The War on Antennas

The war on HezbAllah antennas continues. Just a while ago Israel bombarded TV and mobile antennas and satellites in Trbol (Zahle), Fatqa (Keserwan), and Sannine and al-Mzar (Ouyoun al-Siman). Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (ex-Israeli proxy Lebanese Forces TV station) local broadcasts stopped. Al-Manar TV continues to broadcast as usual. Ha’aretz, Yediot Achronot, Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva, Ma’ariv, etc. will claim that 70 HezbAllah targets and rocket launchers have been hit, and increase the percentage of HezbAllah capabilities destroyed to 50% again… and the war on HezbAllah antennas continues.

Update @ 6:49 pm: The Ministry of Minisformation in Israel has given Israeli media the green light to publish the following “news”: “IAF jets strike several stations used by Hizbullah television, radio to broadcast programs, transmit phone frequencies” (Yediot Achronot).

Al-Manar TV (HezAllah’s TV station) continued its broadcast uninterrupted, whereas other stations were cut off for some time. A Lebanese correspondent in Israel said that one of the reasons these antennas were bombed was that Israeli TV stations have been transmitting videos from Lebanese TV stations showing civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure, adding that the authorities perceive this to be a grave threat to their war plans, which require solid internal support. So instead of stopping Israeli stations from broadcasting these images, they come and bomb TV antennas and transmitters… If this is a war against HezbAllah, I can’t imagine what a war against Lebanon would look like…

Update @ 11:39 pm: Insider sources (confirmed by AFP) say that clashes are taking place between Israeli occupation forces and HezbAllah fighters inside Maroun al-Ras. So much for the alleged Israeli takeover of Maroun al-Ras! Not even that to brag about!

Update 1:56 am: Two successive bombardments of the southern suburbs of Beirut at 1:44 am followed 10 minutes later by another bombardment.

Update 2:46 am: Over 10 such bombardments in the course of one hour. More signs of Israel’s successes in its “pinpoint” targeting of HezbAllah.


52 responses to “The War on Antennas

  1. Warning to all lebanese internet users ..there is israeli hackers on open server like msn , yahoo , irc…

  2. Jack - New york

    There are…

  3. That’s the only thing Israelis can hack. 🙂 Certainly never Lebanon. 🙂

  4. Israel was preparing for this war way before. And now new US precision-guide bombs are on their way to Israel.

  5. What war did you ever know of that didn’t have a civilian price? It’s only in modern times, when wars are played out as much in the media as on the battlefield, when this type of “oh my God, a dead civilian!!” mentality is everywhere. Before the advent of modern media, armies would simply go in and kill everyone perceived to be a fighter, possibly dragging some that survived away as slaves, and objectives were accomplished. Having a reporter in your face at every moment is a modern reality. Believing that war shouldn’t be war is a modern fiction.

  6. What war did you ever know of that didn’t have a civilian price?
    And that supposedly makes war justifiable?

    Your comparison shows your middle ages mentality and morality…

  7. Hey Dude, I was called today to join my brothers at the northern border of Israel.
    One Hizbala Down is more freedom for you, right? If you don’t agree with that statement join Hizbala and I’ll see you from the other side of the border.


  8. War seems to be a wet dream for you and your “brothers”. At any rate, that’s all that we’ve been asking for – that you stop being cowards and stop massacring babies. Had you done so from day one your cities would never have come under fire like this. Certainly not as far south as Haifa and even further south as Afula (and more to come!)

  9. Ok first of all did you think you could get rid of that easy .Its a really good question that aviv said why not and join the leabanesse army i read something earlier about them accepting any volunterrs who want to fight the israelis dont be all mouth and no action.Second the israelis look llike they are going to do a major ground offencive so that means a lot of dead israelis soldiers but no missels in telaviv i really cant see them being able to fire missels from north of the litani Remeber 1982 676 dead israelis and thousands of lebanese dead looks like this is going to go the same

  10. Ha ! War against HezbAllah they say? LMAO !!!

    We will prevail !!!

  11. Anonymous – you will never set foot more than 2-3 km deep into Lebanese territory, let alone the Litani! You will NEVER ever see the Litani, even though your country has dreams of transporting water from there to Israel like it did during the war, and even though some want to occupy and annex the territory all the way to Litani…

  12. All talk but not even a slight of sense…
    Your beloved HA use civilian buildings for launching missiles, and civilians as a human shield. Before blaming the Israeli army you should take a close look in the mirror… Like what you see?

  13. I glad you are keeping them on what is correct Anarchistian

  14. Yep, just like the Iraqi foreign minister kept us all informed of what is correct (Iraqi troops winning big-time of course).
    We all know was correct then…

  15. Oh my what can i say look they are going to go to the litani they are going to get heavy loses i dont doubt that for a second but believe me if they want to go all the way too beirut they will they did it 82 and they if they want to do it again in 2006 they will again whats going to stop them hizbullah will only be able to ambush a certain amount of them the americans are alreay sending more bombs get real and there is lots of propoganda on both sides but you seem to be believing absolutely everything hizbullah tell you

  16. Now why delete me

  17. Lebanon is not Iraq. Lebanese mud is not Iraqi sand.

  18. Israel’s time is short. It will be in big trouble if it does not finish HA. In order for Israel to win, HA should be finished completely, it cannot afford to lose. Israel has to finish this as soon as possible, whereas HA has all the time. Already, Israel is being humiliated by HA’s defensive abilities, and still being able to target northern Israeli cities. If none of the sides win, it will be a win for HA. At least, it’s obvious that Israel is humiliated on the International media, that’s why it bombed the antennas and the satellites.

  19. Ah lebanese mud look what im saying is that the israeli army is going to suffer a hell of a lot of fatalities in that lebanese mud of yours but when ever this ends leabnon will have sufferd more loses and damage than israel will have again look back at 82 and as for internation opinions the israelis really dont give a shit if they did none of this would have started

  20. By the way robert fisk had a great piece in the independent about the propoganda on both sides

  21. Anonymous – the Israelis don’t care because they have been spoiled. But the world is waking up to your terrorism.

    I repeat – you can never uproot HezbAllah. Not because it’s wishful thinking, but because it’s been said and done, and your idiotic leaders are taking you down the same road, except that this time, you, too, are suffering real losses.

  22. The Zionist Plan for the Middle East. (The Yinon Plan)

  23. Wake up and start looking around you…
    Is this war worth the fight over whatever-the-hell-HA-is-fighting-for?

  24. Is this war worth the fight over whatever-the-hell-HA-is-fighting-for?
    You got it all wrong, pal. Your country is the one that declared war on mine.

  25. But anachistan they know they can not get rid of hizbullah they are saying that at the end of the day an international force will be deployed and hizbullah will probably start fighting them as well so hizbullah are a little screwed because if they statrt attacking western peacekeepers the international force will come down on their backsides.And again look at 1982 676 soldiers that was a huge lose for a country wich back then had a tiny population a lot smaller than today israel has had huge losese all over its history so this wont be anything new.But the loses leabnon will have are going to be much bigger and can your country cope with that they are united now but what about after a lot of people like fisk abu khalli and young say there is a real danger that could end after all of this is over

  26. How exactly did it declare war? by abducting two of its citizens?
    Next thing you’ll say it was a stage act just to start the war in order to conquer Lebanon.
    Because I’m sure all Israelis would really like to conquer Lebanon.
    We wake up every day thinking about how great it could be if we had Beirut.

    I hate to break it to you. We don’t give a shit about any of the countries around us.
    As opposed to what some of your readers think we don’t have any aspirations to rule the world\the middle east\eat Christian babies.

  27. Israel was trying to find a way to start this war. It had already prepared itself in advance. Do you remember the Katyusha that Israel alleged that it was thrown by Hizballah, which was denounced by Hizballah. That’s an old trick used by Israel to start war. The zionists used this trick on their people to force them to leave their country, and live in Israel. They inflict terror in disguise on their people, and then come to save them. Now what was the name of the animation movie that depicted this? Umm, yea, “The Incredibles”. We see the bad guy sending his big robot to damage the city, and then he appears as the savior rescuing the people from the same robot he created to destory the city.

  28. RC – yup. Exactly. Also notice how Israel is trying to better its image, after bombing civilians and massacring babies, it says it will “allow” humanitarian aid to enter the country… Allow? And humanitarian aid after massacring so many civilians?

  29. Where is the minute-by-minute update concerning Maroun al-Ras? Sure to quickly report when six Israeli were killed there, but silence now?

  30. Israel prepared itself for a war in advance.
    As opposed to HA who was building bunkers a long the border and stockpiling missiles and weapons just for the heck of it…

    So, in fact, Israel is the one shooting all these Katyusha’s at itself?
    Oh Gosh, I think you just cleared all the question marks I’ve been having so far…
    HA rockets only hit civilian cities and are never pointed at army bases etc. because it is the army who is shooting them…
    Thats probably because we were going to cut on army budget and the army wants an excuse to raise it..

    RC, you are a political and tactical genius.

  31. Anoymous – I have been very busy today.

    But just some reliable info: the Israelis are using their words very carefully. They announced that they are controlling the Maroun al-Ras “area”, and that’s not the same as controlling Maroun al-Ras itself.

    Anyway, I am surprised you’d love to brag about the ability of the IDF to capture (allegedly) this tiny village 1 km inside the border… Though again reliable sources tell me that Maroun al-Ras is not yet under Israeli control.

  32. Anarchistian, where’s the minute-to-minute update of HA TV?
    I mean, HA is there in great forces, and winning too… no camera crew to picture this victory?

  33. HA rockets only hit civilian cities and are never pointed at army bases etc.
    Actually, quite the contrary, HA rockets have hit many strategic and army bases (see the latest pics, from the latest barrage of Katyusha rockets on a military base in Kiryat Shmona, which was DENIED by Israel). The Katyushas on civilian targets are merely a response/retaliation for days of massacres of civilians and the destruction of the civilian infrastructure.

    Why are you so angry – aren’t you into this whole “[x] eyes for an eye” fetish thing?

  34. Anarchistian, where’s the minute-to-minute update of HA TV?
    I mean, HA is there in great forces, and winning too… no camera crew to picture this victory?

    HezbAllah has so far not shown any shots from the battlefield except for the equipment captured. That does not mean that they do not have it.

    Also, Manar TV is doing minute-by-minute updates. But your ignorant self thinks that just because I don’t post it means that they are not, or that they lost the battle….

    And for the record, my source is not Manar TV.

  35. You used to be the “Paris of the middle-east”.
    Now you’re just a playground for armies from other countries.
    Don’t blame Israel for your neglectance…

    Btw, according to “Arab Times” the Israeli operation in Lebanon is “for the good of the Arab people” and “Arab citizens, especially Palestinians and Lebanese, were taken hostage long time ago by whats called ‘resisting Israel'”

  36. I’m wasn’t bragging. I don’t approve of killing by any side. But, you seemed to be happy about the killing of the Israeli soldiers in Maroun al-Ras, excited as hell about it when it happened, giving minute-by-minute updates concerning what Israeli soldier was killed/trapped/etc, and I just wondered if you were going to report *all* the news in your minute-by-minute updates. You say that Israel chooses its words carefully. Seems that I hear more from Israel’s censored news concerning its losses than I hear from any Hez or Hez supporting source concerning Hez losses. Israel states that dozens of Hez were just killed in Maroun al-Ras. I think, if this is true, you ought to be objective and post this info in your minute-by-minute updates, since you yourself seem to have a problem with others not being objective.

  37. please unlink me from your website. thank you.


  38. “War was inevitable because Lebanon could not enforce its law and get HA to work for the country’s interest, much like Abu Mazen’s failure with Hamas. Unfortunately we must admit that this war is the only way to get rid of this abnormal behavior for the sake of the arab nations and the international community.”

    The arab times just took my words….

  39. Yeah, the Israelis are bogged down and losing.

    I recall reading how broadcasts out of Cairo and Damascus in June 1967 kept reporting the imminent destruction of Israel, how heroic Arab armies were near victory.

    It was amazing how gullible those people were- then woke to reality.

  40. anarchistian u r doing a great job… i wish u patience and strength to carry on….

    dont mind the apologetics of killing machine…

    greetings from istanbulian anarchists…

  41. Hey guys stop cooperating and posting comments on this guy’s blog for many reasons:

    – He is a child, his History knowledge is as lame as his posts
    – He’s obviously Pro-Hizballah
    – He’s not someone to talk to about peace

  42. he is from lebanon -one of the jewels of the mediterranean whish is being reckless destroyed.
    and i wanna listen to him -as the rest of the world do

  43. so why do you read aviv? i mean…..if he has no idea that is.this blog is one of many sources i read on the internet and whilst i cannot be sure of the accurracy of the minute by minute reports, the overall picture painted here seems very accurate and logical in keeping with many things written by independant neutral scholars and observers the world over….stop the press, i have a solution. you stop bombing these people,move all your forces/citizens/dogs/cats whatever out of lebanese and palestinian territory, and take your landmines, agents, etc etc out with you. then if you are not left alone in peace the world can act as one to rid the parties responsible for war mongering. i think you will find that there would be no katsuya’s fired at you if you did the right thing by your neighbours. lets not forget you made hamas and hizballah and you keep feeding them their will to exist. but hey, what do i know….i’m just a humantarian hoping for a utopia one day.
    our city had a major protest march yesterday and the looks on people faces who were in the city going about their daily lives oblivious to all the horror, due to a very controlled media we have here, was one of shock and disbelief at some of the images carried by protestors. thanks to the internet, we can not be totally censored.

  44. Israel Rules the M.E.

    History has shown that any nation in the world that attempts to defeat Israel ends up defeated themselves — while Israel continues, thriving, growing, and living.

    History: Romans, Greeks, Germans.

    So, whos next?

  45. westcoastofcanada

    Hello, I am typing this in Vancouver, Canada & I wanted to apologize for our prime minister Stephen Harper & his shameful support of Israels unjustifiable new war. Most Canadians are sickened by this senseless violence. I wish all the Lebanese & Palestinians people success in evicting Israeli troops from your countries & hope this suffering ends soon.

  46. Anarchristian: This, I’m afraid is going to drive you absolutely crazy but…the NY Times has published Online, Tears & Empathy for Israelis.

    I can’t for the life of me understand why they couldn’t have also covered Lebanese bloggers blogging about the invasion. Their omission sticks out like a sore thumb.

  47. Richard – nothing surprising there… I mean, it’s the NY Times after all…. Though many other media sources (but never NY Times…) have expressed interest in hearing what Lebanese bloggers have to say about the situation..

    Westcoastofcanada – indeed, though I am no fan of the Liberals, Harper’s response has been nothing short of shameful and disgusting. What has the NDP been saying? I mean, I’m not a big fan of the NDP and Jack Layton either but they’re supposedly (relatively) better?

    I just read Layton’s statement:

    It’s not so bad – though I was expecting a bit more…

  48. many in Turkey, be muslims, communists or others, are praying this Zionist-terror to be ended soon. muslim, socialist, marouni… peoples of beautiful lebanon; our hearts beat with yours…

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  50. Olmert went into government, on the basis of finding permanent borders for Isreal. On looking for peace.

    It is Hezbollah, and those Lebanese people helping them that are now forcing the Isreali hand into war.

    The Isrealis are entirely justified in their actions, what happens if Iran supplies Hebollah with chemical material?

    The Uk and US have enough foresight to realise that this current crisis in the Middle East has much wideer implications than merely Lebanon, why should they call on a ceasefire. Who called for the Lebanese government to take action, for the disarmament of Hezbollah, for Iran ans Syria to stop supplying arms. Isreal must take action to defend itself, just like any other nation.

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