The Hague is Calling


This child was killed by the heroic Israeli commandos near Ba’albak before dawn today.

Olmert, Peretz, Halutz: The Hague is where you will end up.


7 responses to “The Hague is Calling

  1. There are deads on the other side of the fence too. There are also kidnapped soldiers (which is a war crime too).
    Hague is too good for your kind…

  2. Unfortunately, even if this where they should end up, it will never happen. The political power of the Zionist is too great.

  3. There are also kidnapped soldiers (which is a war crime too).
    Get your facts straight. First of all, it is not a “kidnapping”, it is taking prisoners of war. Second, taking prisoners of war is not a war crime, do read the Geneva Conventions.

  4. There are deads on the other side of the fence too.
    Sure, and these were just as lamentable as the Lebanese deaths. But the blame falls on Olmert and his government for bringing things to such a level for the taking of soldiers as prisoners of war. Civilians did not have to die on either side, and it was all up to Olmert.

    If Israel had such noble intentions towards Lebanon it should have:

    -Released Lebanese prisoners.
    -Returned Sheba’a Farms.
    -Handed maps of minefields to Lebanese authorities (its refusal to do so IS a violation of international law)

  5. Yes, let’s not start playing the “who’s the worst” game. There is no question that Israel will come out the all-time loser on that end.

    Reports of prisoner torture continue to stream from Israeli prisons.

    Barbarians, I tell you. Barbarians.

  6. Porgie Tirebiter

    Uhhhhh….wish I had saved it…I had a DIFFERENT picture of this SAME GUY….seriously smelling a SKUNK here on Hezbollah’s part. This is another GREEN HELMUT GUY.

  7. What rubbish. It is so easy to sit at a terminal somewhere and spin execrable right wing theories. But there are journalists from many different countries who are on the ground in Lebanon reporting on these things. What you and your ilk are spouting is denial and self-justification of the most delusional kind.

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