UN Aid Up in Flames


Well, today (actually, just a few hours ago), someone thought it would be a good idea to torch the blankets and other aid for refugees, which the UN had stored at a depot next to the Beirut port… LGF will insist that the smoke looks unreal and so must’ve been doctored. Rest assured, this is not a Reuters photo.


8 responses to “UN Aid Up in Flames

  1. Is the welcome message for the UN?

  2. I am sure that we are going to hear more stories about aid that is not used or that is not getting to the people that need it. If the blankets did go up in smoke who is responsiable for that? http://www.tearsforlebaon.wordpress.com

  3. Tears for Lebanon, who is responsible for that? The government is SUPPOSED to be taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of its citizens. This is another example of its lack of interest in those who are on the margins of society (the majority of whom happen to be the Shi’ites of south Lebanon), and its failure to defend them from Israeli aggression (the Marja’youn barracks scenario is one example) and to provide relief for refugees. In fact, a number of sides (from the opposition) are accusing the majority (ruling parties) of privatizing official aid and distributing them in their own names, or not distributing them at all, keeping a number of relief centers deliberately closed in the face of refugees (who were then forced to sleep in parks) and other such shameful acts.

  4. Roxie – I doubt that HezbAllah or any of its allies are involved in this. In fact, if I have to point fingers, I would say the ruling majority in the government (or some of its elements) is/are responsible for this shameful act (shameful not because it pertains to the UN or would reflect badly on Lebanon’s image or anything of the sort but because it is AID for the refugees who are otherwise not receiving much from the government).

  5. The trajedy just grinds on. Apart from a thousand plus people blown up, untold numbers of buildings destroyed, infrastructure gone (99.99% Lebanese and Palestinian)…nothing much seems to have changed. Maybe some prisoners will be exchanged.

    Olmert, just a couple of days ago, started accepting bids for building yet more settlements in the West Bank. A hundred plus of them. A new world record for Olmert.

    The stealing continues. The Jewish/American power-players in the region are intransigent and unreconciled in their drive for relentless theft and cantonization of the land of others and their people.

    And Bush rails on about how “we” have to do everything “we” can to stop HezbAllah agression. It’s a fascinating kind of psychosis.

    Fascinating, that is, if it weren’t so incredibly skewed and tragic.

  6. Indeed, Chris… and let’s not forget the daily kidnappings of Palestinians, and as of a few minutes ago, 5 more Lebanese from Aita al-Sha’ab.

  7. Will UNIFIL, I wonder, fire on the kidnappers? Or will it only fire on those defending civilians from the Israeli incursions and kidnappings? Will the UNIFIL be a paper tiger, will its mandate focus on things such as: how not to upset the Jews, debating on whether or not Germans should take part, given the risk of pointing guns at Jews, because it might bring up memories of the Jewish Holocaust, etc.

    And what is the role of the Lebanese army in all this? Will we see repeat after repeat of the Marja’youn scenario, the “legitimate” defenders of the citizens serving tea to the occupiers? And for how long will the people remain patiently silent as Siniora whines that the sole authority should be that of the Lebanese army?

  8. Or will a Hezbullah suicide bomber blow up a commander of the UN forces again? Stupidity and criminality seems to have no compass.

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