Breaking News for Olmert

Nasrallah’s latest speech was interesting to say the least. The most important component was the question of what will happen to all those who have lost their houses throughout the country; he said that repair and rebuilding will begin as of tomorrow, and he called on Lebanese youth to volunteer to take part in the rebuilding, which will be totally funded by HezbAllah. He also said that while the rebuilding goes on, HezbAllah will pay the rent of one year for ALL those who have lost their homes, and also give money for people to buy furniture; once the rebuilding is finished, renovated/rebuilt housing units will be distributed to all those who lost them.

Residents have already been rushing to their homes to check up on the damage. Rescue workers have started to clear the rubble especially in the southern suburbs of Beirut and residents in various parts of the country have been cleaning up the streets.

I was watching Al-Jazeera a few hours ago, and the reporter was about to interview a politician who had gone down to the southern suburbs of Beirut, when a woman burst out of the crowd and started talking. She was not a HezbAllah member or supporter in the past, but today she was holding a picture of Hassan Nasrallah, and she said that today we are all HezbAllah supporters; she said that she lived some distance away and that the apartments near her house had been destroyed, but not her house, but that she had grown up there, in the southern suburbs of Beirut, and knew all its streets by heart. She accused Bush and Rice of being the terrorists. Well, she said a lot of things and my brief summary and paraphrasing won’t do it any justice, but damn, she had better oratory skills than all the Lebanese politicians combined…!

So, are we to believe that HezbAllah was defeated? Or that its position is any weaker than it was pre-July 12? Olmert insists this is so. Well then, here’s some breaking news for Olmert…


11 responses to “Breaking News for Olmert

  1. This is awesome…just as chimpboy Bush declares Hizbolah defeat.

  2. This is one of the big problems for the US and Israel – and even
    even the Lebanese. There is simply no organized counter weight for
    Hezbullah. Even if they don’t have majority support (and who knows – now htey might) with their organization and energy – which very much resembles communist revolutionary movements (and I don’t mean that pejoratively –
    it is/was something that communist revolutionary/resistance movements
    have been very good at historically: discipline, political, military
    and social outreach simultaneously etc.) – they are the strongest
    single player on the scene. It will be impossible for
    Lebanon to do anything without Hezbullah tacit support at the moment.

    As brutal as this battle was for both sides, it was really strategically
    stupid for Isreal. Olmert won’t survive it. Ironically, if Sharon
    had not been in hospital it might never have played out this way.

  3. Yeah, what is this nonsense about Hebollah suffering a defeat? Just read about Bush’s comments–we all know he’s an ass–he’s saying that it was a defeat because now an international peacekeeping force will be sent to southern Lebanon. As if anyone needed any evidence that this man and his henchmen are totally unaware of the word ‘consequences.’ In fact, it may be that they’ve decided there is no such thing as causation… sigh.
    Well, I’m glad that Lebanon is not being bombed, whatever idioticies come out of our politicians. I guess the question now is what can we outside of Lebanon do to help rebuilding? I’d hate to leave it all to Hezbollah.
    Anarchistan, do you know of any anarchist or communist groups that will be involved in the rebuilding?

  4. So, Iran will rebuild Lebanon – or where does Hizbollah get the money

  5. Top Secret Israeli Checklist Now Revealed!

  6. Ben – I am not aware of any anarchist group in Lebanon! There are individuals but there is no organized anarchist scene here… there are communists, but the communism of most of them would be doubted by people like me (anyway I am not a huge fan of communism…), but I am sure many will volunteer in the rebuilding process, as many have also volunteered in fighting alongside HezbAllah.

  7. Yes, where does HezbAllah get its money? I want to know because I would like to send them a thank-you note. Any organization that funds a group which resists the terror policies of Israel, rebuilds homes, and runs clinics, schools, and hospitals is OK with me. Don’t really see a problem here!

    PS: Anarchistian, your note on Netanyahu’s comment about frothing at the mouth for another war is not surprising. He is the barbarian who referred to Arabs, in general, as “cockroaches” in a speech given in New York City some years ago. I know. I heard the speech. The man is more Australopithecene than Home sapien.

  8. where does Hizbollah get the money?

    Well not from the Iranian government or principally from Iran, it seems.

    Anarchistian: was the LCP officially involved in the resistance alongside Hizbollah? What’s the relationship? If I’m not mistaken, back in the day, Hizbollah wasn’t particularly nice to them – or so I’m told…

  9. Well, I can’t say if the LCP OFFICIALLY did participate alongside HezbAllah, but members of the LCP did fight in the south… According to official LCP sources, 7 members of the party were killed in the fighting.

    As for HezbAllah’s money sources: HezbAllah has huge investments and also does fundraising… And contrary to what Western media parrot, it’s not true that HezbAllah is merely a puppet of Iran/Syria. HezbAllah is pretty much independent of both.

  10. It amazes me how Hezbollah have steered this war and gained grass root support in the whole Arab world. Israel’s rational for a full-scale offensive was that if you hurt the Lebanese, they will take their anger on Hezbollah, it miserably back fired. Today, Hezbollah is seen as the liberating hero in Lebanon.

    How about the “New Middle East”, the only thing new is a stronger, more confident Hezbollah and Syria.

    Syria has already hailed this as a victory, lets see what the other leaders say.

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