After 17 Days, Israel has…


… Maroun al-Ras.

Source: Google Earth (coordinates: 33° 6’15.51″N 35°26’40.19″E)

Click here to see the exact distance of Maroun al-Ras from the border.


6 responses to “After 17 Days, Israel has…

  1. This is turning into a great pyrrhic victory for the IDF they must be commended for getting stuck in the south lebanon mud.

  2. can you comment on nasrallah’s speech today and on the so-called proposals from Hezbollah and the Lebanese government?

  3. I did not see it, as I was out of the house at the time.

    So I can’t comment until I hear a repeat or get a reliable transcript.

  4. it never had Maroun el Ras… that’s what the IDF has been saying. and now they’re pulling out.

  5. Well, giving them the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

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