But they are terrorists!


Roof of Red Cross Ambulance bombed by Israeli Air Force, Qana, South Lebanon (July 24, 2006)


15 responses to “But they are terrorists!

  1. hi anarchistian
    did u not know a red cross is the unofficial symbol to terror organizations in the mideast and espacialy hizbollah
    the idf had to bomb the red cross van cuz it has built in rocket lancher
    jezz ur nieve

    may peace be wit u

    vive la resistance

  2. /

    yes anarchistian, how dare you..its a well known fact that hezbollah has red cross vans with built in high tech missiles..jeez..get your facts straight.

    /sarcasm end

  3. sorry if i was not clear on my earlier coment i was being sarcastic

  4. Listen Israel: What will you Win when You Kill aLL peopLe in LebaNon or aLL of worLd? .. We Just WAnna Peace!.. Nothing else!. Just Stop.. STOP!

  5. I wonder what you’re thinking about Madame Secretary’s (Condi Rice, that is) visit to Lebanon today. I liked this quotation in the NY Times fr. one protestor:

    “She left faster than she came, and no one will listen to her,” said Jad al-Ali, another protester.

  6. Richard –

    No one here paid much attention to Condie’s visit…. Her “offer” for cease-fire was absolutely rejected by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

  7. As for the NATO “offer”, I doubt that it will be accepted.

  8. I wish everyone would stop killing each other….. i wish that there wasnt people in the world that think that it is okay to kill each other…. how is it okay to end someone elses right to life whether they are innocent of crimes or not??????


    P.S. i personally think it is a total atrocity what israel is doing…. and why is the world standing by…… once again it is proven that if it doesnt directly affect us then it doesnt matter…… how many other times have we failed each other….. and how many more times is it going to take before something changes??????

    Please stop killing each other………… please

  9. Yet another hezbollah strong hold. Very powerful image-saw a much smaller size of it on the BBC website which of course downplays its importance.
    Maybe we can learn from the Isrealis.and by that I mean their PR and media relations. While they hog international channels with miserable images of warm and over cramped shelters, we still struggle to make use of all the ‘real’ misery and destruction.
    Of course its easier said than done but an attempt nonetheless.

  10. “As for the NATO “offer”, I doubt that it will be accepted.”

    God, let’s hope not. “NATO” will mean only troops friendly to the US. With troops from countries supportive of the US in southern Lebanon, it’ll be much easier for the US to stage an invasion of Syria in that safe “buffer zone.” Do you think Turkey NATO forces are going to object? Haha. Or Siniora and the anti-Syrian coalition? I don’t doubt that’s the US’s wet dream, but nothing has been working out like they expect it to.

  11. Anyone can clearly see that that is a HezbAllah vehicle…lol

  12. Looks like the smart bombs did the job and hit the missle transport, it a good thing this war is only pin point otherwise tens of thousands would be dead

  13. A3ah ya libnan

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