Izzy and Leb

izzy-and-leb-1.jpg izzy-and-leb-2.jpg izzy-and-leb-3.gif izzy-and-leb-4.gif
Source: Unknown


3 responses to “Izzy and Leb

  1. Justin Thinking

    Good cartoon. Of course, we aren’t talking about marbles being exchanged, we’re talking about people. And there’s more history to it than a fight long ago resulting in the holding of marbles. A thousand cuts…?

  2. Well, yes, obviously, but the cartoon aims at showing the reaction – or rather, lack thereof – of the international community (the three kids standing there and not showing any interest) and the “reaction” of the teacher (U.S, UK, France, etc., who have made statement after statement disgustingly supportive of Israel)…

  3. good cartoon. it simplifies what the conflict is all about away from all the complexities and the distractions that are around. where did u get it from?

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