Min Ajl Lubnan (For Lebanon) Redux

Over the past year we got used to just about everyone chanting the slogan “Al-haqiqa min ajl Lubnan” (The truth for the sake of Lebanon). Well not to get carried away by the (thank goodness) practically non-existent domestic politics (for now – and hopefully for good), but it appears that we have a new “movement” which carries a similar slogan, “All for Lebanon”. The “tempting reward” rumour is now confirmed and the original text is in fact in butchered Arabic. Here’s a translation:

Let us not be content with words! Whoever is able and willing to help Lebanon eradicate HezbAllah’s evil and get back its independence, freedom and prosperity, whoever has information that could promote this purpose, is hereby invited to contact us at one of the addresses listed below.

Any information that will enhance peace in the area will be welcome, including information on HezbAllah leaders and militants and on HezbAllah facilities located amid peaceful civilians and elsewhere. The information will be used to plan the war on terrorism carefully and effectively.

Secrecy and appropriate financial reward are guaranteed. Help us remove this evil and restore normal life to the region.

Personally, I think this is a huge admission of defeat. After 9 days of incessant air raids and bombings, Israel practically admits that the entire leadership and the bulk of the fighters of HezbAllah are intact (last I checked, the figure of 50% of HezbAllah capabilities destroyed had gone down to 40%). Not only that, but it seems that at least in some quarters the entire 9 days of indiscriminate bombings is now being seen as a PR catastrophe, and attempts are being made to recover the “good image” that Israel lost. The generosity in opening a “window of opportunity” for foreign nationals to be evacuated, offers of aiding evacuation efforts, “allowing” humanitarian aid (since when was Olmert in any position to allow or not allow anything on the Lebanese? Clearly the man is by now in a constant state of euphoria) are only three instances of such attempts to recover lost ground… But then, one has to ask – is it really successful? After 9 days of massacres and destruction of the infrastructure of the country, does anyone in the world – let alone the Lebanese – believe that Israel has or can ever have good intentions towards Lebanon? If so, then they are forcing themselves to believe it, or otherwise they are just as crazy as Olmert or Peretz or whoever the hell came up with this ingenious idea (still doesn’t beat my favourite: the name of this operation). But wait, since 1) the Lebanese are allegedly held hostages against their will by HezbAllah; and 2) HezbAllah is allegedly operating throughout the country; 3) claims are being made that sectarian tension is a pressure-cooker waiting to explode; this only means that Israel should be receiving many, many “tips”. In which case we should expect that Israel be able to “uproot” HezbAllah in a matter of days. Condie is of course worried that if we rush into a ceasefire we might be building “fake hopes”. All for Lebanon, of course. Min ajl Lubnan. First there were those who bullshitted under the slogan “Al-haqiqa min ajl Lubnan”, then there were those who bombed indiscriminately “Min ajl Lubnan”, and God save us from the next one!


11 responses to “Min Ajl Lubnan (For Lebanon) Redux

  1. Jack - New york

    You’ve lost your touch

  2. not insightful. the purpose of air combat is not to kill people; it is to strategically alter the battlefield. I’m not saying Israel has accomplished that – just letting you know why countries pay big money for planes and bombs. (a $17m guided bomb, 500lbs, is not meant to kill 3 or 4 folks. it is designed to render an intersection unpassable by ground transport, or a building unusable for norml activity…)

    Whether or not the Israeli air assault was successful will be known as the ground attacks begin. Either they built an environment they will succeed in, or they did not. I suspect the air raids will begin to change into supression strikes once the boots hit the ground.

  3. I liked your comment but I have a question. I have been out of Lebanon for three years and I have been surprised reading through different blogs how many people actually seemed to have so much emotional investment in the March 14 crowd… I guess my question is that watching from afar, judging by the political leadership and considering its utter lack of any position other than “free lebanon” (free of what? i always wondered …) and willing to tackle the American interest in 1559? I dont mean to suggest anything about your political affiliations but I am interested in feedback about what drew you or others toward faith … thanks and be very safe … dave

  4. Its a surreal world living in the USA and watching all this unfold. I saw the united nations counsel meeting where isreal addressed the president stating that all this was a diversionary tactic set up by Iran. I do think that Hezbollah is using lebanon as a human shield. I think the bombing has been incessant and unnecessary. The Isrealis are reluctant to go into lebanon and risk further casualties and possibly be perceived as invaders. They should have started an evacuation of civilians a few days into the shelling attacks to reduce casualties and send in a ground offensive too target hezbollah and not innocent lebanese civilians. But then that is terrorism. The acts of cowards with weak minds who are manipulated by Iran to use the parasitic bloodsoaked fingers of aggressive hezbollah amassing in secret. The world forgets so quickly and turns their attention elsewhere. Years go by and before you know it, you have enough maniacal menace to turn the world on its ear and delay the inevitable. US will deal with the Iranian threat at some point or hope Isreal will do it for them. With everyone in Iraq fighting a war we should never have started. Saddam Hussein was a very horrible influence on the region but he somehow balanced it by ruling the only way tribal conflicts allow. With absolute fear and absolute terror. He was the buffer. Strange, very very strange, but true. My sympathies and prayers for the people of lebanon.

  5. Please do not indicate your prayers are with the people of Lebanon while at the same time repeating the exact (this thing aboout iranian body parts is really festishistic) propaganda of the war machine currently ravaging lebanon …

  6. Israel is defeated?
    You guys are going to spend decades rebuilding what you lost this war and for what?
    A stupid war over useless causes but as long as you think you’re “winning” its ok huh?
    Stupidity and religious fanaticism were always part of the Arab world and thats sad

  7. You guys are going to spend decades rebuilding
    The money will come from Israel.

  8. Oh yeah, the Israelis are losing. What does the rest of the world know?

  9. I guess it comes very easy for Israel supporters to be cocky and
    arrogant, after all.. Israel is like the playground bully,
    picking on the weaker nations. On one front, you are trying to
    radically and violently change the demographics of Palestine,
    and on another front, you are repeating your bloody and ugly past
    in Lebanon. I can see why it would be easy to act defiant and
    invincible, after all, your country is backed by the biggest
    war machine this world has ever seen… what ever you want is
    provided: money (@$4 bill a year), artillery, political support…
    the list goes on. To make matters worse, you claim to be the
    victims and want so badly to portray the Arabs as the bad guys…
    “bully syndrome” is what I call that.. And do you know what
    the bully syndrome is? It is the state that you are in.. face it,
    Israel cannot live or survive in a peaceful Middle East… just
    like a playground bully wouldn’t know what to do with himself
    if there was no one to pick on!
    Your state was built on innocent blood, survives on innocent blood
    and will continue to destroy everything surrounding it! If Israel
    really wanted peace, it would honour AT LEAST ONE OF THE 60 odd
    UN resolutions passed on it! 60!!!!! and the US and Israel are
    rambling about ONE UN resolution? come on! who do you think you
    are fooling?
    It may make you feel good about yourselves to send condesending
    and threatening messages to Lebanese nationals about how your
    mighty and powerful army will make them suffer and how this war
    is simply to erradicate the Hizballah threat, but you forget
    one thing… Lebanon has survived a nasty civil war, in which
    Israel played the role of instigator, roaming free in the
    country like it was some kind of demolition derby…
    and it was Hizballah (despite your claims that it was an Israeli
    decision) that drove you out of Lebanon to go home and lick your
    wounds. This time Israel seems to have a very calculated and
    prepared plan to bring violence and war once again to Lebanon,
    however, you can bet your bottom American-donated-dollar
    that Hizballah has been planning for your return as well!

  10. Nermeen – excellent post!!!! Indeed HezbAllah has been anticipating Israel’s greed and desire to meddle in Lebanon’s affairs and destroy the country, and has prepared itself.

    But you know, the idiocy of the Israelis is always a great thing, as it continuously drives its potential allies into the arms of its enemies. For example, after the bombing of LBC TV station, the normally anti-HezbAllah/pro-1559 channel aired a political discussion program that was clearly pro-HezbAllah. Now if LBC has taken a pro-HezbAllah stance, what about the people at large?

    But of course, the people sitting in some corner of the USA know what’s happening here better than us who live here and are witnessing the developments……. they will claim there are huge sectarian tensions when there are really none (and if some people argue there are, then it’s because they choose to see it along sectarian lines rather than – for example – economic lines).

  11. nothing is as it seems.

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