What is Israel Up to?

But surely all that Israel is doing is carrying out “pinpoint” attacks….!

Warning: Photos of the liquidation of HezbAllah terrorists are not for the faint-hearted.

Update @ 11:57 pm: This just in, reliable sources tell me that the Israelis are offering “significant rewards” in return for any information on HezbAllah’s leaders… A few words on that. This whole scenario is reminiscent of the typical Western mentality that claims to understand the way guerilla armies (HezbAllah being just one of many) function and think. Actually, I take that last word back. Western society – and Israeli society is a clear instance of that – is convinced that groups such as HezbAllah do not think. That they are merely mercenary armies with no specific tactics. Of course, this accounts for the failure of USA in Vietnam (and Iraq – some say this assumption is premature) and Israel in Lebanon in 2000 (and 2006 – but again some argue it is premature to talk about this in such terms). What I wanted to point out is that guerilla armies will continue to function despite the loss of its leader(s), because they function on a more localized level than any conventional, organized army does. To believe that the capture or assassination of Nasrallah – however charismatic a leader and speaker he may be – will result in the collapse or dismantlement of HezbAllah is a gross underestimation of the enemy and an erroneous misreading of his capabilities. Moreover, the quest for information in such a manner is an indication of weakness and cowardice, or otherwise an attempt to sow suspicion in the minds of the civilian population of the areas from which the enemy operates (or even the entire country), greatly hindering communications and creating internal disagreements among the population (e.g.: accusations of collaboration which would alienate certain groups from others – in the case of sect-based Lebanese society, possibly leading to intersectarian conflict). This in turn can, of course, point to something else. That the initiator of such a campaign is either unwilling to fight or is attempting to minimize its losses on the battlefield by creating an extra (internal) dimension, which would lift some of the pressure off its shoulders. So far, the latter (i.e., at least 15 Israeli losses without any tangible results and the inability to penetrate even 1 km into Lebanese territory) seems to be true more than the former, though this could change at any moment, based on the developments on the battlefield and the outcome of the “offer”.


4 responses to “What is Israel Up to?

  1. A website which has been showing vivid images of Israeli murder and destruction in Lebanon, http://fromisrael2lebanon.com/ has been suspended. Here is a Zipped file of the site just before takedown early this morning:

    http://cryptome.org/FromIsraelToLebanon.zip (1.2MB) (Virus/trojan checked)

    Warning: Photos of the liquidation of Israeli terrorists are not for the faint-hearted.

  2. Funny that the web site is titled “Stand up for our beloved Lebanon”
    If the people of Lebanon actually stood up for their country they would not have had a a terror organization controlling their south region and dragging them into war.

  3. If there weren’t a threat of sectarian violence, would everyone agree with Hibollah? If Israel invaded and the USA stood aside, what would the Lebanese think (or care for that matter, NO ONE came to your aid between 1975 – 1982). I’m asking out of curiousity, no animosity. I would like my country to stand by and let the Lebanese and Israeli’s work it out for themselves. Some of us are sick are being the worlds police and then getting blamed for everything that goes wrong. Can we tell our government, stand back, let them fight it out for themselves, and that means not giving weapons to either side? Or will one side or the other eventually start screaming about our silence? It can’t be both ways. Remember, the USA is a democracy and if Bush doesn’t do what the majority wants, he’s gone. So, if public opinion there is to let Hizbollah fight it out with Israel, don’t cry about humanitarian efforts because some in your country, government, and military supported it. If the MAJORITY were against Hizbollah, it wouldn’t exist, at least as a military unit that YOUR army is afraid of. Let’s let them fight it out, without outside help, and see what happens. That’s why there’s this big cry for help now.

    I think the question now is more one of, is it country, tribe, or religion which rules the day? Perhaps once you have sorted that out amongst yourselves, the rest of the free world can rest easy.

  4. The site is still there only the domain changed to info

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