On Digging a Hole

Well it was another very quiet night for us here. Perhaps due to the fact that the Israelis have received heavy blows in real fighting and are taking some time to decide on their next steps. The Israelis are once again stuck in the Lebanese mud ©2000, and it’s increasingly looking like they won’t be getting out of it any time soon. Not that they can. The Olmert-Peretz axis of evil and idiocy (the latter was pointed out by Nasrallah, and rightly so) has dug a very deep hole. But while digging, this lovely pair forgot that they were gradually going down too. They looked up and yelled for help, and the IDF soldiers threw a rope for them, but these two were so heavy that they actually dragged more than a dozen IDF soldiers down into the hole, without achieving anything.

So let’s see how much the Olmert-Peretz pair have dug today. Lebanon now insists that it will demand full compensation for all the damage to the infrastructure and property that Israel caused in its aggression and indiscriminate attacks against Lebanon and the Lebanese people. But wait, Olmert and Peretz insist that if they dig a little bit deeper they might just strike gold. So they have given a one-hour “window” for civilians in the following towns in southern Lebanon who have not left been unable to flee, to leave to Beirut (I kid you not, even the destination is mentioned): Qabrikha, Qantara, Shaqra, Markaba, Bint Jbeil, Majdel Silm, Rabb al-Talateen, Al-Addaisseh, Talloussa, Kfarshouba, Al-Taibe, Al-Khiam. These towns stretch from Avivim to Misgav ‘Am, the closest to the latter being Al-Addaisseh (north of Misgav ‘Am), Rabb al-Talateen (on the same line as Misgav ‘Am), and Markaba (slightly to the south of Misgav ‘Am), and the farthest being Qantara (to the north), Majdel Silm (to the centre), and Shaqra (to the south). Bint Jbeil on the other hand is close to the Lebanese towns of Aytaroun and Maroun al-Ras where most of the clashes with HezbAllah fighters have taken place, and where the Israelis lost at least 6-7 soldiers. As for Kfarshouba, it is on the same (horizontal) line as Al-Khiam (which is on the same vertical line as Ouazzani) but further to the east, near the border. I have been analyzing the Israeli movements, and from what I can see, the only reason these bombardments are moving further to the east and to the area of Misgav ‘Am is to take the pressure off the area around Zar’it which is where much of the artillery firing at the villages is located, and to spread the zone of the conflict across the border rather than restrict it to the area of Aytaroun-Maroun al-Ras / Avivim.

Olmert-Peretz axis achieved a breakthrough today in their digging when the IDF targeted a UNIFIL position, then claimed that HezbAllah rockets had slammed into the posts. UNIFIL staff, however, confirmed that it was IDF that shelled the UNIFIL watching tower/post. Things you won’t be reading on Ha’aretz or Yediot Achronot or Jerusalem Post or Ma’ariv or Arutz Sheva… But no media censorship on this side of the border.

This is not the first time since the beginning of this “crisis” that Israeli bombardments have directly targeted UNIFIL compounds. From a press release dated July 20, 2006:

There were 31 incidents of firing close to UN positions during the past 24 hours, with three positions suffered direct hits from the Israeli side. Ten artillery shells impacted inside UN position of the Ghanaian battalion on the coast in Ras Naqoura, causing extensive damage. Four artillery shells impacted inside the patrol base of the Observer Group Lebanon in the Marun al Ras area, including three direct impacts on the building which caused extensive damage and cut electricity and communication connections. At the time of the shelling, there were 36 civilians inside the position, most of whom were women and children from the village of Marun Al Ras. There were no casualties. One artillery shell impacted inside the UNIFIL Headquarters compound in Naqoura, causing extensive damage and danger to the UNIFIL hospital where the doctors were operating at the time.

So much for the “pinpoint” attacks against HezbAllah targets as reported in freedom-loving-but-censored Israeli media.


45 responses to “On Digging a Hole

  1. Hey im back are you going to volunteer for the lebanese army now

  2. We have enough on-duty soldiers as well as reservists to beat the crap out of the cowardly Israelis who have been hiding behind their jets and bombing civilians. Our commando regiments “maghaweer” and “maghaweer al-bahr” are one of the best in the world, and certainly the best in the region.

  3. Waiting for every new post on this excellent blog, and gearing up for tomorrows massdemo
    in Stockholm – it will be massive, and it will express unconditional support for the
    resistance. Keep it up.

  4. Hi
    I am reading your blog with great interest. We would like to interview you for a Sunday edition of the Observer and get a first-hand account on how the current crisis has affected your life in Lebanon.
    I would really appreciate it if you could get back to us asap!

  5. At what point will the lebanese army join the fight do you think?

  6. Oh come on hizbullah are great fighters but the lebanese army i will have to see it to believe.One other thing they will now probably bomb absolutley everything in the south that moves including civillians and soldiers and hizulllah absolutely everything

  7. They actually lost 6 soldiers on wednesday and thrusday

  8. I do find it hard understand why you the great lebanese patriot will not offer some help to the army

  9. Anonymous – why do you care what I and many other Lebanese will do?

    Ibn Amalie – looking forward to seeing the protest! And keep it up! We need all the advocacy that you can give us! The Lebanese people are grateful for all your efforts.

  10. Just curious despite everything the israeli pop idol was still on the tv last night.Again may i say you doing a packed with the devil ibn amalie is a complete fanatic

  11. The Israelis aren’t quite stuck in our mud just yet. But they know they will if they try and cross over. They always underestimate the Lebanese. Never learning from mistakes from the past.

    Pinpoint stupidity.

  12. Who cares what you’re watching on TV? I can’t believe you’re so childish… Grow up…

  13. It just shows despites soldiers and civillians being killed they are far from being in a state of panic in fact they are more united that ever secular religious sephardic ashkenazi yemenite all the divisions have been forgotten when the country is in war and despite what the defence mister said about them all leaving the country it could not be futher from the truth

  14. Perpetual refugee – yes, the Israelis aren’t stuck in the mud just yet, but Olmert and Peretz are, and the more they dig the deeper they will sink, and eventually trap all of Israel in the Lebanese mud.

  15. Done be too sure they have told people to leave so that shows they are going to bomb absolutely everything and anything there

  16. Look lebanon is detroyed the country has gone back 50 years while the damage to israael what 34 killed and limited damage in the north they will kill off the entire of leabnon if they do get stuck dont be too cheerful your country is fucked eitheir way

  17. one other thing when i read angry arab and the lebanese blogers they seem to think completely differnt to you and are far from joyful

  18. Anonymous – I think it’s time you did a bunk.

    Do you laugh at cripples too?

    Sick fuck.

  19. I think Israel is warning everyone to leave because they are going to use a strategy that minimizes loss of life on their side. It’s hard to know if they will be able to accomplish this though, but I suspect that it won’t be ground force business as usual.

  20. What about everyones favourite lebanese he was jumping for joy when 8 innocent civillian were killed in haifa and he is wishing destruction on oh millions of people.So its on both side tiger mate and if

  21. Hizballah did not start this war, it was Israel. This is evident from the fact that Hizballah had captured Israeli soldiers before, and Israel had agreed to exchange prisoners. This was how the game was played. In fact Nasrallah announced that Israel has changed the way the “game” is played, and hence they will adapt to the new game. Another evidence that Israel is the one who chose to start this war is the fact that there were reports by Israel, months ago, that Hizballah had bombed an Israeli city with a Katyusha, to which Hizballah said that they did not throw the Katyusha!

    It’s obvious that Israel was trying to find a way to start this war.

  22. Let’s just hope we see Olmert and his cohorts end up in the ICJ.

  23. yeah katie dear i dont see that happening even if they killed anotheer 5000 thousand lebanese

  24. Oh and i would recoment to everyone read michael young in the daily star he explain mych better than i could why leabnon is probably still fucked even if hizbullah win

  25. yeah katie dear i dont see that happening even if they killed anotheer 5000 thousand lebanese
    That would prove that you are a rogue state in clear violation of international conventions and disrespectful of human lives (in fact intentionally targeting them rather than the alleged story of “collateral damage” and “minimizing” civilian losses), would it not? Not something to brag about!

  26. well you see i have said this from the start mor lebanese will die if 100000 israelis that would probablt mean half million lebanese will be killed hizbullah are great ground fighters but they cant protect the people from the sky and since you brag about every rocket landing in haifa i would hate to think your a hypocrite

  27. 10000 thousand israleis killed

  28. I am not bragging – I am reporting. Something your journalists seem to be forgetting to do…. What is the matter, afraid of telling the truth?

    And as someone else pointed out, HezbAllah wasn’t the one that started this war… but it’s pointless to argue about it with you. You also seem to be keen on getting banned. I gave you one more chance, after which you will be banned.

    Play nice, because after one more violation, I will show no tolerance.

  29. Plus hizullah will be in the same court as olmert if they decide to attack telaviv in haifa with more powerful weapons guess what that would be a war crime

  30. Well I have no problem with HezbAllah leaders being in court. But Olmert surely will be. As will all the heads of your army.

  31. Ok im not israeli god im in london and im not even jewish so not my army pal do you really want to see telaviv hit i mean what do you actually want

  32. Oh come on what internation goverments are going to demand olmert get to the hauge the eu doubt it america fat chance the british not very likely by the way there is quite a few armenians in jaffa and haifa just pointing it out

  33. Something must be done – and so far Israeli has proven time and again that it only understands the use of FORCE against it…. not diplomacy, not negotiations.

  34. so does that something mean hitting telaviv and haifa and causing mass civillians fatalities

  35. and on that point how has force worked how have the suicide bomings help the palestinians any nope the only thing is they get a little satisfaction when they see some dead israelis but that lasts only for a short time

  36. Anonymous – do you understand that I don’t have the time to respond to your questions? This is not a chatroom, it’s a blog. If you have meaningful comments, by all means go ahead and contribute. This will be my last response to your childish questions.

  37. Its avery meaningful question how exactly has force helped the palestinians and you said something must be done does that mean causing mass fatalities on the israelis side

  38. Anonymous – your last comment has been deleted and you have been banned. I already warned you but you didn’t heed the warning.

  39. Interesting.Israeli media and the IDF tell another story- they admit the 3 hits on UNIFIL by artillery shells, citing them as mistakes, and continues to tell that several Hizzbullah rockets fell short of the border(apparently also by mistake) and hit near a UNIFIL post by Zarit, causing no serious damage.Also reported are fire exchanges between UNIFIL and Hizzbullah, apparently related to the fact that UNIFIL forces are trying to get civilians the Hizzbullah’s “glorious warriors” want to use as human shields out of danger.

  40. Oh, and if you have enough good troops to defeat the Israeli army- a *very* difficult task, as our continued existence in spite of all efforts to destroy us throughout the last 58 years by countries with at least 10 times the population prove, why can’t it disarm the Hizzbullah, who has, according tpo last estimate 3,000 fighters(I won’t honor people who use civilians as human shields with the adjective “soldier”), according to UN resolution 1559?Then none of this would have happened, we migh have even gotten a peace treaty in place- to the benefit of both our countries.

  41. While you rejoice about the hole Israel is digging, it looks like a grave to me. Too many innocent Lebonese civilians are being buried in this grave. But why should you worry about that when you can continue warmongering? And then there is the surprise that the rest of the world sits idle while all this takes place. You ought to read what Nonie Darwish said (http://frontpagemag.com/articles/readarticle.asp?ID=21322) about this ridiculous mindset.

    Instead of “analyzing the Israeli movements” and promoting your drivel as uncensored reporting, perhaps you could work to educate the gullible masses. The established media is too biased. If you blindly accept what they tell you, you are just as guilty as them for promoting it. Learn to think for yourself and report what you have seen with your own eyes.

  42. It’s amazing how quickly the Israelis and others forgot the 20 years occupation, also to the guy who said they will bomb everything, how do you think this will be effective? Has the US occupation of Iraq worked? Did the Israeli occupation of Lebanon work? There is no way Israel can defeat Huzb Allah militarily no matter how much they destroy of it (or pretend to destroy of it- 50% destroyed then two days later 40% destroyed, is anyone with a brain in the western media going to ask how these percentages are calculated at all? I meean 50% of the fighters? No. 50% of rockets? No. 50% of the guns? No)

    I don’t want to rush to conclusions, but if it took them 4 days of fighting to secure Maroun Al Ras, a tiny border village how long will this so-called buffer zone take? (a repeat of the failure of the buffer zone previously in place for 20 years)

  43. Anonymous – it might help your cause in people actually believing your nonsense if you put some effort into punctuating your sentences. My nine-year-old son writes better English than you do. Try to remember: subject, verb, object, period. After that, a capital letter to start a new sentence. It’s not hard. Try. Just a smattering of punctuation will make you sound much less like an idiot.

    My fear, of course, (check out those commas; amazing, eh?), is that even with a well-written sentence, you will still come off as an idiot.

    Ah well – give it a try. Maybe someone will believe you. But not me.

  44. Chris – It never fails to amaze me how the so-called leaders of the world seem to know nothing of history. As kids, we were drilled with the illusion that if you don’t know history, you’re bound to repeat it. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Another interesting thing from the world of formal “education”: a study was done not so long ago on elementary school students. They wanted to find out what characteristics the class leaders have in common. What they found was…all class leaders are the best liars!

    Sanctions have never, in recorded history, worked in achieving their aim. Israel’s 20-year occupation of southern Lebanon did not achieve it’s stated aim. It will not work this time. And yet, these patterns are repeated over and over and over.

    I can’t help but feel that their stated aims are lies that CNN, Fox “News”, BBC and others slavishly repeat – and, unfortunately, many of us actually believe. No. There is something else going on here. My guess is that the Jews of Isreal itch to fulfill the dreams of Eretz Yisrael, greater Israel, which encompasses southern Lebanon, the Jordan Valley, Sinai, and the Golan Heights.

    I, for one, have never believed that it was Israel that was surrounded by hostile neighbors. Just take a look at the body count over the decades, inspect a map and see how the borders have changed since 1948. It’s quite obvious to anyone with even half a brain who the hostile neighbor is.

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