Massacre in Chiah

Some hours ago two residential buildings in Chiah were struck. Chiah is pretty close to Beirut, it’s a suburb, but closer to central Beirut than the suburbs that had so far been the focus of Israeli attacks. It’s to the east of Camille Cham’oun Stadium, north of Ghbeire, adjacent to Ain al-Remmene, and south of Furn al-Chebbek. The building collapsed. So far at least 20 bodies have been pulled out, and many more are missing.

Never mind, it was just another one of our photo-op sessions.


34 responses to “Massacre in Chiah

  1. Well, the AIPAC press in America made a big deal of the PMs error this morning about 40 killed, they had to make up for the earlier mistake.

  2. PM’a “error” brohahahaha 🙂 Sorry, I don’t believe your numbers and photos anymore…

  3. I wonder if those folks in Chiah received a warning flyer. The latest body count I heard was 15. I wonder how many of those 15 were the targets of the attack. Oh well, if you live near someone who is a Hezbollah terrorist, you certainly deserve to die (even though many of the smartest of the Hezbollah probably don’t advertise their status).

  4. Well,helen, if that helps you cope with the murderous policy of Israel then go ahead and deny all the images and all the numbers. Denial you know is quite a coping mechanism. Now go join CNN, Faux News (Fox) and NY Times and tell us about all the trauma of the IDF soldiers and how the Israelis are suffering holed up in the shelters. I did not get an adequate dose of AIPAC propaganda today.

  5. Umm just checking but Reuters did admit that the images sent to them by Hajj (I believe, I forget his name) were all either photoshopped or reused at different dates. Then there is the error today… 40 people vs. 1 is a big mistake to make. And there is skepticism about the Qana massacre (which I think actually happened). I think its safe to say that any information coming out of the area (US, Israeli, Arabian, Lebanese etc) should be viewed with skepticism.

    I’m sorry if I don’t share a blind belief in the media. 10 dead in Chiah according to police says ABC news. You say 20 so far Anarchistian and PD says 15. Ugh.

  6. “Never mind, it was just another one of our photo-op sessions.”

    Perhaps not, but the numbers are now suspect.

  7. The civilian deaths remain a tragedy of this war. The Lebanese Government has a peace proposal: The Lebanse government proposals as for:
    – an unconditional ceasefire,
    – a prisoner swap between Israel and Hezbollah,
    – the deployment of regular Lebanese army troops in southern Lebanon,
    – boosting the UN peacekeeping force in the area,
    – demarcation of the definitive borders of Lebanon including the re-incorporation of the Shebaa Farms, Lebanese territory under Israeli occupation,
    – provision by Israel of maps indicating minefields left by the Israelis during their occupation of southern Lebanon(1978-2000).

    I would hope that proposal leads to a prompt ceasefire. It is time to stop fighting a war and begin fighting for a lasting and fair peace. It is time to resolve issue that have resulted in decades of war.

  8. Proposal looks good Roxie… but there is no mention of diarming Hezbollah.

  9. i’m sick of cynics mouthing off about the correction of the death toll from 40 to 1… it’s an absolute miracle that so many people were pulled out alive, from the scale of the destruction, it was quite reasonable to assume there would be far fewer survivors.

    let’s focus on the positive– that these people somehow survived the attack– and be grateful.

  10. Neutral: 1 photo was allegedly doctored, did you see the photo, it was a plume of smoke. Yes the building was bombed, yes there was one plume of smoke, the only doctored part was a second plume.
    That in now way puts into question any of the other images. This is sheer propaganda. Maybe the neutral in your name should be amended.

  11. The only way to disarm Hezbollah is to involve Hezbollah, and Iran and Syria. Hezbollah is able to push back Israli forces. They are a well armed, well managed, dedicated military force. I do not believe it is possible to disarm such an entrenched group using force without destroying Lebanon. Hezbollah is a “terrorist” group or a “resistance” group – depending on which side of the conflict one is on. Hezbollah will most certainly continue to arm and fight if Israel remains in Lebanon. Iran will continue to provide assistance to Hezbollah. The expansion of the war increases.

    To put swift disarming of Hezbollah on the peace table risks civil war in Lebanon, and without Hezbollah’s willingness to disarm, will result in continued war. This is the reality.

  12. RoxieAmerica and Neutralparty:

    The following is one of Siniora’s seven points (d):
    d- The Lebanese government extends its authority over its territory through its own legitimate armed forces, such that there will be no weapons or authority other than that of the Lebanese state as stipulated in the Taef national reconciliation document.

    However, this issue won’t be genuinely dealt with until stage 2.

  13. I spoke with some friends in the north today. They are allowing themselves to be optomistic about the peace plan. It seems that up there “the street” is holding out hope it will be an acceptable compromise fwiw.

    I sure hope something stops this stupidity.

  14. It is my understanding that some consultation with Hezbollah resulted in some agreement to the conditions the Lebanese government proposed — that is a good sign. While Isralies remain cautious, this may be the beginning of a package for peace that may result in significant peace.

  15. I don’t understand why the pro-war types are waving this photoshopped photo around like it is some sort of evidence that there is only Hizballah in Lebanon and no civilians are being killed.

    I’m wondering if these people have even seen the original and the photoshopped pictures next to each other?

    The orignal looks a lot worse than the photoshopped. The only thing that looks any worse in the photoshopped picture is the darker smoke. There are destroyed buildings and areas of smoke that have been taken out of the original.

  16. Stellaa, there’s been more than one photo thats doctored

    1. The plumes of smoke
    2. The F16 firing missiles is actually an F16 dropping ONE flare which was edited to look like it was firing missiles
    3. Certain buildings that were destroyed are shown with a different timestamp and from a different angle and passed off as a different photo.

    So its certainly more than just one and it makes me skeptical of ANY news coming out of the region.

    To RoxieAmerica and PD: If Hezbollah is disarmed and Lebanon takes control of its borders then Saniora’s plan should be accepted. It seems more than fair. The Israeli’s give up the Sheeba (or Cheeba) farms and mine maps in exchange for a secure border. If this is truly the proposal, then we can only hope that it is accepted quickly.

    To Katie: I am, by no means, pro war so maybe this changes my view. I do not view the photoshopped pictures as evidence that only Hezbollah are dying. I use them as evidence to say that ANY news from ANY media should be treated with skepticism. I acknowledge that the majority of casualties in this war are unfortunately civilians.

    See that post for some links where photographs are compared.

    Thanks to RoxieAmerica and PD for the info on the arab proposal.


    Zbiggie Brzezinski on how the neo-con hawks in US and Isreal have, will and are ruining US and Isreali influence in the region.

  18. 1, Why should Hizbolah disarm? To what end? So that Israel can conquer Lebanon easier? Like I have said repeatedly Israel occupied Lebanon for 20 year and did not disarm Hizbolah, why the hurry now? Where is the urgency other than carrying out the Neocon agenda of distablizing the middle east.

    2. Neutralparty Yes two pictures were implicated to quote you: ” images sent to them by Hajj (I believe, I forget his name) were all either photoshopped or reused at different dates.” That is just blantly wrong and you knew that when you posted it. Go to Reuters sitee to verify the two implicated pictures. Not all only two.

    Correction, the majority of casualties were Lebanese civilians.

  19. Stela,
    The reason HA needs to be disarmed is because unless it isn’t Lebanon will be destroyed.
    You seem to be saying two contradictory things at the same time: HA is protecting Lebanon and Israel is destroying Lebanon. How then is HA defending Lebanon? I cannot figure it out. The Lebanese have two options: either disarm HA or Lebanon will be destroyed. Call it Israeli arrogance or any other thing you want, but just as you have opinions so does the Israeli public and that is what we have decided. We think this is in our best long term interest.
    You still have false hopes that the international community will stop Israel but you don’t understand the mood in Israel. Let me say this again one more time: Either HA is disarmed or Lebanon is destroyed. You don’t like either option, I know. But these are the only two options.
    You probably don’t believe me. Just wait another 4 weeks. We won’t kill every HA fighter by then but we will reduce Lebanon to shambles. Lebanon will become a sub-Saharan country. I suggest you make the right choices.

  20. e, Your statement speaks clearly and lays out the Israeli terrorist policies.

    I don’t need to comment, your tone says it all.

  21. Stellaa,
    Completely agree! The tone of that ridiculous comment is just dripping with hate-filled threats. It almost sounds like a personal threat to you, too. “I suggest you make the right choices”…or…”DIE STELLAA” hahahaha.

    Pathetic. Hate-filled. And not a little bit bloodthirsty. And this is the major problem of the area. So many of the more vehement Zionist types are, and have been, blood-thirsty individuals who are quite incapable of even recognizing thier own war crimes. They actually do not even see it. As Kofi Anan just said a few hours ago – it is becomming quite clear that Israel has established a pattern of violation of international human rights laws – in other words – war crimes.

    But, yes, it doesn’t accomplish anything to even get into a “discussion” with this comment. It’s like trying to convince fish that they live in water. They just don’t get it. It’s all they’ve known. (I’m sure I could come up with a better metaphore but we just bought an aquarium and it’s the first thing that came to my mind!).

  22. HRW has said since day 3 or 4 that Hizbullah and Israel appear both to be guilty of war crimes. This is not news.

  23. Neutralparty – the figure in Hula is actually quite valid, as more than 30 people are STILL under the rubble. It’s being assumed that they are all dead. At any rate, a familiar scene in Srifa, so it’s not all that extraoirdinary, unless you’re implying that Israeli weaponry is so accurate that it cannot kill that many people – certainly not civilians. Sure, and the 1000+ civilian deaths is also bullshit. No one is dying in Lebanon. Except the 400 HezbAllah fighters – yeah, that 400 figure being repeated since the 1st week.

  24. but there is no mention of diarming Hezbollah.
    I’ll tell you what – maybe Israel should do that since it’s the one that’s been complaining. So far, 1 month has passed, and Israel – oh, that mighty army of God’s chosen people, that can kill anyone without any moral limitations! – has been unable to do anything. Well, you can have another month I suppose. But that would only mean that HezbAllah rockets will strike DEEPER inside Israel. And Israel will kill more Lebanese civilians. That’s the ONLY thing it can do.

  25. Anarchistian…bravo. I guess Israel is doing as good a job as the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  26. How then is HA defending Lebanon?
    Do you sincerely believe that Israel would’ve remained where it is now if HezbAllah did not exist, or were disarmed? And don’t come up with a “if there were no HezbAllah such a thing would’ve never happened”; we all know what happened in 1982 when there was no HezbAllah. By the same token, why are the Israelis all of a sudden not concerned at all with the issue of Palestinian weapons in Lebanon? Because that’s an “internal issue”? Of course not, because if that is, then so is HezbAllah, since there are armed Palestinian factions in the south. No, I think the reason Israel wants HezbAllah disarmed is that in case of such a tiny “provocation” it can picnic in Lebanon however it wants. We have all seen that Israel has had and continues to have no respect for Lebanese sovereignty. We have all seen its daily violations in the past, despite the fact that they were unprovoked.

  27. #5 : the official figure of the Chiah bombing is 20 dead.

  28. So, are we to believe that this photo provided by the IDF, of an alleged HezbAllah outpost being destroyed, is not photoshopped? Pay particular attention to the pink areas (obviously someone got cute with the clone and brush) and where the unnatural transition from it to the blue of the sky, which is unnaturally darker around the edges than overall.

    Click to see pic

  29. #6: The numbers are now suspect? Oh, I see, but of course, the information provided by the Israelis is “correct” (as always, like they claimed they had captured Bint Jbeil but only hold… Maroun al-Ras)… and of course, the cold-blooded murder of one child is “better” than the cold-blooded murder of 20 children… But then again, only for your own sick purposes – i.e. “proving” that the information is “fake”, rather than reasons of conscience and morality. After all, you and your ilk think that if these civilians support HezbAllah (of course, you refuse to look at the actual reason for such support, because that might just find Israel GUILTY of mass-murder and violations of international law, which would put it on the same level as, if not lower than, HezbAllah), then they deserve what they’re getting. Of course, that is not to say that all the victims were supporters of HezbAllah. Many were not. And not all were Shi’ites either. Actually, HezbAllah isn’t the only one fighting against Israel right at this moment – there are many Communists who have taken up arms and are fighting in the south. Israel has managed to revive the resistance role of an increasingly unpopular militia which would’ve been incorporated into the army soon enough if a good package deal was agreed to, which was being discussed. But as usual, Israel has to ruin it all. You know what? I think Israel loves extremists contrary to the claim that it wants voices of moderation. Or, it’s too stupid to realize (when the whole world has realized it) that its actions are making moderates irrelevant. Israel wanted to strengthen HezbAllah’s domestic standing in Lebanon; it did so intentionally. It did so for many reasons, chief among them, the destruction of Lebanon, which it has achieved to a very great extent, and years of instability and (“hopefully”, from Israel’s perspective) sectarian strife. The Israeli problem is mostly – in my opinion – domestic. It stems from years of incitement against Arabs taught in schools, from turning racist, land-expropriating settler politics into tales of legendary heroism, from the impotency of government after government in Israel at facing the conditions that previous governments have created, from the cowardice of its leadership to face the challenges and constraints of public opinion, from the stupidity and pure thirst for blood and expansionism of some of its leaders, and let’s not forget, from Israel’s water needs. Israel CANNOT survive without the waters of the Litani. THAT is a fact.

  30. Israel left Lebanon in 2000 hoping never to return. HA forced us back in. It is clear to all Israelis that it is a proxy of Iran that wants to destroy Israel. We are not threatning Lebanon. We are telling you as it is. It will be more difficult for Iran to build a forward base near our border if Lebanon’s infrastructure is destroyed. You want to keep ignoring this fact, fine with me. At this stage, HA is not defending Lebanon. Just look at the results on the ground. How can you keep denying reality? You rationalize by thinking Israel wants to take Lebanese land, but this is not so. Since we can’t convince you of this, I guess the war will go on until HA is disarmed whatever the consequences for Lebanon.

  31. Israel left Lebanon in 2000 hoping never to return.
    Israel left Lebanon in 2000 with a humiliated ego. And we all know what happens when Israel’s ego is humiliated. Its response to the issue of providing the minefield maps – a clear violation of international law – is one case in point. Its readiness to put into practice its long-drawn plans for the destruction of Lebanon (you just can’t claim to have “good intentions” when you constantly send drones, a clear violation of the ceasefire, throughout the neighbouring country to take pictures of key infrastructure) is another case in point.

    It will be more difficult for Iran to build a forward base near our border if Lebanon’s infrastructure is destroyed.
    Ohhh, so what is your suggestion – turn Lebanon into a no-man’s land (or prevent the Lebanese from rebuilding it), so that you can sleep well knowing that there won’t be any possibility (as opposed to real threat) that Iran would “advance” to your border? Yea, that makes sense! And then you claim you want peace?

    HezbAllah will not and cannot be disarmed. If the past month is any indication. But of course, you can’t see beyond your ego.

  32. If Hizubllah will not and can not be disarmed, don’t bother repairing any of the buildings or bridges as we will just go through thtis all again in a year or 18 months.

    Hizbullah, as a resistance or terror movement only has relevance if there is something to resist or terrorize. If Hizbullah maintains arms that is because it feels the need to use them. If Hizbullah is part of the Lebanese government, it would not need arms. It would have the Lebanese army as its arms.

    So you are probably right. Hizbullah will likely not disarm.. And Lebanon and Israel will be murdering each other again all too soon.

  33. E:

    The question that I have is why, if Israel is such a good and friendly neighbor, did they have such a sophisticated plan of destruction in place for Lebanon(and it is clear they did) which they have carried out over the last four weeks? The disproportionateness of the Israeli response to the seizing of the two Israeli soldiers (with the deaths that accompanied it) and the failure to use established diplomatic means is, from my standpoint, mind-boggling.

    Given the other territorial issues involved Israel and its Arab neighbors, the failure to understand Anarchistan’s issues seems to be short-sighted. If Israel is allowed to level much of southern Lebanon to “protect” itself, there is likely to be hell to pay in the long run. The large rocket attacks from hezbollah, of course, came only after Israel’s initial forays. It is my understanding that only one rocket was launched from Lebanon into Israel in the July days before July 13th–and that was on July 12th, presumably as a diversionary measure relating to the seizing of the

    The point you make is precisely why the Lebanese government cannot allow business as usual with Hezbollah–and why the suggestion that they will only be concerned with short-term fixes is nonsense. Without some durable commitment (in the form of at least neutralizing Hezbollah) the inflow of capital necessary to rebuild Lebanon will not be forthcoming. But if developments ensue such that Hezbollah has no genuine stake in the rebuilding of Lebanon, then all bets are off. It would seem to me that the more successful external forces (such as Israel) are in destroying Hezbollah, the less likely Hezbollah is to have a stake and the more likely Lebanon will go down the tubes. Already the devastation to the civilian Shia population has been devastating. The key, as you suggest–consistent with Siniora’ commitment, is to try to re-define the situation with

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