Instigator? Who?

At 4:30 am today, I woke up to Israeli jets flying low over us; it continued for at least 10 minutes. This also happened a few days ago. In fact, this has been a daily occurence for the past 6 years (well, I’m being generous by starting the count at 2000). Not just that, but last night an aerial bombardment of Ba’albak was reported, but this was denied by the IAF. This morning, Lebanese security sources confirmed that an Israeli commando raid targeted Ba’albak. So, will the so-called neutral people out there, who continuously bashed HezbAllah for instigating this whole “crisis” (which continues – don’t be fooled by the so-called civilian aircraft that landed the other day, the aerial and naval sieges continue), now point fingers at Israel (or will they simply dismiss it saying that “it was out of necessity, to prevent the ‘terrorists’ from getting weapons from Syria” – so let me guess, Israel now has the right to land at any time in Lebanon based on its own perceptions that the Lebanese army isn’t doing a good job at stopping arms shipments?)? And will the people who said “never mind that the reaction was disproportionate, the important thing is that HezbAllah was the instigator!” say the same about Israel? And will they not whine when HezbAllah unleashes a rain of rockets on the suburbs of Tel Aviv in response to this? Or does Israel get a different set of standards because it is a “state actor”? Let’s see the criticisms of Israel by the same “neutral” observers.

Of course, the UN will equate the post-ceasefire commando raid and the violations of Lebanese airspace to yesterday’s “violation of the Blue Line on the ground in Shebaa area”. What is this violation all about? The (anti-Semitic) UN elaborates more on this than on the Israeli aircraft violations in its August 18 press release: “Yesterday, two Lebanese shepherds and approx. 100 sheep crossed the Blue Line towards Israel. Such incidents can endanger very fragile and tense situation.” Awesome. I can’t wait for the August 19 press release.

I was meaning to write a response entry to some of my readers who have questioned my “pro-HezbAllah” stance and have wondered why I am not critical of the party like the supporters of the (so-called) “democracy movement” (i.e. cedar revolution), who allegedly make up the majority of the Lebanese, are. Well, I still intend to write a response; only that I can’t find the time to do so. Hopefully soon.

Update @ 8:50 pm: It is confirmed. The Israelis tried to pass off their commandos as Lebanese army soldiers. Upon talking to them, HezbAllah fighters noticed a Palestinian accent, and opened fire. Now we know why so much emphasis was placed on the Lebanese army, which is technically unable to defend Lebanon from Israeli aggression or to even act as Israel’s “border guard”. Speaking of which, Israel’s rejection of Malaysian troops as part of the UNIFIL was met by a statement from Lahoud in which he insisted that no troops should be accepted from countries that have military ties to Israel. The troops will be, after all, on LEBANESE rather than Israeli territory.

It’s raining here just as I write this update. Refreshing.


24 responses to “Instigator? Who?

  1. Anarchistian, you left a rather silly comment on our blog in which you implied that we have no right to criticize Turkey or the failure of Israel to officially recognize the Armenian genocide as a genocide. You owe it to yourself to read up on our position on the Armenian genocide and on non-recognition at .

  2. in which you implied that we have no right to criticize Turkey
    Sure, I find it ironic that supporters of war criminals and (Israeli) war crimes criticize another group that has a similar history of ethnic cleansing and genocide. That’s as silly as Turks (who largely deny the Armenian Holocaust) criticizing Israel for its war crimes. That’s like a thief accusing a thief of, well, robbery.

  3. Also, I doubt that had the JEWISH HOLOCAUST been denied anywhere in the world, you would’ve been merely blogging it…

    At any rate, this is not the place to debate this… your comment is irrelevant to this entry…

  4. It always amazes me to read your smug sense of moral superiority. I’m disgusted by the way in which you toss around terms such as “ethnic cleansing”, “genocide” and “war crime” when talking about Israel. If you implied that Israel’s war against Hizbullah is even comparable to the Turkish genocide of Armenians, then you are guilty of trivializing the experience of the Armenian people. What exactly do you mean by your other comment? The Jewish holocaust is denied on a daily basis all over the world.

  5. John, are you trivialising the experience of the Lebanese people, the Palestinian people, the Iraqi people, the Congolese people, the…? Why must the dying NOW be relegated to the bench in favour of the long dead? Why can’t we intercede NOW and venerate the living victims before they become the numerically-challenged, invisible dead? If the raison d’etre of the holocaust activists is to ensure that the murderous events of the 20th century are never again repeated, please make it clear who qualifies for this protection so that we don’t cross the moral line by suggesting that there IS equivalence in crimes and suffering regardless of the numbers. Also, do you believe the state of Israel has embraced the vow of “never again” in its domestic and foreign affairs?

  6. On August 17, 2006 I wrote at that the Bush Administration had given Israel permission to violate the ceasefire. In that post I asked: “RoxieAmerica comments: A United Nations force was supposed to enforce the peace, but President Bush has decided those rules do not apply to him, and he given Israel permission to ignore the rules. Does this refusal to follow the rules endanger the peace in Lebanon?”

  7. moral superiority
    Hell no. I do not claim to be morally superior, unlike … the “most moral army in the world”, which you seem to be defending. I love the way you put the terms ethnic cleansing, genocide, and war crimes in quotations when the perpetrators are Israelis. Ironic how your ilk also object to putting quotation marks around the word terrorist, or to calling the Palestinian resistance fighters (not talking about suicide bombers – though I’m sure they don’t differ in your books, because any resistance to Israeli occupation is… terrorism) and Lebanese resistance fighters “militants”.

    Israel’s war against Hizbullah
    Israel was not at war against HezbAllah. Israel was at war with Lebanese civilians, as proven by its incessant bombardment of civilian centres, and its attempts to evade a real battle on the ground with HezbAllah fighters, not to forget the false claims (proven time and again by videos and photos of rockets being launched from non-residential areas) that HezbAllah was firing rockets from civilian areas (similar to the Turkish justifications that Armenian fighters were keeping weapons in civilian houses – as if that justified the deportation and ethnic cleansing of Armenian civilians, even if the claims were true!)…

    As for my other comment, I did not imply that it is not denied, I merely pointed out that when it comes to the denial of the Armenian Holocaust, weak statements are made by Israelis, who point that they do recognize the Armenian Holocaust. The point is not merely recognition. The point is, what have YOU done to raise the issue of recognition of the Armenian Holocaust in YOUR OWN COUNTRY? Merely blogging about it is not enough, not even comparable to what people have been doing to counter denial of the Jewish Holocaust. What have YOU done to educate YOUR people of the CRIMES (yes, DENIAL IS A CRIME) committed by the JEWISH lobby in USA in siding with Turkey in its denial of the Armenian Holocaust? I would like to see you write up one blog entry criticizing the Jewish lobby in USA. Go on. Do it. That’s the least you can do, eh?

  8. Roxie – the ceasefire is merely a “break” for Israel “regroup”. I believe Israel is testing HezbAllah’s patience, and would like it to retaliate across the border. Too bad they haven’t learned that HezbAllah is mature enough not to take the bait, and that it will keep on fighting the Israeli occupiers and commandos no matter what, without actually giving the world a pretext to bash it (though I doubt the world needs a pretext to bash HezbAllah and to claim Israel’s act of aggression was merely in “self-defence”). I am not sure what the commando raid aimed to achieve (they claim it was an attempt to reach a Sheikh’s offices in Ba’albak. What office? There are no offices left, they were all bombed). If anything, it is utterly embarrassing for Israel (a PR blunder!), a proof that it is Israel, rather than HezbAllah, that wants to continue this “war”. Of course, the wording of the ceasefire was suspicious, and it is exactly things like these that the loose wording aimed to cover up. Remember how cunning the wording of the Balfour Declaration was.

  9. It’s amazing how neither CNN or any other of the “sources that Americans feed their missinformation” covered the raid whereas the shephards made the news. I think the PR campaigns have started: renaming the war to the Israel vs. Hezbolah war. And of course now Israel wants to prove that it won by going into Lebanon with impunity and with the intent to aggravate.

  10. Anarchistian. you say it how it is. there is no bias. this is just crystal clear explanations. i’m not israeli and not lebanese but i have jewish and arabic friends so i learn a lot from them. i have been keeping up to date with what has been happening and all i can see is that lebanese land is being destroyed, and destroyed and destroyed and there is absolutely NO justification for such an assault. yes of course israel has a right to defend itself from “terrorist” attacks (i put the word terrorist is speach marks”” because i’m not too sure of who’s acts are actually more terrorising!) but the scale of israel’s offensive is absolutely
    over-the-top to say the least. killing that many people, civilians, their targets have been towards civilians, they have obstructed the working of every day life for ordinary people.
    i have read comments on this blog and those defending israel’s action against the lebanese people shock me. sure, there are reasons for defending your country but the extent of the damage and destruction concentrated upon a nation, like in this situation is totally unacceptable and absolutely immoral. they are KILLING and KILLING and KILLING! how can any person defend this? how can any person justify this? to do so would just make them inhumane.
    the whole world is watching this and it is very clear who the
    perpetrator of this war is and who is majorly suffering.

    i know that i will get many responses to my comments such as; “there is a deep history to this situation” and my answer is; fair enough there is a long history but such attacks and destruction suffered by the lebanese is not at all acceptable no matter what, you can not just simply kill there is no excuse NO EXCUSE. and yes some of you will say that israeli’s were also killed, and again this is not acceptable. every attack by hizbollah seems to be a reaction to israeli attack, but this is laughable since you cannot compare the two; the destruction caused by hizbollah rockets in israel is NO WAY near to the huge destruction caused by the israelis in lebanon and NOBODY can argu that.

    i think it’s high time that the israeli government persues a more diplomatic method and try to negotiate with it’s neighbours instead of using aggression and violence. this for the sake of peace and democracy in that region and also for the israeli government to ascertain security for it’s own people, and i’m pretty sure that there are some israeli’s who would prefer this and not war.

  11. What the hell have you done to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide in Lebanon? I don’t want to get into any details here, but I’m certain that I’ve done a lot more than you. Other than Armenians in Lebanon, do Lebanese know squat about the Armenian genocide? Who in the Arab world does? Can you give me the name of a head of state in the Arab world or a country in the Arab world that officially recognizes the Armenian genocide? While we’re at it, what about the genocide perpetrated in Darfur by the Sudanese government? The Israeli war against Hizbullah is no different from other wars waged in recent history, such as the NATO intervention in Kosovo. Israel is not guilty of genocide (an attempt to wipe out another ethnic group)in this conflict or in the conflict with the Palestinians.

    I love people like Tanya who sit comfortably in their homes in North America or Europe and judge a country for trying to defend its own citizens.

  12. What the hell have you done to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide in Lebanon?
    Lebanon recognizes the Armenian Holocaust. All the Lebanese are aware of it, and are very much respectful. I am yet to meet a Lebanese who denies it, Christian or Muslim (or atheist, etc.). At any rate, let us not use logical fallacies to justify Israel’s denial and Israelis’ silence.

    As for the rest of your assertions, simply put, pure bullshit. I really hate using such language, but I am beyond disgusted at how low you can sink to justify Israel’s war crimes. You’re acting like a bully kid in the playground “but he did it too!” as if that makes it right!

    judge a country for trying to defend its own citizens.
    By killing the CIVILIANS of another country? Don’t tell me Israel was targeting HezbAllah fighters… that is utter bullshit. Even if it were true that HezbAllah fighters were hiding amongst civilians (which is unsubstantiated), it still cannot be justified, neither morally nor under international law.

  13. Anarchistian,

    Please contact me by e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing some of these issues in more detail. My e-mail is my first name plus the letters “si” at the e-mail run by google. Thanks in advance.

  14. By way of education: Terrorism in the Middle East Made Simple for Americans
    By: RoxieAmerica
    Topic Heading: Vote Republican for More Terrorism.

    It is my hope that this very brief overview of Middle East Terrorism will assist those who post messages based on false-beliefs. When people understand the background, they are better able to enter into discussion of issues.

  15. Well, thanks so much for your concern! I am glad you are there to educate us. It’s too bad that I don’t fit either of those categories for whom the movie seems to have been designed. But I really appreciate the effort to make things very simple for us, and also for giving me such simple identities.

  16. Amos, The post was placed online because over a period of months, I have noticed that some some Americans have very little information related to the Middle East, often the residue of tiny sound bites broadcast in the name of news.

    It was not posted in response to any specific comments.

  17. I read the article and it seems curious that it leaves out a whole swath of Zionist/Israeli terror tactics. While, granted, the article cannot attempt to be a comprehensive survey of events, it’s nevertheless odd that they would leave out such important facts as:

    the Haganah, the Irgun, the Stern Gang, the Zionist bombing of the King David Hotel, Deir Yassin, as well as the fact that the first hijacking of a commercial airliner in history was perpetrated by…Isreal in 1954. Odd that they would leave out these crucial and defining moments in history, eh?

  18. As a curious comparison in the article:

    1) Under their title “Terrorist Acts and Groups”, they put at the top of the list the PLO in 1964 (while the Irgun and Stern Gang preceeded them by almost twenty years!!),

    2) the first airline hijacking they list is a PLO hijacking in 1976 (while, as mentioned above, the Israeli hijacking preceedes this by twenty-two years!!),

    3) they list 19 events under “Terrorist Acts and Groups”(a paltry FOUR implicate Israel),

    4) three of the 15 events implicating Israel’s neighbors are about the intifada, which, in my mind has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with “we’re mad as hell and we’re not taking it anymore”, and finally

    5) two of the three mentions of the intifada list only ISRAELI deaths!! Absolutely no mention of Palestinian deaths!! Amazing, eh?

    While I appreciate your efforts to turn people on to sources of information, I can’t count this source as anything approaching fair and balanced. It reads more like something right off the desk of a FOX “News” editor.

  19. Sorry, I got my numbers very wrong. The article actually lists THIRTY events under “Terrorist Acts and Groups”. No fewer then TWENTY-SIX of them (87%) implicate the PLO, the intifada, etc. An amazing FOUR out of THIRTY (13%) implicate Israel. Outrageously skewed, don’t you think?

    They also mention the 1993 peace accord as “causing” the formation of the Palestinian National Authority! This is a terrorist act?


  20. John, everyone here has made judgements, you too. you have made a judgement about me yet you know nothing of me! you do not know about me or my life or what i’ve been through so don’t you dare talk like you know me or where i’m sitting “comfortably”.

    you say that the arabs have not recognised the armenian genocide, well what about the americans? and darfur? why has the US turned a blind eye to what’s going on there,,,don’t you know about the oil that they’ve discovered??

    Anarchistian, again you are right! what is wrong with these people who keep arguing against the truth, why? it’s so much easier to face facts and then get on with resolving the problems peacefully. but they have to hit back, retaliate, dig a even bigger hole for themselves and create even more damage. just wake up and admit the wrongs that you have been doing.

    why have the israelis sent troops into lebanon pretending to be lebanese? this is what causes problems. god they are so scheming and conniving, it’s so crystal clear and i’m tired of having to explain how obvious this is so why deny? ENOUGH ALREADY.

  21. Wikipedia/About is not a reliable source. Their articles on the Middle East tend to get taken over by pro-Israel propagandists.

    By the way, I look forward to Anarhcistan’s post on why she isn’t joining the anti-Hizbollah chorus. In my opinion, all the finger-pointing at Hizbollah the first week of Operation Just Reward was demoralizing and played into Israel’s hands. I especially have in mind writers like Michael Young, who keeps writing op-eds imploring the world to deny Hizbollah a victory.

    Rather than disarming Hizbollah, the focus should now be on coming up with a national defense strategy. After the past month, South Lebanon is never going to let Hizbollah be disarmed.
    Use the Lebanese army to work with Hizbollah to deter an Israeli invasion, rather than engaging in the fiction that the army and a (rapidly shrinking) multinational force is going to take on Hizbollah. And if Hizbollah is disarmed south of the Litani, make sure the Lebanese army is equipped with the means necessary to intercept Israeli aircraft. How can the Lebanese army still not have ground-to-air missiles?

  22. Olmert, in yet another act of outrageous arrogance, has said that the Lebanese army is not allowed within 2 kilometers of the border! Amazing. Not allowed? On their own territory? Typical Israeli policy – what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is…mine.

    It would be very nice if the Lebanese government a) bought some surface-to-air missles, and b) told Olmert to shove it.

  23. The Length of Lebanon being 150 miles, that means that is quite a large chunk of a country to annex. When will they want to build the wall?

  24. But the Lebanese government is… powerless, and not just that, a tool in the hands of the Bush administration.

    Olmert can yell and shout about what ought to happen on Lebanese territory, but he must realize that he can never force, through a bunch of words and threats, what he failed to achieve in 34 days of open war on Lebanon.

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