IAF Helicopter Downed

Well this is increasingly becoming a USA in Iraq II. I believe the right word for it is quagmire. I mentioned it at the beginning of this “crisis”, but my Israeli and pro-Israeli commenters were quit to proudly dismiss it. We’ve been watching scene after scene of destroyed Israeli Merkava tanks – today’s count stands at more than 21. To add insult to injury, an IAF helicopter was downed an hour ago by a new surface-to-air missile, which HezbAllah has given the name “Wa’ad” (Vow). Fighting still raging at Aita al-Sha’ab, Houla, Markaba, Addaisseh, Kfar Kila, Taibe, and many other locations right on the border. Some “landing” operations near the Litani were reported (what the media misleadingly refered to as “Israel has reached the Litani”), but other than that, Israel is still fighting for control of border towns…

Sorry I haven’t been able to produce the translation of Nasrallah’s speech from 2 days ago. He already made a new speech today, so I’m thinking the old one has become irrelevant; I will continue to translate it at my own pace and post it later on for those who might still be interested… I also realize I haven’t been posting much these past few days; it’s just that I haven’t been feeling too well, so bear with me.


8 responses to “IAF Helicopter Downed

  1. What do you make of Nashrallah accepting the cease fire?

    While release of the soldiers is not an “absolute” condition, do you think they will be freed?

    I’m guessing that with Hezbullah holding the right to fire rockets
    and missiles until the IDF withdraws and with Israel holding the
    right to “self defense” actions, the cease fire will be difficult to hold – not to mention the difficulty of finding a “robust” UNIF force.

    I still think this is just a first battle and neither Hezbullah nor Isreal are going to be satisfied with the outcome.

    I give it a year to the next war.

  2. Anacrhstian, what is most amazing is that no lessons learned from the American quagmire. Does hubris come to mind?

  3. America has not learned because America is making Middle East policy based on false-beliefs. The Bush Administration’s “you are for us, or you are against us,” and “evil people” limit options available when classed with the decades old, “we do not negotiate with terrorists.” The result in not foreign policy, but polarization. This should not come as a big suprise because the Bush Administration has even polarized American’s at home. Based on such false-belief systems, it is simply not possible to look at and deal with the real underlying issues.

    The Bush Administration’s “war on terror” is an idiot’s war. The war actions have contributed in expanding terrorism, not reducing terrorism. It’s success is that like the success of the “war on drugs” at home in America. The Bush Administration talked about winning the hearts and minds of Iraqi’s – which based on the civil unrest and violence raging in Iraq has been a complete failure.

    Professing himself to be a wise compassionate conservative, President Bush has succeeded in simply becoming a fool in the eyes of the world. His destruction of “evil” has not resolved any of the problems that existed when he took office. World leaders see American foreign policy as schizophrenic, or at best, bi-polar. Zionism is expanding, Islamic fundamentalism is expanding and Christian fundamentalism is expanding, but there does not appear to be any common thread that will permit these groups to share the same planet when one considers other groups as evil.

    There is no “NEW” Middle East, just a new era in the Middle East, whereby super-powers have less domination of Middle East issues. The sooner that reality is accepted the sooner rational solutions may be found for problems that began decades ago in part due to the super-power control in the region.

  4. NEWS: WASHINGTON – Thousands of people gathered across from the White House on Saturday, even though the president was out of town, to condemn U.S. and Israeli policies in the Middle East.

  5. Condemning the attacks is good, it is a duty if we have a sense of decency. However this is not enough.
    A country or a nation will never progress thanks to the pitty of others. We need to work hard, we need to condemn those who acted wrong in the Arab world and we need to change our political system to represent the arab youth. I am lebanese and I know that progress in my country is hampered by the “feudalistic” structure. Mr. X can change 180 degrees without much fear on his political base. I am mentionning this cause these days we are all pleading for the west but if we have learned our lesson, it is time for self critic… Time for the wind of change that has been knocking so long, and which scares Oh so much most of our “leaders”…THANK YOU for the opportunity JD from the new blog –> http://dagher101.blogspot.com/

  6. I agree with you JD. Lebanon’s problem is that it is reliant on the outside world too much. As such, even the smallest thing triggers widespread appeals from different sectors of the population (along with their “leaders”) to what they each perceive as their “protectors”… Had such a logic not been prevalent, Lebanon would have prospered beyond anyone’s expectations.

  7. GET WELL SOON Anarchistian 🙂

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