Three Funny Quotes of the Day

Three funny (well, if you can consider the killing of 20 civilians, the kidnapping of 6 others, and the destruction of a hospital funny) quotes of the day for today, given the exceptionally embarrassing position Israel placed itself in overnight (i.e. the Ba’albak raid). All three by Dan Halutz. Enjoy.

“The operation harmed those that had threatened us.”

“The final outcome of the operation is not yet quite clear because we collected materials that must be analyzed.”

“I have no doubt that more advantages from this operation will be discovered [WARNING: VIEW LINK AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION].”


2 responses to “Three Funny Quotes of the Day

  1. What a hypocrite you are here your gloating over the death of a civillian when you accused he israelis of doing the same thing over qana.

  2. Gloating?

    Who’s gloating? In case you did not realize, this post was aimed at criticizing Halutz for his deliberately simplistic (I mean, idiotic) arguments, which devalue not only Lebanese but also Israeli lives.

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