We thought Europeans and Americans were morons.
    They think Jesus is the true representative of god and that they can turn bread&wine to his blood and flesh. This is clearly stupid because everyone know it is Muhammad who represents god and he took a horse and rose it to the sky to meet with him.

  10. You don’t see any difference between my kind and the Nazis just because you have no clue as to what you’re talking about and comparing someone to the Nazis is a common curse these days. Everyone who kills anyone else is “like a Nazy”.
    The problems is that you and you’re kind have little to know I idea of who the Nezis were and what they did.
    I suggest you open up the history books (or use wikipedia) to learn some more on the Germans and WWII. If you still won’t see the difference then, well at list we’ll a basic ground for discussion.

  11. I call on Israel to show pictures of the alleged stockpiles in the Mosques.

    I call on Israel to show pictures of the alleged takeover of Maroon al-Ras.

    I call on Israel to show pictures of the alleged 100 HezbAllah fighters killed.

    I call on Israel to show pictures of the alleged capture of bodies of HezbAllah fighters.

    Until then your country is lying, lying, and lying, to justify the bombing of Mosques, the massacre of civilians, and the destruction of Lebanon.

  12. I call you Nazis because that’s what you are – and that’s not just about Lebanon. It’s about the ghettoization of Palestine, the systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, massacres of children, all in the name of “self defence”. If “self defence” justifies your actions (massacring children), doesn’t Palestinians’ “self defence” justify their actions (suicide bombings, Qassams) against you?

  13. Ghettoization of Palestine?! Palestinian Ghettosize themselves.
    There could have been an open border (like there used to be) if it wasn’t for the constant bomb\missile\terror threats.

    You think we’re spending billions on building the fence and having army presence there just because we have the extra cash?
    Closing up the borders is a necessity we can’t avoid since buses and cafe’s tend to blow up when these are open…

  14. Open borders? Surely you must be kidding? Gaza would not have been allowed to have open access to the sea, nor of its air (i.e. Gaza airport), so it was practically a siege and dependence on Israel. As for the West Bank, of course it’s ghettoization.

    You sure do have a lot of extra cash. You get more US $ in “aid” than all world countries combined. I would love to see you brag about Israel being a “first world” country without that “aid”.

  15. Your problem is that you think in reverse. That is, if we bomb the Lebanese they will hate HezbAllah, rather than the people who bombed them. If we collectively punish the Palestinians they will hate Hamas or give up on “terrorism”. I don’t know, but your government and countrymen/women seem to be extremely stupid not to have learned that the opposite is true… trial and error ought to have taught you that much, but it seems you people are thick-skulled or otherwise love living in a constant emotional state of the “victim”.

  16. Yes buts it is not allowed sea and air access because they’re used for weapon smuggling (Karin A for example), that weapon evidently blows up somewhere inside Israel which is then forced to close its borders and then Palastinian blame it for ruining its economy.
    Both countries economies could flourish if weapons and religion were not involved here.

    And as for the cash, no matter how much cash and support Israel has you have to agree that these billions could be spent on a much more useful purpose, for both Israeli and Palestinian people rather than building a fence.

    You guys have much more money than the entire world, you control Oil. Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other countries in the region etc. are so reach that its people enjoy free education and wealth (I heard the common way to hit on a girl there was to give her a cellphone present with your number… thats costy…)
    The world would have looked a lot better if all this oil money was spent on education (although education is free, most people there get a degree in Islam history or some crap rather than something real) rather than on weapons on fantic extremists…

  17. Regarding comment 11, dude, just watch the fucking news rather than spending your time on HezbAllah TV or whatever it is you’re getting your “news” from.
    The pictures are all over CNN\Sky\etc.

    There are pictures of rocket launching tracks hiding behind Mosques…
    They even showed HA blockades stopping people from evacuating…

  18. I don’t see any pictures on CNN of Maroun al-Ras being occupied by Israel… or of launching trucks behind Mosques… or HezbAllah roadblocks preventing people from evacuating.

  19. I opened CNN few minutes ago and they were talking about Google vs. Yahoo.
    I guess I can conclude from that that not only there aren’t trucks behind Mosques etc. but that there isn’t a war at all… (Google and Yahhoo are at war but thats business)

    You, my friend, see what you want to see.
    And even if you did see the pictures and movies shown before I bet you would have dismissed them as Israeli misinformation, fake movies or whatever like you have been doing so far in all your posts.


  20. If those pictures/videos are available on CNN, all you have to do is provide me with the URL.

    I’m waiting…

  21. dear eran kampf

    If i m not wrong ur were defending israel’s bombing
    let me tell of another time when ur current leader were running around bombing the
    britsh protectorate of palestine. back then they were considered freedom fighters so wats the difference now i would say the only difference is that hizballah is more3 organized and as for israel border with palastine being ever open it never was.
    as for equal rights and stuff arab israelis the would be 20% of the israeli population are treated like third class citizens. many members of ur parliment ask for their deportation
    daily but i m sure thats not an issue. when ur treated like shit in ur own keeping in mind most jews in israel have no connection to this land for a long long time. as for arabs they have lived here much longer. imagine u have country a nation and one day some one comes and says yea we are going to give half of it to another people o one more thing these are the same people terrorizing
    u for a while and yea there is a small matter of they will try to assimilate ur land and slowly kill u too and before they have accomplished all this they will be occupy the small bits of land u have left. to mme that sounds quite alot like the nazi wait its like the nazi only diffrence is u have the backing of the only superpower left the Neoclonial imperial united states of america i
    I thoght the saying was what goes around comes around not happened to me i ll inflect on others but then again all the rules that imply to wordly population do not imply to israels cuz ofcourse they have a license to do what ever they want cuz there are (drumroll please)”the chosen people”

    dont take it the worng way i dont hate jews and i m not for the elimination of israel i hate the zionists who are responsible for the creation of hamas suacide bomings and hizballah. i would love to see Israel and all the middle eastern contries live in peace. and the first step towarsds
    that is for israel to revert to its intial borders of 1948. but ofcourse that wont happen cuz
    israelis and i mean the jewish isreali citizens are drum roll again “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE” and everyone else is let me put it nicely pooo.


    long live freedom and the struggle for freedom and i only pray that god brings peace to the world cuz sure as hell bush olmert and condi wont do shit and i also pray may god give me the paitence
    and determination that he has given the lebanesse and the palastenins.

  22. Eran Kampf, you wrote a whole comment (7) responding to my reply, without adressing a single point I made. I’ll give it another try.

    My problems have little to do with Israel. Lebanon’s problems have a lot to do with Israel, Syria, the US, the colonial legacy etc. So historically speaking, no, Israel was not the only source of problems for Lebanon, but it has been a major contributor – and right now it certainly is by far the number one problem for Lebanon, as the IDF is killing children and civilians, producing a wave of refugees that (per capita) is greater than Bosnia’s – heck Congo’s- and bombing the whole country back to the stone-age. So yes, right now the immediate problem for Lebanon is Israel.

    You say:
    Whenever there’s an assassination, an accident or whatever lets just all blame Israel.
    Were you to peruse the links I provided, you’ll see that it isn’t just “blame” but reported facts I linked to.

    It is a rather obvious fact that the bombings are taking out much more than Hezbollah headquarters. Unless you really think that churches and the Christian neighbourhoods (to name but a couple of examples) of Beirut are obvious Hezbollah hideouts. Not to mention that a whole body of international law suggests that bombing dual use facilities (f.e. the airports, power stations, phone towers) is a war crime.

    Anyway my point was: Collective punishment is fascism. Do you agree?

  23. Israel started all this. Firstly it never wanted peace, its leaders that is. The European Jews who immigrated their were all fooled by the Zionist, plus the Jewish Holocaust helped convinve them.

    Israel is not defending itself as it tried to portray, it is the attacker, it is Hezbollah and Lebanon who are defending themselves. Christians, Muslims, and Druze stand united against the Israeli yoke; a yoke that has been tied with the tool of U.S. foreign policy. The Arab, the Israeli, and American people are not to blame, but those who control the world’s wealth via governments and corporations. Unfortunately their centre of power is Washington. They seek to divide and conquer by playing to religous and ethnic difference; it is they who are the enemies of mankind. This was a deliberate attack which is obviously connected with American objectives to control the oil in the Middle East and Central Asia, step by step. This conflict will be used as grounds for conflict with Syria and Iran and from their into the former U.S.S.R. Ask yourselves if Afghanistan was the hotbed of terrorism, why was it never on the U.S. State Departments terrorist sponsoring list? The reason is simple, because U.S. corporation could not do business with it. There is more to this picture adn I advise you all to research via alternative media.

  24. Mz_Hezeballah

    i think all of this should be stopped

  25. Is’nt it interesting that American made weapons are being used to kill U.N. peacekeepers? A Canadian was one of the dead and I really wonder how this tradjety was an accident? Ten calls to the IDF? Has Israel got a complaint department that has ears? The world is watching with open eyes,its not hard to see who the agressor is.If someone blew up your house,your children,local roads etc. what would you do? I guess it must be nice to call in the army,while sitting in an air condidioned bomb shelter while some fighter jock presses a button.How about hidding under a rock covered in blood with no food or water? The children who survive will be forever scared and one day go looking for the perps of this holocost.Holocost, what a powerful word! Someones gonna read that and be bombarded with all sorts of horrible imagery.Someone is going to point a finger and launch into a tirade of accusations! When really, if you learned anything at all the whole point is not to let it happen to anyone ever again! Do not anyone be so self absorbed not to think that evil infects us all.In my lifetime,35 years, more people have been holocausted in Africa than even the Nazi’s could imagine. Interesting that those who have suffered simular fate seem to be capable of doing the same to others.CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE JAILED!!MOTHERS SHOULD NOT BE BOMBED!!Hezbulla is the people and only genoside will destroy them! So who or what evil would want to do that?

  26. Eran, don’t believe the pictures and the news your seeing on CNN and the other US channels, they are the representing the US governement views of thow the world should be structured…..

  27. i am sorry but israel is completely in the wrong here. this conflict is not as young as “The Media” would have you believe it to be.
    This conflict goes back thousands of years… Yes abraham….pbuh
    but lets take a closer look shall we and see why the jews are NOT “the chosen people”

    we all know of noah… (pbuh) the guy who saved 2 of every animal ETC.
    well he had a son named shem and his descendants are called semites
    later on down the family tree is born someone called heber and his descendants are called hebrews

    so it is safe to say that all hebrews are semites but not all semites are hebrews…

    Abraham also comes form this lineage which makes him a hebrew and a semite
    now we all know abrahama had many children but the most popular are issac and ishmael pbut
    both of which are hebrews (now for you mouslems out there mohhamed pbuh comes form the same lineage, this also makes him a heebrew NOT A JEW)

    so after abraham you have jacob who then later on had 12 children (12 tribes). now God/Allah/Elohim promised the land to abraham and ALL of his descendants this includes the ishmael lineage and issac lineage… but wait lets go further into the issue

    now as corrupt or correct as the bible may be one thing is certain.. the land that seems 2 be so holy was called palestine NOT israel… let me finish

    now the promised land given to abraham was pretty big form teh nile to the euprhates… but there are lots of ppl entitled to it…
    so what happens?? naturally it is divided up in2 corresponding pieces in which certain ppl and tribes are entitled to… for example, Judah one of the twelve children of jacob PBUH was given the land of judea…. see, simple

    now this may come as a shock to most people but not all 12 children of jacob were jewish actualy none of them were… its true not even moses was jewsih

    moses is form teh tribe of levi who was a child of jacob who’s name was later changed BY GOD to israel…. thus his descendants became known as israelites…. not all israelites are jews… actualy the term jew was not even created untill generations after moses had died.pbuh

    the term comes from the land of judea… if you were a citezen of that land you wre called a jew, if you were of Judah’s descent you were called judain… it wanst untill then was the religion hat the tribes, abraham, ishmael, issac all of them was given a name. and that was judaism. and it is called that because the land of judea and judah himself was more”popular” than the others..
    David, Solomon, Jesus PBUT were all of judah’s descent. this makes them jews. Jews who believe in the religion of the judains. who are of israel descent.


    all hebrews are semites but not all semites are hebrews
    all israelites are hebrews and semites but not all semites and hebrews are israelites
    not all israelites are jews and not all jews are israelites since you can convert to the rligion.

    those are the facts…

    but yes god did promoise land to the 12 tribes of ISRAEL ( the prophet NOT the land)
    now israel back then was a small land just like judea (actualy just north of it) and it was a part of the palestinia region known as PALESTINIA look it up in ur history texts religious texts if u dont believe me. in other werds israel was a state within palestine…

    now if israel wants to b its own country there is nothing wrong with that. the problem is that the modern israel and the original land known as israel given to ONE tribe out of the 12 was much smaller. infact the modern israel is nowhere near its original size. Now here is wher eit gets “religious” you ask what is wrong with israel expanding??? 4 starters, the land that it is taking over was given to other people BY GOD and israel has no right to expand its borders…. israel is only a small land within the promised land itself. that whole promised land is from the nile river, banks of the mediteranian, and the euphrates river. and for the “jews” to claim that land as their own is simply wrong and a direct disobeyed convenant FROM GOD. now when i started this comment i said the jews are not the chosen people… not all jews are israelites… and if you are not of israeli descent then you are not one of the “chosen people” shoot, you could be from the lineage of abraham himself but living life as a hindu…. doesnt mean you are not his descendant. now Ismael was also a descendant of abraham this makes him one of the chosen people as well as the people who desend from ismael inlcuding mohammed (its true you dont liek it too bad.. open ur freakin torahs and bibles and educate yourself). PERIOD

    so 2 summarize

    yes, israel does have all rights to be called an independant state/country/territory/ w/e u wanan call it
    NO, it does not have the right to expand its borders infact the modern israel is much larger than the land given to that tribe tousands of years ago.
    YES, lebbanon and hezbollah have evry right to attack

    becasuse if you read your torah and your bibles we all know taht the tribe of benjamin went currupt and fought the other 11 tribes and almost went “extinct”. and what does it say to do when someone tries 2 occupy your land or God gives u a land and some is trying to take it… it says you kill them and you have a right too. if you wnat more i will give u DIRECT passages. and the land of modern lebbanon was given to the tribe of asher.

    israel is in the wrong here… they have been since 1948… the end of zionism = peace…. israel has 2 to go back to its origial border and give the land back to who it was meant for and that is other descendts of ABRAHAM arabs.. or canaanites the original term for jews and arabs since BOTH Ishmael and Issac were born in the land of canaan as well as jacob and hiS 12 childre… simple as that

    israel is in the wrong…
    dont believe the hype
    read your bibles/quran’s/torah
    educate yoru self
    stop eating whAT CNN/Sky? ETC is feeding you

    if anything israel should be the ones labelled as terrorists.
    they want the land 4 themselves and thats what its really about… but what they fail 2 realize is that its more than just theirs. PERIOD

    peace to all… and I SUPPORT hezbollah they are in the right.

  28. Check out this piece I did this year in school. It may not directly involve Israel but it involves US imperialism in the Middle East.

    Tell me what you think

  29. Hello peoplee2742c791e26b1244309d53d6295108e

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