Israeli Denial

superdvora.jpg A small Israeli ship carrying 12 navy personnel was struck some distance away from the shores of Tyre. It’s on fire. Israel denies it. LBC live coverage has shown the ship and the smoke rising from it. This is the third time Israel has denied the claim that its ships were struck. The first time it denied, Lebanese stations produced footage of the hit. The second time it denied, witnesses and Lebanese police confirmed it, but no TV footage was available, the third time it denied, Lebanese stations produced footage of the hit. I will let you be the judge.

Israel will respond by bombing … the destroyed runways of Beirut Int’l Airport … or some residential buildings in the southern suburbs of Beirut or Chiah or Borj al-Barajneh … or an old lighthouse … or fish-breeding pools in Baalbak…

Update @ 6:50 pm: I’ve added a frame captured from LBC Europe (source). But don’t you believe it, because we actually doctor our live broadcasts before sending them out to Europe, etc.


14 responses to “Israeli Denial

  1. Is there a working URL for LBC TV live feed?

  2. I believe they do have live broadcast, but it requires paid membership (not sure how good it is, haven’t tried it)…

    They do have LBC satellite edition, but I don’t think they offer live coverage of the events in Lebanon, though I’m sure they do have news broadcasts at specific times…

    Here’s the satellite parameter info:

    The ship/boat struck was of the Super Dvora type. You can check out some pictures of it here (no pics of the struck ship yet, sorry.. my digicam batteries have died, so I couldn’t capture a shot from TV):

    And the specifications:

  3. Roxie – just added the pic; posted by AFP, but taken from LBC TV.

  4. On the disputed Shebaa Farms border area, the draft asks U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to draw up proposals that would demarcate Lebanon’s border with Israel and Syria.

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  6. Anarchistan, you can answer this: is there a such thing as ‘Hezbollah TV’? And if so, are they the ones reporting this? I ask because I’m guessing an AP source is saying that ‘Hezbollah TV’ is claiming to have destroyed an Israeli gunboat. Here’s a Link to one version, There are actually hundreds of the same.
    It seems like a (not so) subtle form of disinformative reporting from here…

  7. No, actually, HezbAllah TV is called Al-Manar. HezbAllah has released a statement saying that it hit the boat, but the reporting on the hit is not restricted to HezbAllah’s TV…. In fact, LBC station (the one that the frame is grabbed from) is pretty much anti-HezbAllah, and has a pro-Lebanese Forces (ex-Israeli proxy militia, currently part of the “March 14” coalition that wanted to disarm HezbAllah) leaning…

  8. Israeli drone strike on convoy kills 7

    An Israeli drone fired at a convoy of refugees fleeing southern Lebanon on Friday night, killing at least seven people and wounding 22, an Associated Press photographer said. The Israeli military said it was investigating the incident.

    Those were the people who were fleeing Marjayoun (with a significant Christian population too – on any other day I would not even have mentioned this, but I will, to show that Israeli aggression is not restricted to Muslims or Shi’ites but to all the Lebanese..), and they were part of a convoy led by the UN…

  9. Too add to the stupidity, UN spokesman said the convey was cleared
    to leave Marjayoun by IDF, but IDF spokeman knew of know convoy
    with clearance.

    And do they really think that Hezbullah, who launches missiles and zip off on scooters, were travelling in a 100+ car convoy.

    It’s absurd.

  10. In my opinion, it’s something other than absurd. I think it’s bloodlust. I believe that Olmert can see the impending pressure from the US to stop this – at some point – and he and so many others simply want to turn as much of Lebanon into a wasteland as possible before that happens. A final orgasm of “cleansing”.

    I finally watched the Galloway clip from Sky TV. Awesome. It’s so refreshing to hear someone who simply makes sense. Someone who hasn’t yet been sucked into the whirlpool of Orwellian thinking. Fantastic. I’d like to meet the guy.

  11. Reflecting on Galloway’s comments, I’ve been trying to figure out just why it is that countries like the US, the UK, and others, and their news media see this in, what I consider to be, a “black is white” way. Israel has proven itself, from the start, to be a terrorist nation, and yet, many of the western powers are convinced it is righteous and just. The power of facts seems to mean little to nothing.

    Maybe it’s what happened to the Jews (and so many gypsys and others) in WWII. If those events did not happen, do you suppose that so many western powers would be treating Israel like the son who can do no wrong – while remaining willfully blind to the terrorism and war crimes he commits?

  12. Chris, “black and white” is what fuels the media machine and the people that are in leadership in the US, meaning the Bushies. The media frames everything in this simple “good and bad”, ” us and them” so that they can keep their viewers, the politicians do the same so that they can keep people in a state of fear. What is scary is that we have a populace that is in a state of fear, a fear that is fed by the media giants: CNN, Fox etc. Deadly formula. There is no room or time for people to listen to complexity and or gray areas. There is no place to frame issues outside the black and white framework. In the meantime, you get Lebanon and Iraq. Unjust wars that are brutal and result in losing sight of complex issues and gray areas. Just keeping it simple black and white obstructs peace negotiations or diplomacy. What is amazing is that the so called Democracy, the US right now is feeling more like Nasser’s Egypt, something I grew up in. No opposition and if you speak you are branded and are in fear of being persecuted.

    This is the Democracy they want to export. God help us.

  13. Stella,
    Yes, complexity and a long story do not mix well with the “news”. As you say, all they really want are nice little sounds bights packaged in simple to understand, black and white terms…the dumbing down of America (and many others, I’m afraid). It’s impossible to have a conversation with people who get their news only from CNN or FOX. All they do, really, is mouth what they heard on TV. Scary.

    What I really meant was this “black is white” mentality – the “war is peace” quote from Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984. It is just so plainly obvious that Israel is a terrortist state, and has been from the beginning. Just a short look at the facts, the number of body bags on each side, how the borders have shifted, on and on and on, make it…obvious.

    What I really don’t understand is how something as obvious as this is simply and completely not understood by some – worse than not understood; the exact opposite is believed to be true – Israel is a holy state that can do no wrong and is surrounded by bloodthirsty Arabs with daggers between their teeth.

    It’s the mentality that actually believes that sending 6,000 artillery shells into Gaza in a two and a half month period is OK, is not “newsworthy”, and is, in fact, a good thing to do, while kidnapping one IDF soldier is an outrageous provocation that makes the lead story on “news”.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how people got to this point of actually believing in thier bones that Israel is the poor, beleaguered (sp?), downtrodden ones constantly being provoked by the neighbors. How does one ever actually believe that?

    I wish you luck in the oh-so-politically-correct America of the 21st century. Although American, I’ve been living as an expatriate in a country far far away – and have been for many years. Do know, though, that I have friends in the US who know that Bush stole the election, twice, right out from under the people’s noses, who have many disturbing (and unanswered questions) about 9/11 (30% of Americans now do not know what year 9/11 happened in!), and who feel exactly as we do about Israel. They actually get it. My guess is that there are many many more who feel the same way but are kind of hunkered down, a bit scared to speak their minds.

  14. I am interested what the disturbing questions about 9/11 are however? Surely you are not one of the Palestians that danced in the streets at the news, or the Pakistanis who believe Israel did it?

    I despise Mr. Bush as much as the next person, but one has to live for a moment in reality. Islamic Jihadists exist. They just do. Not every Muslim is an Islamic Jihadist. Not every Islamic Jihadist has the same goals, or even definition of Jihad, but they do exist and some will attack American interests as long as there are troops on Saudi soil (Bin Laden’s primary motivation, for instance) some will attack anyone who they believe stands in the way of a new Caliphate, some have much more specific aims. But if you are one of those that believe every attack is a Mossad operation and that all Muslims simply want to live in peace, if only Israel would withdraw to the 67 line, you are simply out of your mind.

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