George Galloway

I just finished watching an interview with George Galloway on Sky News… You’ve probably seen it on other blogs, but if not, do watch it, it’s pretty good – no, it’s DAMN GOOD. Gotta love his guts. Poor Ms. Botting will be remembering that day for a very, very long time.


14 responses to “George Galloway

  1. I saw it a couple of days ago. I think he said all the things that all of us scream at the idiot box when we turn it on. He got the chance to say it to them in person and we got the pleasure to see it. Now, Anderson Cooper is next.

  2. Oops, speaking of videos…watch this one…

  3. Does anyone know if it (the Galloway interview) is available somewhere on the web? I don’t always agree with him (or some of his personal decisions), but, like Stellaa says, he can articulate all the things we sream at the idiot box (I like that Stellaa).

  4. Ben – what do you mean? You mean if it’s available for download? Or the transcript? I am not sure.

  5. The direct link from Sky News is:,,galloway_060806-31200-bb,00.asx

  6. Thanks! I meant download. Perfect!

  7. I think it’s live streaming though, so I don’t think you can download it by regular means. You have to do it some other way (it’s possible but it requires a lot of explaining).

  8. Actually, I just wanted to watch it so the link above is perfect. I don’t think I’ll worry about video captures for now. I’ll let someone else do that. Hopefully someone out there caught it live and can put out a good quality version. I’d like to play this for my students…

  9. this man has balls to tell the truth

  10. Galloway is so brilliant because he can make an informed argument in the blustry style of right-wing news-speak. The problem is that there are not enough like him in the US or UK.

  11. I have a news for your hero.,,2-2006370177,00.html

  12. Ah, um, so, Galloway met with “suspect”, but Rumsfeld met with… Saddam. Umm.. How about some “news” for YOU?

  13. I have a news for your hero.
    1 – I doubt it’s news for him.
    2 – So what?
    3 – You have to go to the Murdoch owned, tabliod-with-titties The Sun for this??
    4 – Whose hero?

    Anarchistan, are you thinking of that line Galloway used with the Senate hearing committee? Something along the lines of “I met with Saddam two times and on both occassion the purpose of the meeting was for peace. But your own Donald Rumsfeld [roll that r] met with Saddam on a number of occassions, each time to sell him arms.”

  14. Ben – yes indeed! Needless to say, Galloway was one of the founding members of Committee Against Repression and for Democratic Rights in Iraq, and also initiated a campaign against sanctions on Iraq. Whereas Rumsfeld was busy supplying Saddam with chemical weapons.

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