Hassan Nasrallah Kidnapped

No, not that Hassan Nasrallah! I am talking about civilian Hassan Deeb Nasrallah of Ba’albak, who was kidnapped today before dawn in a heroic (and certainly historic) Israeli commando raid. Kidnapped along with him were 5 other civilians, one of whom, a 14-year-old, was released because “he was too young.” So these are the “junior HezbAllah militants” Israel has kidnapped. A woman’s husband, son, brother, brother’s son, and a neighbour. The other son was lucky – too young to even pass for a “junior HezbAllah militant.” The woman was on New TV, telling what happened: the commandos had raided the house, ordered them to stand with their faces towards the wall, tied up the men and blindfolded them. There were also two young kids, a boy and a girl, present during the raid. The reporter interviewed them. They were still shocked, could barely talk. The air raids around the area of the landing resulted in many civilian deaths; an entire family was wiped out as they tried to stay in open areas for fear of strikes against houses and buildings. An Israeli jet fired a missile right at them, tearing them to pieces. In another instance, a woman by the name Nisrine (couldn’t catch the last name) was driving to the hospital as she was about to deliver her baby, and the Israeli jets fired a missile at the car, killing her instantly.

Ha’aretz has received clearance from the IDF to change the term; they are no longer “junior HezbAllah militants.” They are now “low-level HezbAllah men.” Yup. A historic day indeed.


32 responses to “Hassan Nasrallah Kidnapped

  1. Every one know the face of Jews terror and they are killing Muslims and when thy kill they consider a terrorist and the real terrorise is USA then Israel and Israel should be wipe of the face of earth they are blood suckers

  2. Anarchistian – I vote that you keep deleting Sagie’s posts. I’m tired of reading junk from bloodthirsty animals (namely, Zionists).

  3. After seeing the glorious IDF heroes liberating that hospital in Baalbek
    it seem’s to remind of that wonderful footage that I’ve seen so many times of American forces blindly going into Iraq,& unfortunately of uk troops searching for ‘Hearts & Minds’in Afghanistan

  4. Arab terrorists have to be exterminated
    Arab children have to be taught maths, science, humanity subjects instead of merely reading the Muslim books
    Arba peolpe have to be re-educated to respect others’ religion, culture, custom and life style

    This is the way to attain peace in the ME

  5. Yo moron! Who are you tricking by hiding behind an Arab name? FYI, Mohammad is spelled Muhammad.
    …and Israel should stop testing the United States’ weapons, warplanes, etc on innocent civilians, just because U.S. couldn’t test them all in Iraq.

  6. To the person depicting Arabs as illeterates and ignorants. I was born and raised Arab, proud Lebanese, I studied math, science, and language along side with religion. Now I have a degree in computer science but i still and always will condemn what Israel is doing. As a matter of fact, my education helped me see why the Isreali project to control the ME. To me, the words Israel and terrorism are synonyms.

  7. reply to VDR, and where do the Hezbollah obtain the weapons? Did your god give them to kill innocent people? Funny that no one dare to mention the women and chidlren killed by Hezbollah’s rockets, you hypocritical muslims!

    reply to Ali, obviously your eyes are blinded by your pan-Arab nationalism. Arba nations will always be laughed as the 3rd world if you people wish to keep such mentality

  8. Samir Kuntar bashes a four year old girl’s head against some rocks at the beach until she dies. Israel fires missles into a car carrying women and children away from where the missles are supposed to hit. Hizbollah rockets kill an Israeli Arab boy and his brother. Maronite kills Druze, Syrian kills Cedar Revolutionary. It’s the Jews! It’s the Arabs! It’s America! It’s Iran! It’s amazing how no one ever burn their own dinner.

    And it is sad. My own daughters were planning to go with some Lebandese friends to Beruit next summer. Now those Lebanese friends will never go home and my daughters will never go there with them.

    So go ahead, curse the Jews, fly your yellow flags, or curse the Arabs and fly your Star of David and live forever in the hell you have made.

    The rest of us are just sad and tired.

  9. Funny that no one dare to mention the women and chidlren killed by Hezbollah’s rockets
    “Funny” that in Israel they are writing Kofi Annan symbolic letters pointing out that “a 7 year old Israeli was killed too” (i.e. an Israeli child died too, why aren’t you investigating that?), forgetting that actually two other children, one 7, and the other much younger than 7 were killed by HezbAllah’s rockets in Israel (Nazareth in particular, which has no sirens and no public shelters) – but happened to be Arabs. The Israelis discriminate even in death.

  10. Derek from California

    We’re tired of the Middle East and wish our government would get out of the way of the Jews and Arabs and Persians who want nothing but to live in violence and death.

    You will NEVER solve your problems and achieve peace – none of you have the guts or bravery to say, “We’re at fault as much as our enemies are at fault.”

    It takes a courageous person to fight for peace. Where is your Ghandi?

    The average US citizen is so tired of your endless wars that we aren’t even listening or paying attention anymore – we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t care what our bungling, inept goverment even does over there.

  11. Derek from California
    You are 99% right. W/ the exception that I care a lot.
    The Arabs with all due respect can’t let go of some stupid
    small strip of #!$!ing LAND-Where the %#@ are these people
    supposed to GO? I believe the Arabs in the region are envious
    because the Jews have made something of themselves. United States
    always backs them with money and weapons. That is understandable
    given how they are surrounded by people who hate them and can’t
    forget about the land and move on with their lives. The Jews
    start all kinds of shit-the news just doesn’t report it. Why ARE
    the Jews holding so many Arab hostages? No one wants to talk about
    THAT!! I do think Hez needs to go down with every other evil
    militant terrorist group.

  12. By the way, how come everyone forgot the moment when Israel withdrew from Lebanon. The moment that happened majority of Lebanese Christians were slaughtered by Hezbollah because they were the infidels! Kids, babies, they didn’t discriminate they just slaughter!

    This is real Hezbollah!

    Or what about this little pore goat humpers, I mean so called Palestinians who were ejected from Jordan because they started doing what Hezbollah did to Christians.

    Jordan – 80% Palestinian, so according to UN Palestinians do have their own state, hence why doesn’t Jordan take them in?

    And to all ignorant $#@! who think it’s the Jews fault, lets ignore Israel for a second. Lets look at Middle East, a predominantly Islamic area of the world as a whole – why is it war torn? With exclusion of Turkey and Emirates (possible few more) the rest are regarded as war torn, de-humanising countries. Why? Because militant Islam doesn’t work and Arabs are too fucking dumb to come to that conclusion them selves since it would mean they wasted 100’s if not 1000’s of years on senseless violence.

    Note from Anarchistian: One more insult and you will be banned. Enough is enough.

  13. The moment that happened majority of Lebanese Christians were slaughtered by Hezbollah because they were the infidels!
    Where did you read that? On the IDF website? …

    At least respect that this entry talks about FAMILIES that were wiped out, BABIES that were killed, all because your ‘heroic’ commandos can celebrate a meaningless glory. It shows how moral you have become. Killing Christians and Jews is bad, but killing Muslims is OK – they will become “terrorists” after all, when they grow up.

  14. Where is your Ghandi?
    “Their” Gandhi?… Let’s see:
    Rotting in some undeclared jail I suppose? Or, dead. You know, just like Rachel Corrie? The fact that you don’t hear about it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And the IDF has no problem shooting against non-violent demonstrators either.

    In the case of Lebanon, I’m not sure how non-violent resistance is supposed to work when F16s are blowing little children to smithereens…

  15. Anarchistian,
    Excellent. Know that I for one am also just sick to death of bloodthirsty comments coming in from what must be barbarians, racist horrors.

    I applaud your decision to remove their comments or ban them. I’ve visited a few other blogs on this topic and it is nothing short of amazing and disgusting some of the comments.

    If my tally is correct, the most virulent of the barbarian comments are, correct me if I’m wrong, coming from the vehemently pro-Israeli side! Curious. And revealing.

    Anyway, good for you, and – HOPEFULLY – this blog, as well as others, can be used for some kind of useful DIALOG based on facts. FACTS.

    Derek from California – it’s too bad that, as you say, Americans don’t care what the bungling US government is doing anymore. As a fellow American, I too feel that Bush & Co. are possibly the biggest bunglers in the history of the United States. My problem is that if more people actually did care what those fools were doing, maybe the guy would not have been elected in the first place!

  16. Greathomebusiness – it might be instructive for you to know that the single most important reason that Israel has developed to the degree it has is the outrageous amount of money that the US gives it every day. The last time I checked (and this was about 20 years ago!), the US was forking over more than 10 million dollars A DAY to Israel! Twenty years ago!!! God knows how much they’re sucking out of the taxpayers now. Israel receives more money from the US than any other country in the world. And consider the fact that the Jewish population of New York City is higher than that of Israel!!!

    Can it be any wonder just why the development has been so big, so fast? And this is to say nothing of all the top-grade death-machines (apache helicopters, bombs, bullets) that the US provides Israel.

    Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is something inherently “better” about the Israelis that has produced this development. It’s down to dollars, dude, not genes!

  17. Please keep Mahatma Gandhi out of this. Gandhi was a man of peace and would never kidnap, fire rockets or order an invasion. He fought with courage and not weapons.

  18. Now you’ve got me onto the loan thing. If anyone is the least bit curious about how much money the US gives (and I do mean “gives” Israel, and how so much of this does not even need to be repaid, and how the US government allows tax-deductable contributions to Israel (and to NO OTHER COUNTRY), visit The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs site.

    Outrageous. Truly outrageous.

  19. michelle trudeau

    I am from canada and have friend who have family in the middle east. my thought and prayers
    are with you.Its nice to hear both angles of this crisis as hear we mostly hear the side of
    isreal…stay brave.

  20. It is extremely depressing to read this and other blogs. I see Canadians, Americans, Lebanese, Israelis, Jews, Muslims and Christians going at it, and all we care about is winning some silly argument in the bloggoshpere, while meanwhile, actual Lebanese, actual Israelis, actual Arabs, actual Americans, actual Canadians and actual Palestinians die every day.

    It’s the Americans! except when Lebanon kills 50k of it’s own in civil war. It’s Hizballah! Except when Israel targets the wrong house. It’s Israel, except when rockets hit Israeli Arabs. UN resolutions are only invoked when they apply to the other side. History always stops and starts when the other “state” existed. “There was no Israel in 80 AD!” “There was no Palestine in 1960!” It’s the Shia. It’s the Sunni! It’s the SLA (and it’s 70 arrested members.) It’s Syria (and the various journalists they’e killed.) It’s Israel and the hundred thousand they dispaced.

    The truth is, we all care more about being right than about stopping this thing and we will continue to bicker and “told you so” while another generation of Lebanese grow up in poverty and another generation of Isreali’s grow up writing their names on missiles.

    No longer tired, working on exhaustion …

  21. Kidnapping people from hospitals. A new low.

  22. Wow…and these are the kinds of things that you’d never hear about on… the news

  23. The news of an immanent ceasefire at the moment, seems to be ‘spun’ by a predominately led murdoch press about the connections of Hizballah with Iran & Syria. This seems to me to be come down now, after the mass murder of the Lebanese, & the eventual easing of the Israeli public to the fact they have spent a lot of money & civilian & soldiers lives on a situation that is no longer tenable. They will now want their government to extract some sort of victorious retreat back home and get some sort of world pressure on their side when deciding what mistaken policy that will be put together with the Americans & (Tony Blair) that will continue to keep the Middle East in the quagmire that it has become. Sorry to be so devoid of any hope.

  24. Did you know that American taxpayers pay about $23;000 per Israeli for their welfare? Most Americans don’t even know that. Most Americans are too lost when world politics are discussed. It’s only a handful of the elite Americans who understand the schematics of world affairs since they are somehow directly involved in it. Following CNN and localized US media outlets do not entail wisdom. They serve more to the propanda machine that helps to curb the abstract notion of what many think ‘freedom’ is when it is correlated to ‘democracy.’

  25. filled with so much bull and hate its funny
    so if u guyz need a laugh and i know u do read the article below

    please read this article with a sense of humour
    its just funny how the american media demonizes everyone that is not bending over at their whim

  26. I keep hearing about how HesbAllah’s capture of 2 Israeli soldiers is the “cause” of all this. I very much disagree.

    On June 24th, Israel kidnapped a doctor and his brother from Gaza. Two civilians. They have since disappeared into the bowels of the Israeli prison system and have not been heard from since.

    On June 25th, clearly in response, Corporal Gilad Shalit was captured/kidnapped.

    Shortly thereafter, Israel strikes into Gaza further perpetrating its crimes.

    Soon after, clearly in sympathy, HezbAllah captures/kidnaps 2 Israeli soldiers.

    Israel has now killed upwards of 1,000 people (including those in Gaza), displaced more than a million, and has destroyed Lebanon – adding to its endlessly growing list of crimes.

    Israeli foreign policy: What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is…mine.

  27. Human Rights Watch has stated both Hizbollah and Israel appear guilty of war crimes, for what it is worth.

    I have no doubt they are correct.

    Israel is clearly exhibiting complete disregard for civilians caught in the attacks, Hizbollah is clearly targeting civilians and has loaded missles so as to increase human carnage. A horrifying number of the Lebanese victims are children. One of the men Hizbollah wants released from Israeli jail bashed a 4 year old girl to death by slamming her head against rocks.

    The barbarians meet at the gate and everyday Lebanese, Israelis, Palestinians and international visitors suffer. And all us clever bloggers know exactly who is right and who is wrong and cheer them on like at a football game.

  28. Why is it that other arab countries cannot follow in the steps of dubai who has invested in tourism instead of weapons to destroy either israel or each other?

  29. Pingback: Blog mishegas - davereed.org

  30. To all those who believe Israel is all innocent, you need to get a reality
    check. Speaking as an American, myself, I believe Israel is all at fault and they
    are the symbol of terrorism. I was in the middle east when the whole crisis started
    I saw the rockets landing on nothing but civilians, innocent people. I saw how Israels
    goal is to destroy ALL ROUTES possible to get anywhere, how they even shot missiles
    OVERPOWER AND TAKE OVER LEBANON?? I DONT THINK SO!! The so called group they call
    “the terrorists” in Lebanon are PROTECTING THEIR PEOPLE, DYING FOR THEIR PEOPLE…
    FACTS AND THEN SPEAK YOUR OPINIONS!!!…A major thing that strikes me as our former
    president Reagan once said…”why and how would you fight and have war against a
    people that do NOT fear death?” What is your goal after that? at war, it’s all about
    who “wins, Dies, Surrenders”…so far Israel hasn’t achieved ANYTHING and will FAIL
    to do so, many in lebanon have died but-they all stand STILL TOGETHER and will NEVER
    surrender…I don’t see why Israel will just give up and understand that they
    are useless on earth, they are not favored by anybody nor will they ever be. GO back
    to wherever you came from Israel-even if that meant that you get wiped off the face
    of this Earth then SO BE IT!

    To conclude…To shut you up…and to give you a relaity check…Do us ALL a favor and
    check out this website-then let me know what you think…Little girls in Israel
    SIGNING THE MISSILES “FROM US TO YOU” Right before they get striked in Lebanon to Kill
    all the innocent children? THAT DISGUSTS ME!!!


  31. Dude, jumping up and down and shouting isn’t going to make anything better. And favoring HezbAllah is just stupid.Just because Israel is not doing the right thing, doesn’t make HezbAllah right.
    Moreover, what beneficial effects have you noted from the ‘go back to where you come from’ sentiment in any situation?

  32. Isreal needs to stop what it is doing right now. There is no excuse for this.

    And Hezbullah needs to release the soldiers and become part of the
    Lebanese solution – unless it does not care about Lebanon.

    Nasrallah has said he is open to the Lebanese troop deployment. It would be foolish and criminal for Israel and the US not to jump on that chance.

    The only possibility for peace in Lebanon is integrating Hezbullah in some
    realistic way into the Lebanese community. Then, if it wishes to continue to kidnap Israeli hostages or use military means to gain its objectives, it will a state v. state issue. There will be no need to parse areas and militiamen from soldiers.

    This, I believe, would restrain both sides who get too much joy out
    of useless, criminal macho posturing.

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