1996 / 2006

Unbelievable. I am speechless. I woke up and have been watching on TV body after body of children being pulled out from the rubble of a house in Qana where women and children had taken shelter. So far the toll stands at 53, most of them children.

I won’t say more. Footage of the massacre is worth a thousand words. If you have Al-Jazeera you might be able to see some of it. Some pics are also available here.

The Lebanese government has rejected to sit down for any NEGOTIATIONS until complete, unconditional ceasefire is in place, and has refused to welcome Condoleezza Rice.

Update @ 1:43 pm: The toll currently stands at 55. Protest in front of the UN Headquarters in Beirut. UN building attacked. Bashir at UrShalim has captured some shots of the massacre from TV.


18 responses to “1996 / 2006

  1. “The horror, the horror,” said Captain Kurtz. The utter horror of it all.

    My post linked here provides some western coverage of the tragedy. It is horrible to think that so many have to die to bring peace. But just as the shame of the 1996 IDF shelling ended Operation Grapes of Wrath, so may this end the 2006 invasion.

    May God (or some higher power) comfort the victims & survivors.

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  3. “The Israeli army has rejected responsibility for the deaths, saying that Hezbollah bore the blame because it used the village as a site for launching rockets.”

    these jews have pretty much become nazis, same mentality..i cant think of anything else seriously..
    this isnt acting on self defense..this is murdering women and children, and then not giving a shit about them. I wonder, are we going to have “nuremberg trials” for the crimes committed by the jews?
    oh i guess not..international laws do not apply to israel from what i understand..so heil israel!

  4. Hezbollah carried out the attack on Qana and blamed Israel!

  5. Well said Anonymous! I can’t agree more. The Israeli Jews are the Nazis of the Middle East. The amazing thing is that they are the ones to claim that they are surrounded by hostile neighbors. A very short analysis of history and border lines argues the opposite.

    1) The world’s first airline hijacking was done by Israel.
    2) The Middle East’s first terrorist cells were Zionist (the Irgun and The Stern Gang). Further to this, you may know the intrepid foot soldiers of these terrorist organizations: Yitzak Shamir, Menachim Begin, Ariel Sharon. Ring a bell?
    3) Israel has codified in its laws the legality of torture of prisoners. Further, Paul Wolfowitz had a similar code of torture written into the first draft of the “USA Patriot Act”, fashioned after he himself said, the “Isreali model”.
    4) Israeli law forbids marriage between Palestinians from Israel and its occupied territories.
    5) More than 10,000 Arabs are prisoners in Israel without ever being charged with a crime – many of whom have been behind bars for over 20 years.
    6) Israel continues to occupy the Golan Heights, sovereign territory of another country.
    7) Israel contines to steal Palestinian land through the building of its “security” wall.

    You can just go on and on. The cylce seems to be endless. It’s a boxing match between an 800-pound gorilla and a 90-pound weaking. The weaking is being beaten to a pulp. And every time the weakling gets off a lucky punch, the audience jumps to its feet and shrieks, “What an outrage. How awful. We must stop this brutality.” The next thing you know, the Jews gas up the tanks and go nuts – killing women and children.

    You know who I really blame? George Bush. The man is the single worst president in the history of the United States. The influence he has over Israel is immense. A word from him stops all of this. Clearly, that word is not to part his lips. Bush blames Syria? I blame him.

    The actions of the Jewish fundamentalists are predictable. We know they view their neighbors as not much more than cockroaches. We know they have as yet unfulfilled dreams of Eretz Yisrael (greater Israel – territories that stretch from Lebanon to the Sinai to the Jordan Valley and beyond), we know that torturing and murdering people is OK (as long as they are Arabs). Given the choice, they are more than willing and able to unleash the dogs of war. My problem is with he who holds the leash – Bush (and his other 3 horsemen of the apocalypse: Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld).

    If only HesbAllah’s rockets could reach the White House!

  6. usa does what israel wants, regardless of who is president you wont see any difference imho. When it comes to jews, usa will support them to death..thats how fucked up this is..all the christians zionists, neocons, and AIPAC have huge influence..jews pretty much have the american political system by the balls, plus the media.

  7. Funny thing how a building that was bombarded by the IDF, after warning all civilians to evacuate, collapsed 8 hours (!) afterwards containing mostly kids.

    I just find it odd…

    I mean, If a Katyusha fell on my house, I wouldn’t dare staying in it, let alone bring all the neighborhood kids around…

    Then again, I guess they’re “Shahids” now, partying in heaven with their 60 virgins (though they’re kids, I doubt they know what to do with these virgins… do you get to grow up in heaven?)

  8. Oh and about the Nazis… I guess you haven’t learned have you…
    Here’s some material for you to think about, though I know you wont.
    A lot of left-wing extremist count only the result as what matters.
    The attack on 9/11 caused less deaths than an attack of the US air force on a medicine factory in Iraq which probably caused more deaths on the long run.
    What are 6 million Jews who died in the holocaust compared to the millions who died under Stalin or Sadam’s rule?
    Looking at things from this point of view, there isnt really any difference between 50 kids dying due to an IDF attack than 50 kids killed by the Nazis on camps.

    BUT, the thing you are ignoring in order to justify your claims is the morality behind the actions. The US air force did not bomb a medicine factory in order to cause medicine shortage and kill a lot of people, it did that because it had the wrong intelligence that its a missile factory. The IDF did not attach that building because it knew about 50 kids inside that it could kill, it did it because it thought the building contained weapons (which probably blew up afterwords and caused the building to collapse). The IDF also warned civilians to stay ot of the village.

    On the other hand, the 9/11 attackers KNEW the building contain a lot of civilians and specifically targeted the world trade center because of this reason – to kill as many civilians as possible. Hezbollah is also targeting Israeli cities and not military facilities for the same exact reason. The SS killed Jews simply because they were Jews…

    The morality, the cause, reason and execution of the attack, is the exact difference between the IDF and the SS.
    And believe me, you can talk-the-talk and compare Israelis to the Nazis all you want but all you’re doing is making a fool out of yourself.

  9. Eran, the building did not collapse 8 hours later, but aid arrived at 7 am, because it couldn’t get there before that, due to the terrible state of damaged roads (thanks to the Israeli destruction of the infrastructure). You should read more than IAF propaganda.

  10. On the other hand, the 9/11 attackers KNEW the building contain a lot of civilians and specifically targeted the world trade center because of this reason – to kill as many civilians as possible. Hezbollah is also targeting Israeli cities and not military facilities for the same exact reason. The SS killed Jews simply because they were Jews…

    Israel knows they are hitting civilian targets as well, but they say they have to because (they say) Hezbollah hides amongst civilians. Using Israel’s official justifications, Israeli is killing Lebanese civilians simply because Hezbollah is/might be amongst them. Will they be able to kill all of Hezbollah? If not, how long will Israel continue and how many more civlians are going to die (because Hezbollah is hiding amongst them)?

  11. “Using Israel’s official justifications, Israeli is killing Lebanese civilians simply because Hezbollah is/might be amongst them.”

    Even from your own words, thats still better than just hitting random places of civilian concentration is it?
    And what would you say if there was a big rally of peaple somewhere in the north and a Katyusha would fall right into the crowd? I’d say its stupid, to have such a rally where you know its dangerous because there’s a risk of missile attack.
    But according to your logic it makes perfect sense to take such a risk and blame Hezzbollah for a massacre if something happends.

    Its time you take responsibility for your actions. The area was declared as military war zone, civilians were warned to evacuate and afterwords the whole area was suffering from outgoing Hezzbollah missiles and incoming IDF ones.

    Anyone who chose to stay in the area is either plane dumb (and I dont believe they’re that dumb) or stayed there deliberately. And since most of these were children someone probably KEPT them there for a reason…

    Don’t you find it odd that we see such a large percentage of children hurt in attacks? Either Lebanon is country with an extremely large percentage of population under 14 or that these kids find their way into attack centers “magically”…

  12. You know what’s tragic? That your government has fed you so much lies and so much of the “invincibility” B.S that the minute you start losing, you throw morality (if you ever had one to begin with – but let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did) out the window. Whereby everything becomes justifiable and anything can be blamed on the enemy, which, by the way, you are yet to have the courage to face on the battlefield. Yet it is this very act of dehumanizing the enemy’s civilian population by portraying them as willing human shields (which therefore makes them legitimate targets – another attempt to justify your massacre of civilians) that has led your country to commit stupidity after stupidity after stupidity. And when the world expresses the slightest shock at the killing of civilians (whether deliberate or not), you shout with all your might: “anti-Semitism”!

    But I’m afraid that – just like Qana I in 1996 – this whole crying wolf game isn’t working anymore. Sure, your allies might give you diplomatic (or even military) cover, and others might stand by and watch, but the people of the world (not the same as the authoritarian statesmen who spread ignorance and subdue the masses) know, and the people of the world will no longer tolerate your crap. And slowly but surely, power will be accumulated in the hands of the masses. Until then you may celebrate your small victory at Qana, and call it extreme bravery, a just reward, a proportionate response. But remember, when the time comes, and the wolf is in the backyard, your cries for help will go unheard.

    I have one word that best describes you and all supporters of Israel’s actions in Lebanon since July 12: Sadists.

  13. Hezbollah prays that more Lebanese children will die to further their goals. It is they who kill those Lebanese who stand up to them. Lebanon is a pawn to extremist Muslims who wish to expand their hateful ideology. Thank Iran, Syria and Hezbollah for your deaths. This is how they inflame the stupid masses against freedom loving societies. This is how they keep the stupid people under their control. Israel could have disintegrated all of Lebanon if they wanted. They wish the bombings to cease. The 48 hour ceasefire will only7 be honored by the Israelis and the non stop attacks by Hezbollah will continue. This American sees Lebanon as a pitiful nation with a weak government and few people left to stand up to the fascists that have overtaken them. I stand with the Israelis that are willing to protect it’s citizens from crazed murderers. If that means innocent Lebanese may die then so be it. Freedom comes with a cost.

  14. Geo – you speak elloquently about “freedom loving” societies. I’m assuming you’re not actually referring to Israel. If you are, I can only assume your referring to freedom for the Jews in Israel. The freedom to do whatever the hell they want, without regard for life.

    The freedom to steal Palestinian land, to imprison Arabs without charge, to “smart” bomb UN outposts. That kind of freedom? The freedom to murder innocent men, women and children because, what, they don’t have enough freedom?

    The real bottom line on this is that you can justify murder with your own amazingly bizarre reasoning, but IT WON’T WORK. Adolph tried to kill all the Jews 60 years ago and…it didn’t work. Remember? Killing everyone doesn’t work. All you do is create MORE people who hate you and will do anything to kill ALL OF YOU. Get it?

    Dude, wake up!

  15. Thank you for keeping us updated, Anarchistian. It may be a small assurance, but many, many Americans are horrified at what is happening in Lebanon, and equally horrified that our own government does nothing to stop Israel’s attacks. I cried and cried after seeing the photos from Qana. Cried and hugged my daughter, hoping that someday all children will live in a world without borders.
    We pray for your safety, and for the future of Lebanon.

  16. Google “Pallywood” and you will see the wounded women and children that are so well covered on Al Jazeera and CNN.

  17. Never You Mind

    With a name like Kampf?!?! Of course he’s going to be deluded. His grandad was one of the ones Hitler wanted out to purify his nation.

  18. locksmiths in London like that story

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