Oops, we got exposed!

We kill our children, then stage photo-ops


So, one-day-old Sawsan Taj el-Din’s mother killed her, then killed herself, and then HezbAllah men staged a photo-op. Gee, HezbAllah sure has a lot of time to waste!

Breaking news from Israel: “Evidence is mounting that the events at Qana were staged by Hezbollah. There is no doubt that there were corpses on the scene at Qana. The doubts are rising, however, about where those deaths occurred and when.”

For a fine analysis of the Qana photo-op, check this out.

Yup, we got exposed this time around!


4 responses to “Oops, we got exposed!

  1. Keep in mind that the “evidence” is piling up only after the IDF had this reaction:


    People are comparing this to Jenin’s staged burial. And pretty much all of our staged (and very well scripted, complete with special effects) wars against Israel. Oh Anarchistian, don’t you know by now? Us Arabs are masters of theatre!

  2. Porgie Tirebiter

    Curious….have you noticed how much the picture of the child being held by the table cloth head guy resembles the child being held by Green Helmut guy? Seriously, take a close look.

  3. Yup, Porgie Tirebiter, there’s only 1 killed child, we’re just moving him from one place to the other, from the South to the Bekaa, to do photo-ops. Sometimes we’re changing the clothes even, adding some ketchup, etc. You exposed us again. Dude, you’re so smart!

  4. Jenin’s staged burial.
    Yup. How could I forget about that? We are masters of theatre alright, but the Israelis are apparently too smart for us. 😦

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