Israeli Commandos: The Pride of their People…

Reports are circulating in Lebanon that 6 civilians are missing. It is believed that they have been kidnapped by the Israeli commandos in this morning’s raid on the hospital in Tal al-Abiad. Lebanese police also announced the killing of 11 civilians and the complete destruction of Dar al-Hikma hospital. The Israelis can now be proud of their commandos. They were, after all, successful … in kidnapping unarmed civilians and annihilating … a hospital. Reports are varying on the number of Israeli soldiers killed and wounded.

In response to accusations of the kidnapping of civilians and the attack on the hospital, the Israelis will claim HezbAllah was using the wounded and ill in the hospital as human shields… Already they are at the beginning stages of admitting that the people they kidnapped were civilians – they now claim they were “junior HezbAllah militants”. What on earth is that supposed to mean? Junior militants? Oh, yeah, Israel has kidnapped 6 teenagers from the hospital. Israel can only flex its muscles on unarmed civilians – women, children, the elderly, the disabled.

In response to the kidnapping of civilians (this is not the first time – a few days ago I reported that the IDF was arresting civilians in Maroun al-Ras; on another occasion, Israel claimed to have arrested a HezbAllah fighter, but the man later turned out to have been an unarmed civilian, and was released, much to the shame of the IDF), HezbAllah has – after a 2-day lull – fired Katyushas at northern Israel (Tiberias, Safed, Hatzor Haglilit, Beit She’an, Yavna’el, Kiryat Shmona, Ma’alot, Rosh Pina, Nahariya, Acre, Haifa). Ironically, these past two days Israelis were cheering the IDF on because they actually believed that its actions led to the lull… The self-deception didn’t last long, did it? Isn’t it obvious, as Olmert, Peretz, Halutz & co. have been repeating for the past – what, 2 weeks? – most HezbAllah rocket launchers have been destroyed, as have most of the long-range rockets – sorry, missiles…

Ha’aretz – the so-called leftist newspaper which has thrown its full weight behind the IDF, and has pretty much been acting like its official mouthpiece – now has a piece on the alleged media deception by HezbAllah. The article asserts that the claim that 35 IDF soldiers were either killed or wounded at Ayta al-Sha’ab is unbelievable. Anyone with an ounce of brains and who can draw conclusions from the developments in this “conflict” (or the even more watered-down version, “crisis”) would not deny that the Israelis are yet to score a real victory on the battlefield… unless you count the capture of Maroun al-Ras as a victory… So what makes the figure of 35 wounded or killed unbelievable? How many Israeli soldiers were killed since the fighting began? How many helicopters crashed? How many drones were downed? But no, all those were due to “technical malfunction” (don’t forget the unintentional bombing of the UN compound), and most Israeli deaths were due to – friendly fire? Less than a week ago, Professor As’ad Abu Khalil put it more eloquently than I ever could:

So if you follow Israeli propaganda, you get this picture. Of all the Israeli military casualties in Lebanon thus far, 70% are from “friendly fire”; 10% are due to cooking accidents; 10% due to traffic accidents; 3% to peanut allergies; 1% due to snake bites; and the rest are due to poisonous mushrooms eaten in Marun Ar-Ras. OK.


12 responses to “Israeli Commandos: The Pride of their People…

  1. “junior HezbAllah militants”. What on earth is that supposed to mean?

    I hate to make light of a very serious situation, but this language reminds me of U.S. TV shows of the 50s & 60s about the FBI. They used to refer to their young viewers as “junior G-men” (‘G-man’ stands for “governement man” in others words, an FBI agent) and ‘deputize’ them in the fight against crime and Communism.

    Yesterday, Haaretz reported that the IDF was saying that Hezbollah still had 9,000 Katyushas left. This after it said several days ago that it had degraded Hezbollah’s fighting capacity by “50%.” Somehow the math doesn’t add up.

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  3. Everywhere in the world in the media we see the conflict being described as a “fight”.what we are witnessing is a genocide and Isreal will definitely pay a very heavy price for it else where in the world including its buddy’s

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  5. Even robert fisk who know one in there right mind would call a friend of israel has said that hizbullah are making up the number of israeli army casualties.Also i think last night could be described as being a sucess going deep into enemy territoy capturing five men it doesnt really matter who they are really they will use them to secure the release of the soldiers so it doesent look like nasir or quantar will be coming home soon.Come to think of it what happened to the traped israelis in the hopital another hizbullah lie like the warship of tyre.Im not saying the israelis telling the entire truth but neitheir are hizbullah

  6. it doesnt really matter who they are
    Sure it does. An army (a “defense force” at that) that takes pride in the kidnapping of UNARMED CIVILIANS is laughable. Tragically so.

    Didn’t I tell you that your comments are unwanted on this blog? You keep coming back, and I will keep banning you.

  7. Israel is soo pathetic…if they weren’t so evil it’d be funny.

  8. i think last night could be described as being a sucess going deep into enemy territoy capturing five men it doesnt really matter who they are really they will use them to secure the release of the soldiers

    And you think that five “junior Hezbollah militants” are worth two IDF soldiers in an exchange? Are you nuts? Israel will pay far more deeply than that in terms of who & how many they must release.

    And as for the commadno raid being “a success,” the media reveals today that the “successful” raid killed 16 civilians including children and demolished a good portion of the hospital. If you call that success I invite you to the dock at the Hague which you can share with Dan Halutz at some time in the (hopefully, near) future.

    I think the Baalbeck raid was an attempt to boost morale on the home front, an attempt to show the folks at home that the IDF still has that old Entebbe spirit despite all the miserable mistakes, defeats & losses of the current conflict. It’s a hollow, boastful sort of military action like most of what Israel has tried in Lebanon thus far.

  9. I agree, Richard. I have been checking out Israeli media and can’t help but notice references to Entebbe.

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  11. After reading this article,I want to go out to see the movie with my boy firend.
    Goodbye and Good Luck.

  12. Good site. Thank you!

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