Stealing permissible for most moral army in the world

From Ha’aretz:

“If our fighters deep in Lebanese territory are left without food our water, I believe they can break into local Lebanese stores to solve that problem,” Brigadier General Avi Mizrahi, the head of the Israel Defense Forces logistics branch, said Monday.

Mizrahi’s comments followed complaints by IDF soldiers regarding the lack of food on the front lines.

“If what they need to do is take water from the stores, they can take,” Mizrahi told Army Radio.

According to Mizrahi, the logistics branch is prepared for the possibility that combat soldiers will have to remain in Lebanon during the winter.

I won’t be commenting on this one!


8 responses to “Stealing permissible for most moral army in the world

  1. Whereas most other armies pilfer without asking questions first. Thank you for reminding everyone just what army is the most moral in the world.

  2. Yup, “asking questions” indeed! What question is that?

  3. I was stunned and amazed to see Anarchistian posting “doctored” images on the blog. If you want to see the “correct” one (issued by the propaganda, er…public relations wing of the IDF), go here.

  4. Solomon2,
    Huh? I feel so sorry for you. You’ve swallowed every bit of propaganda fed to you. Poor you. You need to get out more a read a bit. “Reality”, what a concept!

  5. hahahaha Chris! Nice one!

  6. Hopefully, the Israeli terror machine is beginning wind down. Unfortunately, this is just the start. The White House knew well in advance of Israel’s invasion plans and how Israel was just looking for any excuse to gas up the tanks.

    This, I believe, is just a “dry run”. A year, year and a half from now, it will be Iran’s turn. Bush’s and Cheney’s secret foreign policy is beginning to unfold. This is just the start.

  7. Umm, well, actually… the ceasefire might not even hold… already Israel has been trying to heat up things AGAIN just as they have begun to wind down…. Did you hear what Natanyahu said? That there will be another war because the government’s “just demands” weren’t met… I believe him. But I find it ironic that such war-loving talk is coming out of an allegedly peace-loving country just as the guns have fallen silent. This whole “war” has proven that HezbAllah is the more disciplined side. As for Israel’s claims of victory, they are completely, utterly childish. What did Israel achieve? Isn’t Israel going to sit at the negotiations table? OK, let’s forget about those 2 soldiers… what did Israel achieve? Nothing other than 1200+ civilian deaths in Lebanon, total destruction throughout the country, collective punishment, further weakening of an already weak government, strengthening of HezbAllah, and wiping out whatever image of SANITY that the IDF and Israel’s leadership actually enjoyed pre-July 12. If this is a victory, I don’t know what a loss would look like….

    As for Israel’s claims that it has reached the Litani – RUBBISH! We have been seeing live coverage of the Litani river bank along the entire length of the river, we’ve seen pictures, and no Israeli soldier or tank is in sight. Also, a while ago a reporter from ANB (Arabic News Broadcast) conducted a live interview with a HezbAllah fighter inside AITA AL-SHA’AB (right on the border with Israel)… so much for Israel’s “victory”….

    The Lebanese are flocking back to their homes despite warnings by the IDF not to do so. The Lebanese simply don’t care what the IDF says! The IDF is in no position to dictate to the Lebanese!! But in IDF’s twisted perspective of the world, it controls the entire area south of the Litani…. Keep dreaming!

    Already rescue and clean-up workers have begun to clean up the rubble and remove the rotting corpses underneath. Let’s hope the Israelis wouldn’t decide to go on another killing spree.

  8. Just to inform people (not to justify what Israel has done in Lebanon) that article published in in Haaretz was retracted the next day, turns out Avi Mizrahi didn’t say that at all… Haaretz apologised.

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