Bint Jbeil

Update @ 4:12 pm: 12 Israeli soldiers killed in fighting around Bint Jbeil – which is still under HezbAllah control contrary to what the Israelis claimed.

Update @ 5:49 pm: 15 Israeli soldiers killed in fighting around Bint Jbeil.

Update @ 7:48 pm: HezbAllah eliminates a 4-person intelligence unit/cell on the border. An Israeli air strike targets a truck on Masna’a road carrying medical aid, destroying it completely.

Update @ 11:34 pm: Control of the tiny village of Maroun al-Ras is still being contested. Battles are taking place, as we speak, around and in Maroun al-Ras. So far 1 Israeli soldier has been killed and a number of others wounded inside Maroun al-Ras. For the past 20 minutes Israeli jets have been flying over Matn region. 2 trucks on the Dhour Shweir road were also bombed.

Funny quote of the day: “IDF took control of the Hezbollah stronghold a day earlier, but decided against seizing the entire town.” – Ha’aretz


24 responses to “Bint Jbeil

  1. What i dont get is why do all the pro hizbullah people go on to ynet and haaretz to say hahah 12 soldiers dead your being lied too the only reason why it takes so long for it to come out is that families have to be told that their sons are dead and that takes a lot of time the israelis are not covering up anything unlike hizbullah wich does not say how many of their men have been killed bint jebil will now probably be made as flat as a pancake.I think this will be a turning point for israelis they expected deaths but not this much in two weeks.Hey what do you feel about the deaths of the soldiers

  2. Actually HezbAllah does announce its dead, so far it has announced the names of its fighters who were killed, as have Amal and the Communist Party. That’s around 10 since the REAL fighting started.

  3. Hesbollah does not announce its dead. They announce a few for the sake of not appearing to be totally rediculous. But, if you think anyone is going to believe that only 10 hez fighters have been killed, or, if you’re gullable enough to belive that yourself, then you are a half-bubble off center I’m afraid.

  4. Actually, so far the figures DO make sense, because the Israelis don’t have much of an advantage in ground fighting (whatever equipment advantage they have is compensated for by guerilla warfare on HezbAllah’s side), so the numbers are pretty consistent. Also keep in mind that the Israelis are on the offensive, and HezbAllah holds strategic locations, the occupation of which is the Israelis’ objective, so they will give much more casualties than HezbAllah, which is merely holding on to the towns or strategic heights.

  5. As stated, if you believe that only 10 hezbollah fighters have been killed since ground operations started, you’re very gullable. Here’s how it works. Ground forces move into an area, and then with their eyes the pinpoint a location containing Hez fighters. They point a laser at the place, and a bomb hits. And they are doing as much of that as possible, since that is much easier than doing hand to hand combat. Or they locate a bunker, and direct the air force to drop a bunker buster, and it’s all over for the fighters in the bunker. Or, any number of other scenarios. As the Israeli commander stated, many more have died than are being admitted to by Hezbollah. It’s called propoganda. If you want to see more propoganda, watch Hez TV. I’m sure that you believe that you’ll get objective reporting from that TV channel too?

  6. Another example of lies is where the Iranian leader is stating that his country does not supply Hezbollah. Do you believe this too? Forget the fact that the missles that are launched into Israel are identified as Iranian constructed, but they weren’t supplied by Iran according to recent statements by the Iranian leader. Why lie? Why not just state the truth? And this is why you cannot believe Hezbollah, because they lie.

  7. So, the full force of the Israeli army came against Hezbollah, and only 10 militants were killed? And I have some swamp land…

  8. Ha ! They are reporting 9 dead and that statment from the defence minister…lmao..

  9. Americans (also he Israel side) don´t understand that their weapons are useless for its targets.
    The silly thing they learnt in West Point (french stuff, as they say) was ok for figthing Napoleon,
    what the french people didn´t teach anybody is how they left Spain two centuries ago: Guerrilla.
    This is a spanish word but it´s meaning it´s older than war itself:

    -asymetric power/weapons
    -motivation versus paid soldiers
    -deep in´ground knowledge
    -low tech-hi efficency methods
    -masive local civil support
    -always “moral winner”

    the term fourth generation warfare, is the tipical US centric point of wiew.
    They forgot Vietnam too fast, I think.

    Anyway I do believe Israel-USA really want a Big one there. Warketing…ya know.

    I ´m suffering for the Libanese, Palestitinian and Israel civil people, they don´t deserve this.

  10. Everything is going to be alright tomorrow.
    I think it’s a shame Israel is giving you your freedom. people like yourself really don’t deserve it.

  11. israel giving away freedom…what planet is that on? lmao

  12. israel cant kill all of hizbollah lets say they even kill 200 hizballah (they did not) there are still 5800 left and affter this incident i think that 5800 will double so a movement cimented like the hizbollah can rock israel which has a base made up of blood and mud and that does not even belong to it.
    if israel with all its military might cant destroy hizballah how can such a pathetic nation survive let alone occuy anothers land.

  13. killing must stop

    the ” Rape of lebanon” has gone on for more than two weeks… while the so-called international community watch and allow the jewish state to commit war-crimes , killing and murdering women and children…where does the jewish state get the money and resources to wage this inhuman war against innocent muslim women and children… killing babies… miss rice watch afar in america… america has blood on their hands in this raping of lebanon the second time

  14. here here!!

  15. Anarchistian,

    I can’t seem to find the exact location where the two israeli soldiers were captured. There are some reports indicating that the two israeli soldiers were captured not in Israel but in Lebanon.

    Have you heard anything about it?

    Stay safe.

  16. Well, yes, I have heard those reports. The Israelis claim the attack took place on the border between Zar’it and Shetula, whereas HezbAllah says the event took place on Lebanese side of the border, near Ayta al-Sha’ab. But of course, that’s irrelevant, because it pretty much doesn’t matter where the soldiers were kidnapped, as Lebanon is effectively in a state of war with Israel, and the capture of soldiers is only part of that. Some will say, no, because there is a ceasefire, but what about the Israeli violations of Lebanon’s airspace?

    I have an excellent set of maps that my readers will find useful, but haven’t had the time to upload them. Hopefully soon.

  17. “Israeli officials said their forces had killed about 250 Hezbollah fighters in combat along a narrow stretch of the border and destroyed communications and planning centers.”

  18. “The Israeli army confirmed that eight soldiers died in a close-quarters battle that broke out in the early morning and the ninth in a separate clash nearby that continued into the early evening. Army officers estimated that about 50 Hezbollah gunmen were killed during the hours-long fight with the Golani Brigade, which has a long-standing reputation as one of Israel’s toughest units. The brigade also had fought recently in the Gaza Strip as part of the offensive there against Palestinian militants.”

    Something for your point-for-point event log.

  19. 250? The latest figure was again reduced to 200, and not even close! Less than 10 HezbAllah fighters have been killed, plus 3 Amal fighters, and 2 communists!

    If Israel had indeed the bodies of HezbAllah fighters as it claims, it would have shown it a long long long time ago. You apparently know neither how guerilla warfare works, nor what the concept of control of strategic locations means. You think superior firepower always damages more (military targets) and always wins. That’s your (and Israel’s) problem right there. Severe miscalculation land you in… mud.

  20. If only 10 hezbollah fighters have been killed, why is Iran and Hezbollah hoping so badly for a cease fire? I just read that Hezbollah signed on to a plan that would bring a multi-national force into the south of Lebanon. Your problem is that you believe the propoganda because it makes you feel good.

  21. If only 10 hezbollah fighters have been killed, why is Iran and Hezbollah hoping so badly for a cease fire?
    They are not hoping “so badly”. They are still firm in their position of demanding UNCONDITIONAL ceasefire, which Israel refuses. In fact, this was HezbAllah’s position from day 1. Israel, on the other hand, has been changing its claims about its objectives, its justifications for mudering so many civilians, etc.

    The only propaganda that I see is in Israeli newspapers, which seem to look like IDF newsletters more than journalism-practicising entities!

  22. Both sides are using propoganda. It serves a purpose for each side.
    Hizbollah is obviously at an advantage in the propoganda war in that know one is able to corroborate there causualty figures like by Israel.
    By the way, Hezbollah did change its position. It agreed to a swap of prisoners. 2 Israeli soldiers for 4 Lebonese prisoners. Before they were asking for Palestinian prisoners as well, and no swap untill the fighting was over.
    Even if Hizbollah succeeds in remaining a armed militia, and claim some type of distorted victory, Lebonon still loses.

  23. Actually – HezbAllah is asking for prisoner swap, Sheba’a Farms, and maps of minefields in the south. A completely logical demand, given that children are being killed every day by Israeli-planted mines.

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