Pinpoint Attacks Continue

Just a quick update (more to come as soon as information is available) from Israel’s “most just war” (or “most just pinpoint attacks”): a while ago a motorcycle was targeted in Jwayya (approximately 3-4 km northeast of Qana) by the pinpoint attackers of the world’s most moral air force, killing the rider, a Nigerian national.

Update @ 4:48 pm: IAF launches missiles into the course of Habboush river… HezbAllah has allegedly built a bunker under it. Note that Israeli officials have not yet elaborated as to how that is possible but have launched an investigation to figure it all out. We eagerly await the findings of this investigation.

Funny quote of the day: “The IAF staged a series of raids in northern, eastern and southern Lebanon early Thursday, targeting suspected Hizbullah hideouts, striking a Lebanese army base and destroying roads, Lebanese security officials said. Three rocket launchers and a convoy were also bombarded.” – Jerusalem Post staff


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