Israel Continues to Liberate

Significant developments in Israel’s War of Liberation (Destruction Min Ajl Lubnan ©2006) were recorded today, as Israel liberated Agence France-Presse photographer Layal Najib from a HezbAllah (terrorist) base east of Tyre. Also liberated were at least 3 civilians who were running away from HezbAllah terrorism in a minibus.

I am sure the Lebanese people are grateful for the great sacrifices of their peace-loving neighbours to “uproot HezbAllah from the heart of Lebanon.” Insider sources tell me that the fireworks that lighted the skies when the Israeli gunship received a direct hit was not a celebration of the strike, but was in fact a thank-you note for Israel’s efforts to free Lebanon from the cancerous growth that continues to pose a threat to the peace and stability that are characteristics of this part of the world…

It appears that terrorist cancerous growths have taken over all Lebanese TV stations, cellular networks, and ISPs that offer wireless internet, which has left the Israelis with no choice but to bomb them. Israel also believes that Lebanese sheep have grown human brains, and thus jeopordize the safety and security of Israeli civilians. Israel deeply regrets this transformation, and argues that the bombing of the sheep was merely an act of self-defense, adding that it sincerely hopes that other sheep would not develop terrorist tendencies. Because Golda Meir will never forgive the sheep for turning her people into sheep-killers.

Update @ 5:02 pm: The war on HezbAllah antennas continues. An air raid targeted the TV transmitters and antennas of NBN TV station in Al-Sultaniye. NBN has been the leader in broadcasting (often unbroadcastable) images of massacres of civilians throughout the country.

Update @ 5:07 pm: Two bombardments target the southern suburbs of Beirut, where many people were out on the streets in daylight to salvage whatever was left of their belongings…

Update @ 5:17 pm: Two more bombardments on the southern suburbs of Beirut. The sounds of explosions are closer than ever, probably due to more (or heavier) bombs used by Israelis. And the war of liberation continues… Let me go to the streets and distribute some baqlawa…


2 responses to “Israel Continues to Liberate

  1. ROFL, what the context for the Golda Meir remark?

  2. “We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.” – Golda Meir

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