Olmert: Total War


Original graphic: Activision’s Rome: Total War (awesome game; did I tell you I occupied Jerusalem AND Damascus just a few months ago?)

Above graphic: Photoshopped from original by Anarchistian

Software used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Comment: Olmert has sure earned his place next to the lunatic imperialists of the good old Roman empire.

Necessary additions: A couple of cameramen on the HezbAllah payroll (to do photo-ops), frozen bodies of babies (to be used in each photo-op), etc.

Price: 1000+ dead civilians.


19 responses to “Olmert: Total War

  1. Excellent work. Ya got skillz, guy. Reuters might ask some questions, though. Just promise to remove some of the smoke and it should be OK.

  2. Thanks.. 😀

    Ah, well no, it’s not necessary to remove the smoke… I mean, who would even bother asking about the smoke when the question to be asked is: “there is a war???” (hence any pics of dead babies is merely from a staged photo shooting session).

    The one I posted at first was the wrong (unfinished) version with a black area in the upper-left corner. If you checked it only now you might’ve seen the updated version; if not, just hit refresh. 🙂

  3. I was thinking of a subtitle for the movie: “The World is Not Enough!”

  4. How do I post a jpg?

  5. The Israli Cabinet has voted. It appears they want 30 days more of war. It appears that peace has lost in the short-term. It appears the chances of expansion of the war have increased. This is a sad for peace. This is a good day for war. What does tell us about the world we live in? The whole of United Nations could not agree on a peace plan. Is it time to give up on the United Nations as an antique covered in so much rust that it not capable of working as it should?

  6. Chris – you mean in the comments section? Do you have it uploaded some place? Because commenters can’t upload files. So if you’ve uploaded it on some image sharing website, you can share the link, because you can’t use image tags in comments if I’m not mistaken. Let me know if that’s what you meant…

  7. Well i thought you might like to know the zionist left have finally turned against the war.Too late now to stop the push up too the litani of course but now its something and after the death toll goes up with the soldiers more will turn against it

  8. Olmert Neroboy!!!

    Now please make one of Bush as the Great Crusader, with the various neocons in the background.

    Interesting how the great might of the US and Israel was exposed by Iraq and Lebanon. They cannot continue bombing, they cannot fight the insurgencies and they have no method to win. They get into it and then they get in a quagmire. Amazing how in a short time they both proved to be unable to definitively win. So much for braggards who think military might is a guarrantee of a decisive victory. There is nothing decisive.

  9. Anarchistian,
    Yes, that’s just what I meant. I added to your work a catch phrase at the bottom: “Let ’em eat matzoh balls!”

  10. Anarchistian & Stellaa,
    I’ve made my humble contribution to the photoshopped, movie poster world. You can find it here. Hope you like it.

  11. Hi Anarchistian. It’s 4.46pm Sydney time, which would make it 9.46am Beirut time, Thursday. I’m finding all sorts of conflicting reports on the news service sites: some say that Israel has “taken” Marja3youn, others that Israel’s holding out on a “full scale invasion” for 3 days to give US “diplomacy” a chance. No confirmation of anything aside from the pig flying past my window. Do you know?

  12. Hey Anarchistian,

    I want to give you mad “props” for all the time you’ve put into this blog. Awesome job! Please add my blogs link to your website: http://islamicgeopolitik.blogspot.com/


  13. hahaha… nice one Chris!! Awesome!

    Memo – no, there is no report here of Israel having takn Marja3youn. There is, however, heavy fighting in the area – i.e. the eastern side.

  14. Haha.. hilarious. Olmert looks like a toothless idiot.

    Nice Chris. I’m just angry that you put Bush in the Gladiator’s costume. It’s an insult to Maximus (aka Russell Crowe), who was the good guy.

    Hey Anarchistian… quick question. Has the fighting/bombing slowed down? Or is Israel merely restraining the ‘total war’ portion of their attack till the weekend as Yahoo! reports? Or is the entire restraint part media driven bs? If it is… I’ll have to take down my post.

    If it isn’t too much trouble, can you link to my blog? If you don’t, I won’t take offense since I’ve just started mine up this month and all. http://neutralparty.wordpress.com

  15. Hey Neutralparty,

    No, the bombing has not slowed down… Yesterday I was on the balcony watching the city with a pair of binoculars, and saw Israeli jets throwing leaflets all over Beirut (some fell into the sea), including the “Cite Sportif” (the Camille Cham’oun Stadium and surroundings), Chiah, and other areas. An hour later I could see huge plumes of smoke rising from the suburbs of Beirut… Today, leaflets were dropped again on a number of suburbs of Beirut (at least 3), including Chiah (the site of a massacre in which at least 50 people were killed in the bombing of a residential building), Hayy el Selloum (site of the notorious gas protests during which many people were shot and killed by the Lebanese army), and Borj al-Barajneh (the Palestinian refugee camp) demanding that they be evactuated entirely… From what I can see, there is a clear attempt to involve the Palestinians in this conflict (as can also be seen in the targeting of the Ain el-Helweh refugee camp yesterday). The Palestinians have NOTHING to do – even remotely – with this conflict. They are totally on the sidelines, just watching the developments. And yet their camps were targeted on more than one occassion, and now they are told that they should evacuate Borj al-Barajneh… The Israeli objectives seem to be a repeat of 1993 (see the excerpt I posted from Noam Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle).

    The reports of the so-called restraint are BS. For example, only today there were continuous raids on Tyre, Kawthariyat al-Riz, Adloun, Kfarhouna, Ansar, Shabriha, Yater, Sarbine, Harees, Al-Ansariya, Baalbak (right in front of a hospital), Ma’arake, Jannata, Kfarman, Kfarhamam, Drdaghiya, Shehour, Srifa, Deir Qanoun al-Nahr, and Ma’aroub, in addition to other locations.

    Leaflets were also dropped in north Lebanon, threatening that any truck on the roads after 8 pm will be bombed.

    I don’t mind linking to your blog.

  16. Thanks for your link Anarchistian. And thanks for the info. To be quite honest, I trust your information more than anything the media is throwing at me (especially in US). Looks like I’ll have to edit my post with a big disclaimer.

    Thanks a lot for the information. Hope you’re well.

  17. It appears a UN Draft Resolution may be ready for a vote on Friday, so the guns may begin to fall silent soon.

  18. Roxie – I doubt the guns will be falling silent any time soon. The U.S, UK, France, may think that they can taylor a resolution, but such a resolution, exactly because it ignores the grievances of the Lebanese side, will be pointless, and definitely not accepted, especially after so much damage. The Lebanese will never accept such a humiliating resolution (even with some minor changes to the original) after having given up so much. The Lebanese don’t have much else to lose except their lives. If the Leb. government accepts such a resolution that pays no attention to the points IT put forth, it will surely FALL in a matter of days if not hours.

  19. I doubt Omert will survive the peace long either. His stupid,
    self-defeating strategy will please neither doves nor hawks.

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