Another Day, another “Heroic” Raid

Sorry I wasn’t able to blog today. I have been working on translating Nasrallah’s latest speech into English, and the electricity cuts aren’t helping at all… At this point it might be useless, as 2 days have passed on it, but I will continue working on it and hopefully by tomorrow noon I will have it ready (it’s quite long – so far 7 pages, and another 2 to go). I realize that one of my commenters posted a link to a video with a voice-over translation, but I did not check the level of its accuracy, and at any rate I am always on the look-out for attempts at de-contextualizing some key sentences – and believe me it has happened MANY times in the past. Instead I am doing my own word-for-word translation. I am not aware of the existence of a full text transcript of the speech in English.

It’s been a relatively quiet day here, and not too many incidents (of course the bombardment of the south continues, as do the clashes along the border), save for a direct strike from an Israeli drone on a motorcycle in Tyre [WARNING: View at your own discretion], which killed 2 civilians, and another heroic landing, this time at Tyre, which targeted a civilian building near an army position. During clashes in the area, 1 Israeli soldier was killed, and at least 8 were wounded, in addition to 4 civilians and 1 soldier from the Lebanese army.

More interestingly, one of my Israeli commenters was at an anti-war protest in Tel Aviv today, and has uploaded some photos and videos. Check it out!

I have also uploaded the draft of the UN Security Council Resolution. More on that later.

Update @ 12:31 am: The power’s out again, so a final update before I head to bed – a while ago Israeli jets bombed, twice, the Nahr al-Barid dam for power generation in the north. Al-Arida bridge in the north (linking Lebanon to Syria) and 2 other bridges (‘Arka and Al-Madhoun), both in Akkar (north), were also bombed. An airstrike on Al-Arz (Cedars) was also reported. Since the start of the Israeli war on Lebanon, 45 large factories have been directly hit, in addition to many medium and small-sized ones.


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  1. Those pictures of the TelAviv protest are great … Fif, you should send them to some American media websites (CNN, MSNBC, etc) because they keep reporting to us that a very large majority of the Israeli people are for this war. They only show Israelis that either hate Lebanon and Palestine or Israelis that REALLY hate Lebanon and Palestine.
    Sure, there is a large chance they will not show these pictures … But there is a small chance that they will. That little bit of hope is what keeps us in the States going.

  2. Also, would you mind if I posted a link to that in other places?

  3. I couldn’t find a full transcript either. So i really like to see your translation in the future. Thanks and keep well!

  4. Katie- sure! post wherever you want. There were alot of photographers there, so my assumption is that if the media wanted to report this, they could find images better than mine and much more easily. I wouldn’t mind trying though.

  5. You know, it’s possible- just possible- that the Israelis just got tird of hearing “ITBACH AL YAHUD!”

    Decades of hate, taught in schools, reinforced in media and preached from the pulpit, is not exactly considered acceptable ideology in civilized society.

    Of course, I’m not accusing anyone here of such vile bigotry. That said, there does seem to be a sizeable number or respondents to polls that believe Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys, and say they would never shake a Jew’s hand- not an Israeli mind you, but the hand of ANY Jew, anywhere, anytime.

    Of course, that promises to ‘finish the job Hitler started’ is another common refrain- rarely uttered in European languages, but daily rhetoric in the Arab world.

    Imagine an organization that ran schools and social services. Imagine if that organization preached racist bigotry- you know, to kill all the black people, day in and day out. What kind of people would vote to have such people represent them? How do you suppose the rest of the world would look at such people?

    Feel free to contact me if further clarification is necessary.

  6. SC&A,

    I got clarification from your blog; this is not the first time you have aired these views online. In fact, you are to an extent right. Within certain Islamic communities (not just arabs, as you seem to say), there are a worrying number of instances of extreme anti-semitism being taught to children. And yes, there are even adults who subscribe to the most absurd aspects of anti-semitism (being sons of pigs or whatever). However, what exactly are you suggesting to do about it? If I were to think the worst of the first line of your post above, I might think that your solution is a Final Solution for the ‘arabs’ (what will you do with anti-semitic south-asians?). Surely, as a religious person this is unconscionable.
    But let’s not forget your generalisations about ‘arabs.’ racism and bigotry only work if you can so exclude the ‘other’ from the ‘we.’ With ‘them’ sufficiently alien, you are free to generalize. In other words, your language betrays you as also harboring racist feelings. Being Jewish does not exempt you from racism.
    What good will come from a battle in which the bigotry works both ways? If we hypothetically accept your premise that ‘arabs are anti-semitic’ or ‘the arab world is anti-semitic,’ do you honestly think that violence is going to change their minds? Or would you agree that it fuels further hatred?

  7. As an Arab American, I have heard every racist anti Arab comment possible. I have heard those comments from so called educated and progressive people. I have heard American Jews talk about how Arabs deserve what they get. I have heard them talk as if Arabs are not part of me– they of course would exclude me but seek the death of other Arabs.

    SC the road of hatred is not one sided. It’s really paved with what Hannah Arendt called the banality of evil. “she raised the question whether evil is radical or simply a function of banality—the tendency of ordinary people to obey orders and conform to mass opinion without critically thinking about the results of their action or inaction”. The day we all aknowledge how “evil” is inbread in our daily lives that is the only day we will overcome it and recognize the humanity of other human beings.

    Right now, it seems that US policy was to destroy to Arab countries, Lebanon and Iraq. Is it revenge? Is it evil? Is it some how the “birth pang of their new Middle East” ? (the fact that an African American woman said that is the true epitome of the banality of Evil) In one blink of an eye two Arab countries were destroyed, Iraq and Lebanon. What now? Submission? Dominance? What is the plan Stan? What next Mr. Perle, Fife and Cheney? The Neo Con war game is played out. To what end? And we in America stood by and let them do it. Shame, shame and triple shame. Next time you hear an American question the Germans during the war, bring this inaction and this banality to our attention.

    Sorry for being inchorent, but I am truly dismayed and angered.

  8. SC&A, yes there is a lot of anti-Semitism in the Arab world – but not just the Arab world. Actually, it is even more common in Europe and USA, only that you don’t hear it talked about as much; now that the Middle East is on the U.S agenda, and Israel is its major ally, you hear about it day-in day-out. In the same way you don’t hear about anti-Arab bigotry being taught in Israeli schools and community centers. All you hear about is how the Israelis want peace, and how the Arabs hate them for no reason, and how the settlers “just want to live in peace” amongst Palestinians, but the reality is totally different. I think – and this is in no way a justification of anti-Semitism – that much of the anti-Semitism in the Arab and Islamic worlds comes from the behaviour of Israel. It would be interesting if someone actually conducted a serious, unbiased study of the correlation of Israel’s actions w/ sharp rises in anti-Semitism.

  9. SC&A,
    I guess you missed the photograph of the elementary school Israeli girls writing anti-Arab slogans on the sides of bombs about to be loaded onto F-16s. Please, spare me your hateful bullshit, will you? Or, at the very least, put it in a bit of context.

    Ben-Gurion himself admitted that the Zionists stole the land you’re now sitting on. Couple that with an endless stream of war crimes perpetrated against its neighbors, you’re going to piss some people off. Congratulations, they’re now well and fully pissed off. And have been for some time.

    I for one do believe that Jews decended from monkeys. Then again, I believe that all Homo sapiens decended from monkeys – in fact, the entire primate family! You might also be interested to know that Homo sapiens share a 90% genetic compatibility with pigs!! Dude, don’t take it personally.

    All I ask is that everybody gets what’s coming to them. History will show that Israel will come out way on the short end of that stick.

  10. Chris swift: you can believe you descended from monkey’s which might explain your lack of inteligance. I descend from adam. No sane scientist believes the monkey theroy anymore.

    HAHAHAHA so the girls who by the way have had their homes smashed up.. wrote on the missles which are intended for hizbollah terrorists…. and ok? you point is ? do you see baby jews dressed up as suicide bombers ? or being taught to kill arabs ? oh spare me the whole baruch goldstein line. goldstein = 1.. arabs equal 1,000 +10,000 others that tried.

    HA anarchistian is funny

    “I think – and this is in no way a justification of anti-Semitism – that much of the anti-Semitism in the Arab and Islamic worlds comes from the behaviour of Israel.”

    No really?!?! I love how it all started with us! well guess what.. maybe all the anti arab stuff is because you guys keep blowing yourselfs up? learn how to fight a war dammit, your worse then the french! stop complaining because u dimwits cant defend yourselfs so you gotta play samson…

    Amazing how hizbollah fires rockets, killes arabs, then tells the arabs that its the jooooooooos fault!

    I dont knoq why

  11. Elchonon,
    Your silly ramblings don’t deserve a reply. The fact that you actually deny the long-established and well verified facts of evolution (which every sane scientist whole-heartedly believes in) is a very good indication of how cloud koo koo land you are. The very fact that you don’t know even this simple thing makes me worry.

  12. I find the critique ome interesting, to say the least/ Some are worthy of disucssion, most are not.

    I’d like to address some of the issues, randomly.

    To comapare the now infamous picture of little girls addressing ‘love notes’ to Nasrallh, and what is taught to children in schools, broadcast on media for children amd repeatedly taught, ad nauseum, to children by ‘religious authorities,’ in the Arab world is absurd. In fact, Chris, if you’d like to comapare the pedagogical experiences of Israelis and students in the Arab world, just name the time and place. Textbook translations, broadcats translations, etc, are readily Further, your remark re ‘hate’ taught in Israel is a desperate attempt to find a moral equality that does not exist. That is repugnant in itself. Believe me, you don’t want to play the comparison game.

    Ben, you assume I am Jewish- and that is rather racist of you, in fact. Are you presuming to say that only Jews are offended and repulsed by Arab world anti Semitism and hate? That is a strange tack t9 take, to be sure. In fact, as my regular blog readers know, I am Anglican- and not particularly religious. As a Syrian friend likes to joke, ‘You’re the Chrsitian we didn’t want to create!’

    Stella, you say the road to hate isn’t one sided. I couldn’t agree more. Now, as Larry Miller notes, imagine a football field. Imagine a matchbook on that football field. That is the proportional representation of Israel to the Arab world. I will concede that after a century plus of existential threats, many Jews in the region have developed hate. What’s the bigger problem- the football field or the matchbook?

    Anarchristian, your remarks are absurd. If much of the anti Semitism is only a result of Israeli ‘behaviors’ then dislike of Muslims is justified. We can discuss Hama (up to 30,000 slaughtered) or perhaps talk about Jordan’s late King Huseein- no one knows how many Palestinians he killed, and so one. We can discuss the forced conversions and forced circumcisions in East Timor and we can discuss the rape of children in Algeria as part of a ‘religious doctrine.’ There is the matter of the Janjaweed in Darfur and the ongoing slave trade is Mauritania.

    As noted Anarchristian, your remarks are absurd.

    Now, all that said, I do not blame much of the Arab or Islamic world, in the sense that this what they are taught and exposed to. Arabs and Muslims are being expoloited by a smorgasbord of what are the most corrupt and dysfunctional regimes in the world. Think about that- morality and ethics are being taught by those who have made exploitation of their own people a way of life.

    See this:

    Subsequent to this post, I will post links to other posts. If nothing else, read ‘Why I Hate Islam.’

  13. SC&A,
    Frankly, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Your rambling post is filled with venom and hatred and a kind of “shot gun” approach – as is very typical of most Israeli “foreign policy”. It makes me think that both you and elchonon are charter members of cloud koo koo land.

    I’ve got a really cool game for you to play. One one side, stack up all the UN resolutions condemning the actions of the Arab faction in the Middle East. Now, on the other side, stack up all those against Israel. Add to this reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc. On top of this, pile on all the cases that have been brought against each side in the International Court of Justice.

    Ooooohhhhhhh Nooooooo. Looks like the Israeli stack is huge. Sorry, you lose. Again.

  14. SC, sort of amazing how the matchbook with the help of the Grand Canyon, the USA, manages to destroy entire nations. This matchbook has one of the most sophisticated and strongest military powers.

    Right now, these days, today, Lebanon is being destroyed. 800,000 people are made homeless, thousands injured and hundreds dead, Israel did this act. Israel chose to pursue this path with the support of the US and yes the EU and the UN by their de facto inaction. I don’t want to go back to the monkeys, Adam or the source of this rage and criminal act. We are now in the midst of an international criminal act. An act equal to the proportion of the US destroying Iraq. When nations conduct acts of destruction and murder this is when it enters a different arena.

    SC you know that the right wing in Israel wanted to dismantle the land for peace process. They wanted to create the so called peace for peace, meaning, Israel gives nothing and the Arabs submit. Well, guess what?

  15. There’s another matter. Do any of you (elchanon, SC&A) actually know that HezbAllah is winning? Do you have any appreciation whatsoever for how disasterous and fatal the latest Israeli brutality and litany of war crimes is (a very long list indeed)? Do you actually realize that you are losing this fiasco?

  16. Israel gives nothing and the Arabs submit
    This all fits with the general trend of Israeli “foreign policy”: What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is…mine.

  17. As noted Anarchristian, your remarks are absurd.
    Nevertheless, I would like to see you address them. I’m afraid your claim that they are absurd do not make it so. Now please address the points I raised or back away!

  18. In other words Chris, you are intent on defending what clearly points to your lack of critical thinking skills.

    Brilliant. Hizbollah is winning.

    South Lebanon is cement dust, Beirut Hamas suburbs are in a shables and Israelis are moving north. I submit Israel will concede to such losses now and in the future.

    Anarchristian, to what exactly are you referring? You don’t make that clear.

  19. you don’t want to play the comparison game

    You have no idea how much I want to play this game. Bring it on, dude.

  20. Sure…feel free to start. Oh by the way, did you know the EU suspended payments to the PA because of their hate textbooks for kids?

  21. lack of critical thinking skills

    You reveal a pitiful lack of subtlety of thought here. All you can see are bullets and bombs and body bags. How tragic for you. No subtlety. Just brute force logic. How predictable.

    HezbAllah now enjoys the support of a greater number of people in the region than it has in a very long time. Congratulations. HezbAllah is now seen as a defender, a protector. Isreal, meanwhile is seen as Qana. Again. A targeter of innocents. Again. Congratulations.

    HesbAllah is most definately winning. Israel has won nothing – as will be shown in the time to come. Congratulations.

  22. SC&A, actually, your latest “claim” is a myth and has been proven to be wrong time and time again. A study of Palestinian textbooks proved that there is no such instance of hatred.

    Also, Israel is moving north? Where to? They are still fighting at Ayta al-Sha’ab. Do you have ANY idea where that is? Any idea where Al-Addaisse is? Or Kfar Kila?

    I have uploaded detailed maps, please educate yourself:

  23. SC&A,
    Oh boy, here we go – tit-for-tat.

    OK. Did you know that Israel continues to torture Arab prisoners and keep them locked up behind bars without charge on multiply renewable 6-month sentences?

    I would enjoy reading your compare and contrast, in-depth analysis of nasty text books to the above.

  24. thanx for the pictures of protest in tel aviv..i was wonedring where is the moderate voice in israel..

  25. I stand corrected by Anarchistian’s post #24. Oh my God. Now all you can do is comment on Israeli torture.

  26. I will presume you were unaware.

    Now, as for Hizbollah, it is irrelevant who supprts them, or how many people support them. There is no difference between them and the people whop support the KKK.

    There is no moral equivale3nce between Hizbollah and their supporters and the civilized world.

    That said, I have an idea. If you- and they0 hate Jews and israel so much, why not build a wall, separating the two peoples?

  27. “Did you know that Israel continues to torture Arab prisoners”

    Perhaps we ought to compare Arab and Israeli prisons.

    See Amnesty and HRW.

  28. As noted, Beirut suburbs are cement dust, as are areas of Tyre and Sidon, the airports are useless, bridges bombed and there is a naval blockade in in effect.

    Oh, the israelis visited Baalbeck, too.

    Yeah, they’re losing alright. That’s why Hizbollah, Lebanon, Syria and Iran are begging for a ceasefire. I guess they don’t want to win the war.

  29. SC&A,

    I had assumed you are Jewish from the content of your blog… still, you might want to find out what racism means. Would I be correct in assuming that you’ve never been on the recieving end of it? Your current post about ‘knowing our place with God’ had made me believe you are religious. True, I did not spend much time reading your blog… as an athiest, I tend only to discuss religion in the abstract…

    While I can understand the point you are making to Chris, you are quite wrong in minimizing anti-arab (if not anti-muslim) sentiment. I come from a secular jewish family and my appearance is such that when I travel to the ME or am in a ME community, I am assumed to be Turkish or Iranian – but when among Jews, I am thought to be Jewish (funny thing, semitic appearances). So what I experience is having to explain to ME’s I meet that in fact I come from a Jewish family, which results in quite a bit of discussion, as you can imagine. Hence I am all too aware of what is taught in some schools about Jews. But oddly, Jews just take me as ‘one of the group.’ In my personal experiences, the jokes and comments that cirulate among many of the Jews (especially those with links to Israel) about arabs/palistinians/ muslims are utterly vile and dehumanizing. I had the unpleasant experience of objecting on a listserv for jews (which a jewish acquaintance put me on) about a joke that essentially conflated all Palistinians with terrorists… Point being that racism (if you can call it that) is on all sides…
    And of course, my appearances have also invited both anti-semitic and anti-arab remarks and actions. The only place I suffered violence for looking jewish was in the UK, not by muslims, but by skinheads – this did not happen in Egypt, Libya, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Jakarta, Jerusalem etc..
    Long story short: The theories put forward in your ‘why i hate islam’ are an inch short of utter shit. In the essay, the movement from general to specific is entirely uncontrolled and illogical. Are you aware of what ‘arab’ means? Are you aware that arabs are Semites? Do you know that arab does not = muslim. And more importantly, are you aware that muslim does not = arab? etc etc. I’d rather not waste my time critiquing the indefensible…yes, radical/extreme islam is a blight, but then so is the radical form of any religion or belief. By conflating it with all of Islam, you are simply contributing to the propaganda of hate that is helping to justify the US’s current crusade through the ME… So just as Stalinism was used to negatively mark all of Marxism, or Ravachol or Emile Henry for anarchism, this propaganda equates Osama bin Landen with Islam – in other words, you are playing a game of calculated distortions that, whether intended or not, simply further the cause for political oppression and doublethink.

  30. SC&A,
    You have got to be living in some kind of parallel universe to say that it is irrelevant how many people support such-and-such. It has everything to do with it. I don’t even know where to start with this when someone says it makes no differece if a movement has zero popular support or 100% popular support. Why don’t you get even this, most elementary, of points. It is everything. You show a frightening lack of knowledge about power, politics, and influence. You need to read more.

  31. Chris, make a point….don’t ramble on and make ad hominems. You only point to a real lack of critical thinking skills.

    Your absurd remark re levels of support is indiactive of that. You are saying the KKK is a legitimate and morally equivalent to everyone else because people supported their cause.

    Hizbollah is another KKK, in their own words.

  32. Ben,
    You say that you can understand the point SC&A was making to me. I’m sorry but I can’t. If anything, I think he/she simply did not understand what I was saying. The “point” that SC&A was making actually had little to nothing to do with what I was trying to get across.

  33. SC&A,
    You are saying the KKK is a legitimate and morally equivalent to everyone else because people supported their cause

    You can’t be serious. You simply are not reading what I am saying. We can debate the moral value of whatever you want until the end of time. I’m not interested in that. Neither of us will change the other’s mind. Winning has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with appearance and support. In that regard, HezbAllah is winning and Israel is losing.

  34. SC&A: Israel is winning the physical war.

    Hezbollah: Is probably winning the propaganda war.

    In cases of terrorism, the propaganda war is more important. It is much easier to repair bridges and towns than it is to repair hearts and minds.

    Fif: I posted a link to your pictures in my blog. I hope thats alright.

  35. SC&A,
    Find me the words where HezbAllah equates themselves with the KKK. Where are they?

  36. The post you refer to is a guest post, not written by myself. The phrase, ‘knowing our place with God’ is as much spiritual as it os religious.

    Racism is a lot like electricity- I don’t have to see it to know it exists. Further, racism comes in varying degrees- from light to heavy. One only has to look to see where the racist voltage meter peaks. As my Syrian friend noted, ‘The real Naqbah (catastrophe) wasn’t Isdrael, but ratherm video and audio tape. He is quite bitter as he noted that ‘we can longer hide what we have become from the world- or from ourselves.’

    Now, I am aware that Arabs are semites- while you want to play with semantics, I’ll stick to Webster- anti semitism is universally regarded as anti Jewish sentiment. Secondly, I am very aware that Islam encompasses more than the Arab world. So what?

    I have made clear, over and over, that Islam is not radical Islam. I have defended Islam, over and over, from the agenda of radical Islam.

    That said, I wil not defend the utter racism and bigotry that attempts to pass for Islam. This is a creation of that smorgasbord of dysfunction and corruption, created to further endorse and entrench those regimes.

  37. Chris, Hiozbollah has stated heir goals to fight and eradicate Jews. They have made clear their ideology is not political, but rather, religious.

    That said, your remarks on ideologies are correct.

    Now, as for ‘winning,’ that too, is part of the ideologies, I suppose. Both sides will claim a victory. In the end though, the cost to Lebanon will be spectacular. The Hizbollah will think twice about cross border terror again.

    See this re Hizbollah

  38. Very civilized, indeed.
    That is not an official EU source; it is merely a “critique” from an “independent” source. Nice try.

    SC&A: Israel is winning the physical war.
    Actually, not even THAT. On the battlefield Israel is losing. In terms of amount of destruction of civilian targets, sure, Israel is winning, but what a thing to be proud of!

  39. Like I said, Anarchristian, Israel- and any other nation- will take those kind of losses, all day long.

    Still, you have to wonder why, if Hizbollah is winning, they are begging for a ceasefire.

  40. Anarchistian: I merely meant that in terms of casualties inflicted (civilian or otherwise), in terms of physical destruction inflicted and ground seized/gained, the Israeli’s are winning. Perhaps they are even winning in terms of their objectives (establishing a buffer zone) and killing Hezbollah (no one really knows how many they’ve killed). But it terms of physical land gains and destruction inflicted, Israel is winning.

    Pity they are probably going to lose the more important war.

  41. the cost to Lebanon will be spectacular.
    You should be very proud of that, eh? I mean, isn’t it fabulous that you make up for the fact that you’re too cowardly to fight on the battlefield by leveling residential buildings and civilian infrastructure.

  42. SC&A: Hezbollah asks for a ceasefire to cement its image. If it ran around the nation, letting Lebanon get bombed without saying anything, they would not be regarded as protectors. With Israel attacking, Hezbollah can make the request for a ceasefire. This way they are in a win-win situation. If Israel accepts the offer, Hezbollah is regarded as the savior while the UN and the actual government fail. If Israel rejects the offer, then the Lebanese can’t blame Hezbollah since the offer to cease attacks was made.

    Its a propaganda game. Not everything is measured in terms of body bags.

  43. “the cost to Lebanon will be spectacular.”

    There in lies the problem. The Lebanese are guilty of nothing other than negligence. Israel is punishing them for ignoring Hezbollah and not controlling the southern border. I suppose the Israelis think they’re teaching the Lebanese a grand lesson.

    The real target should be Hezbollah. Pity conventional warfare isn’t effective against terrorists.

  44. LOLOL

    Hizbollah is the only ‘political’ and ‘social service’ organization in the world that doesn’t have an address- it has to hide in civilian populations, storing weaposn in schools and hospitals.

    Every political organization in the world has a published address and a published phone number. Every social organization in the world has a address and a phone number.

    Hizbollah runs hundreds of schools, clinics, social services and religious institutions. There are no headquarters address for them, either. The thousands of employees necessary to run such ranging programs seem to have no home office or headquarters.

    Hezbollah bases are in urban areas, arms depots are in urban areas, missle launch sites that are residential backyards and the transformation of blocks in South Beirut into Hezbollah headquarters facilities are issues that undermine every Hizbollah claim to legitimacy.

    Despite their political influence, Hizbollah refuses to identify itself as a political entity, in the same way as other legitimate political organizations. Instead, Hizbollah continues to define itself, by actions and words, as a terrorist organization. By definition, terrorist organization are not bound by civilized convention and the established rule of law. By definition, terrorist organizations operate outside those conventions and outside the rule of law.

    Hizbollah wanted to play, and by his own addmission, Nasrallah miscalculated.

    The good news is, when it’s all over, Nasrallah will think twice about ‘playing’ again.

  45. Perhaps they are even winning in terms of their objectives (establishing a buffer zone) and killing Hezbollah (no one really knows how many they’ve killed).
    Wrong and wrong. They are not even close to controlling more than 1 km beyond the border, and that’s not even along the ENTIRE length of the border, but only at one location, namely Maroun al-Ras! As for HezbAllah deaths, HezbAllah has announced the names and information of all its dead fighters so far, and there are around 40 or so. In contrast, the Israelis have been giving us, for the past 2 weeks, the 300 figure. Also, if it’s any indication of Israel’s losses on the military scale, the Israeli government has been trying to prevent media from publishing confirmation that today’s 11 dead were indeed soldiers who were killed in a direct hit on a military base, which also housed ammunition.

  46. You REALLY believe what Hizbollah says???? Well, that certainly makes you unique!

  47. Hmm interesting Anarchistian. I’ve heard that they’re about 5 miles in by now, fighting to take the villages. And I tend to average out the figures between what Hezbollah says and what Israel says. I have no real idea of where Israel’s forces have control so I’ll take your info for 1 km. On the other hand, I’ll have to respectfully disagree and say the number of dead Hezbollah lies in the 100-200 range.

  48. Oh.. and NY Times, just reported (15-20 mins ago) that the 11 dead are indeed Israeli soldiers.

  49. There are no headquarters address for them
    Actually, there is. You’re just too ignorant to research.

    As for defining oneself as a political organization, for the record – and this is rarely talked about or admitted – none of the parties in Lebanon ARE. They all STILL hold a great number of weapons and equipment. The only difference is that HezbAllah’s is talked about, but the others’ isn’t. A few kilolmeters from my house there are training grounds for exactly such a “political organization”.

    by his own addmission, Nasrallah miscalculated.
    Where did you read that “admission”?

    The good news is, when it’s all over, Nasrallah will think twice about ‘playing’ again.
    Perhaps, but Nasrallah ALWAYS did. For example, HezbAllah never responded to the ceasefire violations by Israel, when Israeli jets violated Lebanese airspace day-in day-out for the past 6 years! They perceived this as a clear attempt at provocation. Perhaps indeed this was Israel’s way of trying to start this game, and they failed to do so for all those years. Until July 12. Why July 12 then? Because the Israelis were expecting that THEY would be deciding the when and where, not HezbAllah. By taking those soldiers prisoners of war, HezbAllah had taken the initiative and imposed its terms. That Israel rejected these terms is an entirely different thing. But eventually Israel will have to accept it, whether it’s a day from now or a month, or 3 months. They will HAVE TO. And that’s exactly where Nasrallah wins. And he wins not just because of the taking of POWs, but because of Israel’s rash actions in starting this war. If you have any doubt about that, you just have to look at how many of its supporters Israel has actually DISGUSTED with its actions in the past 24 days. Israel has never – in its entire history – antagonized so many people around the world in such a short period of time. This must be a new Israeli record. Congratulations.

  50. I’m not sure I understand. Like I said, Hizbollah won’t be firing rockets or kidnappins soldiers again.

    As for your analysis, I’m not sure I agree. People might not like how Israel responded, but in the end, no one in the civilized world considers Hizbollah anything less than a terror organization.

  51. I’ve heard that they’re about 5 miles in by now
    Where have you heard that?

    Did you take a look at the map, and the reports as to where the fighting has been going on? Look for Ayta al-Sha’ab (south-central south Lebanon on the border, across Shetula), Kfar Kila, and Aaddaise (eastern south Lebanon near Kiryat Shmona) on this map.

    As for the 100-200 figure, based on what? If you add up the figures of HezbAllah fighters killed reported in Israeli media, it doesn’t add up to more than 40-50. And yet we have a figure of 400 HezbAllah dead? Or even 100-200? I wonder, is this anything like the claim made by Israel that they kidnapped “junior HezbAllah militants” in the raid near Baalbak?

  52. SC&A: Hezbollah is not considered a terrorist organization by the EU (only one person is).

    Only Canada, US and Israel consider all of Hezbollah terrorist. No one likes how Israel has responded. What they should have done is demanded unconditional return of the kidnapped soldiers, the immediate enforcement of order 1559 and given the Lebanese a time period to comply (a month?). If they didn’t comply, then they should have attacked. Foregoing diplomacy worked a century ago, but not now.

  53. civilized world
    You keep using that term. Would you be kind enough to define it? Thank you.

  54. Anarchistian:,0,4648720.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

    Baltimore Sun reports that the Israeli’s claim 4-5 miles. But like I said, since you’re actually in the region, I’ll take your word for it. As for the casualties, Hezbollah states 40-50 and Israel states 300. I’ll take the average of those numbers since neither party can be trusted to release accurate information.

  55. Don’t forget Australia.

    In the end, west sees and listens. ITBACH AL YAHUD! is still the ideology du jour.

    By the way, it has ben reported that one of those Hizbollah terrorists that crossed the border to kidnap the Israeli soldiers has been captured.

    When it comes to numbers, Hizbollah is not a credible position to opine.

  56. “Civilized World.”

    I’m afraid there’s no such thing. We’re all barbarians… we just have better bows and arrows.

  57. Actually, Aussies, Brits and Netherlands only list the External Security Organization as a terrorist entity. Not all of Hezbollah is terrorist according to them.

  58. one of those Hizbollah terrorists that crossed the border to kidnap the Israeli soldiers has been captured.
    How did they check that? They couldn’t even track the kidnappers’ whereabouts within minutes from the kidnapping let alone know the identity of the kidnapper. Is this, I wonder, the “Hassan Deeb Nasrallah” that the Israelis kidnapped in the heroic raid near Baalbak, or some other unfortunate brick-layer stranded in south Lebanon with his family? I wonder, is this one of the unfortunate civilians who were unable to flee Maroun al-Ras, and who were arrested en masse by the IDF? I wonder, will these end up in the “high security” prison that is being constructed “especially” for “captured HezbAllah fighters” (like Hassan Deeb Nasrallah)? I find it ironic that Israel is making such absurd and unverifiable claims (and then laugh at HezbAllah’s claims they struck a second ship – like you were laughing when HezbAllah claimed exactly that the first time around, and your government denied it until HezbAllah released the video). I find it ironic that Israel claimed to have struck the rocket launchers IN LEBANON that launched the rockets that landed in Hadera, when they are yet to find where exactly … the rockets landed IN HADERA. For the record, Hadera is in … ISRAEL.


  59. I don’t know, re Hizbollah terrorist- as noted, I only recounted what has been reported.

    In any event, the war plods on and Hizbollah uses and hides behind civilians.

    By the way, when was I ‘laughing’? and what do you mean, ‘my government’? I have no idea to what you are referring. Are you mistaking me for someone else?

  60. Hizbollah uses and hides behind civilians.
    HezbAllah does not hide behind civilians. Your PLO-era rhetoric is no longer valid. HezbAllah fighters wear military fatigues, an extremely impractical choice for those who want to mingle with civilians.

    When I use “you” I don’t necessarily refer to YOU! You (yes, YOU) ought to know that.

  61. SCA,

    Being careful with the language one uses is not some game of semantics. You are not careful and as a result, you seem like a racist bigot.Note my tentativeness! Words are important: look at the reaction Bush’s ‘crusade’ received! Look, here are the opeing words to your rant:
    “I hate Islam. I hate everything about what passes for Islam and I hate everyone who defends what passes for Islam. I hate Islamic politics, I hate the Islamic ‘street’ and I hate Islamic fueled bigotry, racism and hate.”

    Reading on and giving you the benefit of the doubt, I think you don’t mean the opening sentence. And then the next sentence is your rant against radical islam. But, as is you are saying you hate Islam in all its forms. The logic of your piece seems to start off like:
    My friend is a Muslim
    I hate Islam… (conclusion?)

    Now what about this?

    ‘Anyone, anywhere, can decipher Arab behavior for what it is- a reflection and an example of a culture gone bad and a culture that has become morally incestuous.”

    We’re floating somewhere between arabs and Islam and radical Islam. But for a minute there I thought you were talking about all arabs, or muslims, or…? Moreover, your faith in cultural universality is bewildering. ‘Anyone, anywhere can decipher Arab behavior”? Is the behavior of all cultures, groups, races, etc. so transparent? This smells of American Imperialism to me (not saying that you are american. I don’t know, nor care).

    Finally, this discussion with Anarchistan is disingenuous and appears to be backing into a corner in which we all end up on sides we did not initially support. As Chris noted much earlier, this discussion is not about who did what or even who is a terrorist and who’s not, it’s about power. history, influence, politics, etc. you are arguing that Hezbollah is bad, basically, and Israel is good, which results in a discussion about what tactics they do and don’t use. This will only move the discussion in the wrong direction. Israel has and exerts the most power in the region – does it use its power wisely? no way! just because Israel has a knesset etc. doesn’t legitimate its actions.

  62. Chris,

    What I meant was that i could understand how someone would feel that the comparison between those girls writing messages on bombs destined for Lebanon does not compare with the level of anti-semitism taught in some areas… SCA seems to think, however, that this is a horribly widespread epidemic. I know that there are more instances of anti-semitic schooling than any of us would like, I’m not so convinced that anti-semitism is any more rife than the level of anti-arab, anti-Islam, anti-black, anti-immigrant sentiment in the US and Europe right now. Islam is the focus because Islam is “our” enemy. I do not know precisely who “our” is/includes.

  63. Thanks for the links Fif. And sorry that the comment didn’t appear at first; it seems that the spam blocker thought it was spam (due to the number of links I suppose).


    LONDON, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Reuters, the global news and information agency, told a freelance Lebanese photographer on Sunday it would not use any more of his pictures after he doctored an image of the aftermath of an Israeli air strike on Beirut.

    The photograph by Adnan Hajj, which was published on news Web sites on Saturday, showed thick black smoke rising above buildings in the Lebanese capital after an Israeli air raid in the war with the Shi’ite Islamic group Hizbollah, now in its fourth week.

    Reuters withdrew the doctored image on Sunday and replaced it with the unaltered photograph after several news blogs said it had been manipulated using Photoshop software to show more smoke.

    Reuters has strict standards of accuracy that bar the manipulation of images in ways that mislead the viewer.

    “The photographer has denied deliberately attempting to manipulate the image, saying that he was trying to remove dust marks and that he made mistakes due to the bad lighting conditions he was working under,” said Moira Whittle, the head of public relations for Reuters.

    “This represents a serious breach of Reuters’ standards and we shall not be accepting or using pictures taken by him,” Whittle said in a statement issued in London.

    Hajj worked for Reuters as a non-staff freelance, or contributing photographer, from 1993 until 2003 and again since April 2005.

    He was among several photographers from the main international news agencies whose images of a dead child being held up by a rescuer in the village of Qana, south Lebanon, after an Israeli air strike on July 30 have been challenged by blogs critical of the mainstream media’s coverage of the Middle East conflict.

    Reuters and other news organisations reviewed those images and have all rejected allegations that the photographs were staged.

  65. Your point?

    Whatever the reason for the photoshopping, it was actually less impressive (even if one fails to see that it has been doctored).

    At any rate, did you also know that the Simon Wiesenthal Center had posted a doctored photo on its website, with smoke added to signal that the crematoria were functioning, and the photo was pulled from the website after it was brought to attention? Or that the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum had used two photos in the same location with different captions, and that it refused to respond to an inquiry as to how that had taken place?

    And does all that “prove” that the holocaust is a fabrication? Does it lessen the monstrosity of the holocaust, delegitimize the facts? It seems to me the “implication” from this post is that the Qana massacre was thus merely a photo-op. You seem to be learning from the best of the best – neo-Nazis and the likes of KKK.

    At any rate, this is not the place to post entire articles, so the next time you want to post, only post the URL.

  66. Anarchistian – just wanted to make sure you saw that Israeli news has published the ‘hood in Haifa (the “secret” one) where the missiles killed the three Arab-Israelis. It even named the building – the “secret” building.

    Well, at least Israel has grabbed enough of its own hostages now that it can agree to a prisoner swap (we will see if they got the “kidnapper” when we see who Hizbullah insists gets swapped. Think the original three will be on the new list? Or the two from Gaza?) And then we will be back as square one. Israel holds Shebaa (why they don’t just let Lebanon and Syria go to war over it, I’ll never understand. Then we’ll see who Hezbullah stands with.) Hizbulla stays armed in the south. Syria remains marginalized because the US administration has its head up its hindbits.

    See ya in a year for more of the same.

  67. @ Tired:

    First of all, get your facts straight, since you insist on using correct semantics: these are ROCKETS, not MISSILES. For more on the difference, check out an encyclopedia.

    Second, where was this neighbourhood “published” in Israeli news? And what is the name of the building? Hit me with a link, please!

    As for the hostages – you used the right word there – where are they? Why aren’t we seeing them? Is it because they are like Hassan Deeb Nasrallah the grocer and his relatives the brick layers?

  68. Missiles and rockets are interchangable in the general usage. They are both projectiles. Sometimes missile is used to suggest guided missiles, which is, indded, not what is being fired on most of the northern cities. Hezbollah also has weapons that are specifically labeled missiles.

    The building was the old communist party HQ. CNN and others had the article. But all this is old news.

    Will everybody sing on to the damn ceasefire already.

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