Airstrikes halted, but airstrikes continue

So Israel claims it has halted its airstrikes. Israel claims a lot of things.

The year is 1996: Israel claims the shelling of the UN compound sheltering hundreds of refugees was due to a technical mistake. Israel claims HezbAllah fighters were firing from around the compound. Israel claims world outrage at the massacre is anti-Semitic. Israel claims there was no drone flying over the compound when it was shelled.

The year is 2006: Israel claims the targeting of the UN base was unintentional. Israel claims the targeting of the residential building in Qana was a mistake. Israel claims HezbAllah fighters were firing from around the building. Oh, sorry then, no mistake there. Israel claims HezbAllah fighters had actually placed rocket launchers on the roof of the building… Israel claims it has no way of telling that civilians were in … residential buildings. Israel claims it had warned residents to flee. Israel denies allegations that it has bombed roads and that it is bombing anything that moves. Israel claims HezbAllah was using civilians as human shields. Israel continues to claim HezbAllah is using civilians as human shields even as civilians are leaving willingly as soon as rescue crews actually help them out of the rubble of collapsed buildings and accompany them to safer areas. Israel continues to claim it does not use civilians as human shields in Palestine. Israel claims it struck a truck carrying rockets – sorry, missiles. The truck was carrying … potatoes (this was yesterday – following the declaration of an alleged 48-hour halt to airstrikes).

Today, the halt to airstrikes continued. Israeli jets bombed: Ibl al-Saqi, Markaba, Hula, Tallouseh, Al-Mahmudiyye, Al-Babiliyye, Ain Qana, Sarba, the course of the Litani River (?!), Qlaila, Zibqin, Al-Loueize (south), Jabal Safi, Sajd – Iqlim al-Tufah, Al-Mansouri, Nabatiye, Tyre, Marja’ayoun, Ainata – al-Arz.

Israel will claim it struck a car on the Ainata – al-Arz road carrying HezbAllah fighters. The car was a civilian one (this was today – still within the 48-hour halt to airstrikes timeframe).

And so the halt to airstrikes continues…


8 responses to “Airstrikes halted, but airstrikes continue


    It seems increasingly apparent that the “48 hour halt” in bombing Lebanon was cut short not simply to press the fight against Hezbollah, but also to distract the media’s attention as more information emerged about the strike on Qana.

    In the IDF’s original account, they claimed that the Israeli Air Force had “attacked missile launch sites” in the area of Qana. Since Hezbollah’s Katyusha rockets are being fired from mobile launchers, any site only remains such for as long as the launcher is left in that location.

    On Sunday morning, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., Dan Gillerman, said on NBC’s Meet the Press that film released by the IDF “actually shows a missile which is being, being launched right from behind a three-story building there, very similar to the one that was hit in the area of Qana.”

    This is a trick out of Oliver Stone’s JKF sleight-of-hand: Combine an insinuation with a black-and-white image, and fact and rumor get deftly fused together. Gillerman knew that the image would soon resonate much more strongly on cable TV than his qualification, “similar.” The similar building, would in lots of viewers mind, be indistinguishable from the building that was hit.

    Now we learn that no rockets had been launched from that area on the day of the Israeli attack. Rockets had been launched previously, but not that day. The target it appears, was not a missile launch site – it was a neighborhood. The message: If you stick around in a bad neighborhood, you’re fair game. Civilians who “choose” not to flee end up getting what they deserve.

  2. Well, that area of Qana is actually not the first neighbourhood to be targeted. Similar “incidents” have occured in many, many villages. For example, in the village of Srifa, at least 26 rotting corpses were found, and hundreds more are expected to be found – though rescue crews were unable to dig out all the bodies due to equipment shortage, which is the result of nearly travel-impossible road conditions….

    At any rate, the myth that HezbAllah fires rockets from residential areas has long been dismissed as propaganda to justify Israel’s wanton destruction of residential neighbourhoods and its scorched earth tactics.

  3. Can you tell me please if Isreal has actually bombed syria at all it was not in the news last night but we recieved a frantic text from our neice to say thatt there was something happening she thought like this but there was nothing in the news last night and we have not heard from her scince?

  4. Israel tries hard to avoid causing civilian casualties as opposed to the terrorists who intentionally fire their rockets at civilian populated areas.

    There is a big difference.

  5. Julie – some reports are circulating that indeed a drone enterd Syrian airspace and was fired upon by Syrian AAA. But no Israeli bombardment.

  6. i don’t understand ozymandias…. first you say israel tries hard to avoid civilians and then you say the terrorists intentionally fire at civilians? we all know who the terrorists are in the region,so you make about as much sense as your government.please stop the aggression.

  7. Israel tries hard to avoid causing civilian casualties
    Such as bombing a hospital full of CIVILIANS? Oh, but you will claim it was a HezbAllah hospital… but let’s say this is where HezbAllah fighters wounded in battles were treated. Does it justify the reduction of the hospital into a pile of rubble, while hundreds of civilians – ill / wounded women, children, the elderly – are in it? You accuse HezbAllah of using civilians as human shields. How is that any worse than indiscriminate bombings which take out civilians all in the name of killing the HezbAllah fighters? If one wrong justifies another, then you are following an eye-for-an-eye “philosophy”, in which case you should be the last to complain about civilians being deliberately targeted.

    But better yet, let’s take Qana 1996. More than 400 refugees in a UN compound, a drone flying overhead, and Israel bombs the compound, killing more than 100 civilians… I see, a great example of trying hard to avoid causing civilian casualties.

  8. Anarchistan,

    I have no doubt that Israel intentionally targets civilians. I reposted the comment from War in Context because it suggests that Israel abandonded the 48-hour truce to distract the world’s attention from Qana.

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