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Friendly Occupation

Preliminary reports indicate that Israeli forces have been moving forward and occupying land that they did not occupy prior to the ceasefire. It is also reported that IDF forces raised the Israeli flag on a hill inside Lebanon, near the village of Marwahine. These forces were not present in the area during the mass funeral of the victims of the Marwahine massacre… HezbAllah has been holding its fire. The UN is still worried that the crossing of 100 sheep into Israel poses a grave danger to an otherwise “[generally] maintained” ceasefire…


A response to critics

A few people have criticized me lately for not looking “anarchist” enough in my blogging. This is a response to them. When I launched this blog, I did not intend it to focus on economic-political-philosophical aspects, or solely on leftist or anarchist movements. My analyses – though definitely impacted by my personal beliefs – are objective dissections of real events [in the Middle East, though occasionally going beyond it]. I do not feel obliged to provide a class reading (as an anarchist I am more concerned with the idea of statehood, authority, and power) of these events. In fact, such a reading would be extremely limited and not exactly accurate. The core of the struggle is power, questions of authority and freedom that go beyond a proletarian “revolution” and the ability of such a “revolution” to fix it, so to speak. I must take this opportunity to criticize those who think that they ought to find class struggle in everything. They twist and turn things to find an aspect that would give their class analysis some form of validity. Often, not finding it, they simply insert it. For example, there never was a (real or imagined) class awareness or class struggle in Lebanon, or in fact in Palestine (despite the presence of the Palestine Communist Party and its attraction of both Jews and Arabs), yet there are people who think a class analysis explains everything in the struggle that led to the establishment of the state of Israel. There are also those who think joint class struggle would eliminate power struggle, suffering, and oppression. This is outrageous. And it is yet another point on which I have continuously criticized Marx and Marxists.

To conclude this entry, I will post a number of links to posts I have made in the past on the topic of class struggle and leftism, hoping that it will satisfy, at least temporarily, those who are of the opinion that you can’t be leftist if you don’t find elements of leftism in everything:

Instigator? Who?

At 4:30 am today, I woke up to Israeli jets flying low over us; it continued for at least 10 minutes. This also happened a few days ago. In fact, this has been a daily occurence for the past 6 years (well, I’m being generous by starting the count at 2000). Not just that, but last night an aerial bombardment of Ba’albak was reported, but this was denied by the IAF. This morning, Lebanese security sources confirmed that an Israeli commando raid targeted Ba’albak. So, will the so-called neutral people out there, who continuously bashed HezbAllah for instigating this whole “crisis” (which continues – don’t be fooled by the so-called civilian aircraft that landed the other day, the aerial and naval sieges continue), now point fingers at Israel (or will they simply dismiss it saying that “it was out of necessity, to prevent the ‘terrorists’ from getting weapons from Syria” – so let me guess, Israel now has the right to land at any time in Lebanon based on its own perceptions that the Lebanese army isn’t doing a good job at stopping arms shipments?)? And will the people who said “never mind that the reaction was disproportionate, the important thing is that HezbAllah was the instigator!” say the same about Israel? And will they not whine when HezbAllah unleashes a rain of rockets on the suburbs of Tel Aviv in response to this? Or does Israel get a different set of standards because it is a “state actor”? Let’s see the criticisms of Israel by the same “neutral” observers.

Of course, the UN will equate the post-ceasefire commando raid and the violations of Lebanese airspace to yesterday’s “violation of the Blue Line on the ground in Shebaa area”. What is this violation all about? The (anti-Semitic) UN elaborates more on this than on the Israeli aircraft violations in its August 18 press release: “Yesterday, two Lebanese shepherds and approx. 100 sheep crossed the Blue Line towards Israel. Such incidents can endanger very fragile and tense situation.” Awesome. I can’t wait for the August 19 press release.

I was meaning to write a response entry to some of my readers who have questioned my “pro-HezbAllah” stance and have wondered why I am not critical of the party like the supporters of the (so-called) “democracy movement” (i.e. cedar revolution), who allegedly make up the majority of the Lebanese, are. Well, I still intend to write a response; only that I can’t find the time to do so. Hopefully soon.

Update @ 8:50 pm: It is confirmed. The Israelis tried to pass off their commandos as Lebanese army soldiers. Upon talking to them, HezbAllah fighters noticed a Palestinian accent, and opened fire. Now we know why so much emphasis was placed on the Lebanese army, which is technically unable to defend Lebanon from Israeli aggression or to even act as Israel’s “border guard”. Speaking of which, Israel’s rejection of Malaysian troops as part of the UNIFIL was met by a statement from Lahoud in which he insisted that no troops should be accepted from countries that have military ties to Israel. The troops will be, after all, on LEBANESE rather than Israeli territory.

It’s raining here just as I write this update. Refreshing.

Israeli Terrorism

Today I watched Red Cross workers and volunteers remove rotten corpse after corpse from under the rubble of a building in Ainata, where a number of civilians had taken refuge from intense aerial bombardments. Ainata is close to the border, slightly north of Bint Jbeil. At least 11 corpses of women and children have so far been removed, and most of them are in unidentifiable condition. At least 7 corpses of civilians have also been removed from Taibe, west of Kfar Kila, also near the border. It is estimated that these people have been rotting under the rubble for the past 10-15 days. Some aid has reached Rmaich, the southernmost town in Lebanon.

If what Israel did in Ainata, Taibe, Qana, Marwahine, Doueir, Srifa, Aitaroun, Houla, Tibnin, Nabatiye, Bint Jbeil, south Beirut, and other villages, towns, and cities was in self-defence, I don’t know what offense would look like…

Breaking News for Olmert

Nasrallah’s latest speech was interesting to say the least. The most important component was the question of what will happen to all those who have lost their houses throughout the country; he said that repair and rebuilding will begin as of tomorrow, and he called on Lebanese youth to volunteer to take part in the rebuilding, which will be totally funded by HezbAllah. He also said that while the rebuilding goes on, HezbAllah will pay the rent of one year for ALL those who have lost their homes, and also give money for people to buy furniture; once the rebuilding is finished, renovated/rebuilt housing units will be distributed to all those who lost them.

Residents have already been rushing to their homes to check up on the damage. Rescue workers have started to clear the rubble especially in the southern suburbs of Beirut and residents in various parts of the country have been cleaning up the streets.

I was watching Al-Jazeera a few hours ago, and the reporter was about to interview a politician who had gone down to the southern suburbs of Beirut, when a woman burst out of the crowd and started talking. She was not a HezbAllah member or supporter in the past, but today she was holding a picture of Hassan Nasrallah, and she said that today we are all HezbAllah supporters; she said that she lived some distance away and that the apartments near her house had been destroyed, but not her house, but that she had grown up there, in the southern suburbs of Beirut, and knew all its streets by heart. She accused Bush and Rice of being the terrorists. Well, she said a lot of things and my brief summary and paraphrasing won’t do it any justice, but damn, she had better oratory skills than all the Lebanese politicians combined…!

So, are we to believe that HezbAllah was defeated? Or that its position is any weaker than it was pre-July 12? Olmert insists this is so. Well then, here’s some breaking news for Olmert…

Stealing permissible for most moral army in the world

From Ha’aretz:

“If our fighters deep in Lebanese territory are left without food our water, I believe they can break into local Lebanese stores to solve that problem,” Brigadier General Avi Mizrahi, the head of the Israel Defense Forces logistics branch, said Monday.

Mizrahi’s comments followed complaints by IDF soldiers regarding the lack of food on the front lines.

“If what they need to do is take water from the stores, they can take,” Mizrahi told Army Radio.

According to Mizrahi, the logistics branch is prepared for the possibility that combat soldiers will have to remain in Lebanon during the winter.

I won’t be commenting on this one!

Al-Manar Live

You can watch HezbAllah’s al-Manar TV (in Arabic of course) live broadcasts on the web.