Beirut ‘river’


The legendary Beirut river…


57 responses to “Beirut ‘river’

  1. It looks less than legendary.

  2. I passed by it last week and thought it deserves a pic and a post. Thanks.

  3. It is really disgusting! In the winter it overflows with mud and dirt. While walking around on the sidewalk on the bridge, I actually passed by a dead dog spread on the sidewalk, blood gushing out of its mouth. :-S I was going to take a picture of that too, but I thought it would be distasteful to do so.

  4. When my husband and I went to Lebanon we drove by this river, and my husband said this is the river I looked and said were he said right there I again said where then he said that water there. Living with the Missippi river you want to see a river this was not a river what a shame.

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  6. Ugh – looks almost as bad as the LA River in a draught. Was
    it “sewerized” for flood control? Is there a lot of diversion for irrigation? Is that the natural course cemented in or was it redirected?

  7. rayan zein el deen

    this river is disgusting and a cause of pollutuion to the mouth of the river at the Mar Mkhayel-Burj Hammoud intersection. Facing the facts, the majority of Armenians living in the area all dunk their rubbish and dirt into it, and while Beirut is so hot during summer, the river dries out and your left with the stream of brown muck. Somethings gotta be done.

  8. rayan zein el deen

    tourists are also a major problem in Lebanon, with many not respecting the enviroment of the country. many rivers in Lebanon, eg Berdawni flowing in Zahle, is quite dumped during the summer tourist season. Its very annoying and also having no-one do anything about it, it gives us a bad repue.

  9. George D. Kassabian

    Will somebody please tell me, or send me a detail map of the Beirut River A to Z
    I only know Mkalles to Jisr El Bacha to the sea,
    please help

  10. To: George D. Kassabian

    Where are you? If you give me your address, i will get it for you.

  11. George Kassabian


    pls Beirut River A to Z

    thanks Mr. Krikor

  12. To: George D. Kassabian

    I don’t think I can e-mail it, and I don’t like to give out my e-mail address to avoid spam.

    Are you in Beirut?

  13. ok pls send me to my account
    once again
    Markking11the Beirut River map A 2 Z
    Thanks Krikor

  14. George Kassabian

    after study and research
    I came across the El Sidd
    used to be a Roman aqueduct
    and there is also a small dam
    at the head of the Beirut River

  15. To George Kassabian:

    Are you in U.S.? Where?
    I didn’t understand your account on Youtube.

  16. George Kassabian

    Estuary at the sea
    to the 2 Butj Hammoud bridges
    Jisr El Wati
    Jisr El Basha
    El Sidd and then up north to where ??

    I am in West LA since 1996
    Hollywood from 1986 to 1996
    and 1985 stupid San Francisco

    I LOVE LA I LOVE Beirut
    born in Hamra June 3 1958
    AUB Electrical Engineer class of 1981
    George Kassabian

  17. Hey George,

    I checked you out on Youtube. You sound like a big time rocker! Who’s the hot chick in black you’ve got your hands on?

    Bet you get to bang a lot of hotties out there in LA!!

  18. George Kassabian

    St George the Dragon killer was in Maslakh Karantina area a 1000 year ago Krikor this is no joke
    there are evil dragons out there

  19. George,

    Why do you say stupid San Francisco?
    Probly cause of the fags!?

    I live in SF now, and I don’t mind the fags, cause I get a lot more action from the chicks that way, specially the Asians. Their like energizer bunnies, they keep going going going!!

    You get a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Phillipina action up here.

    You probly don’t have a lot of fags where you are, except maybe west hollywood.

    Anyway, I’m working on getting your map. What are you gonna do with it?

  20. George Kassabian

    hi Krikor, oh NO San Frisco may be a great city, but personally I had my first 2 year marriage and divorce there; so I dislike there for personal reasons, also it is not spacious like LA, houses do not have swimming pools like LA and you have only one supermarket within city limits plus parking is a major issue, all is tight and calculated etc
    I still visit there with my kids as a touristic destination, my kids love there !
    how do I upload a photo of Jisr al Watee ? please thanks

  21. George Kassabian

    how do I upload a photo here on this BH river blog ???

  22. Hello, I’m sorry to be a bother but I’m researching Nahr Beirut for my Extended Essay (like my college thesis) and have not been able to find a map of Beirut River anywhere. Would it be terribly inconvenient for you to send it to me by email?
    Thank you in advance.

  23. George Kassabian

    Andrea no sorry no bother you are cool
    first at the estuary nearby to the West, used to be the Sleep Comfort and the Karantina, there is the Beirut Forum and the dance party place where Paris Hilton frequents each time she goes to Beirut; there it is a proven fact that Saint Georges killed the Dragons like 700 or so years ago. My teenage years and childhood I lived along Beirut River areas and had friends Jisr El Wati bridge connects lower Furn El Chebbak to Horsch Thabet Sin El Fil then snakes to the north you have Jisr El Basha from Ottoman times connects Hazmiyeh to Mkalles area; I can send you the map; meanwhile enjoy my Rock songs on YouTube as Mark Dorian…!

  24. George, buddy, looks like you’ve been milking the same cow for about 20 years!

    You know what they say back home: you keep milking the same cow and you’re gonna be getting the exact same milk!!

    Sorry about your 2 year marriage in SF. What was her name? What was wrong with her? Did you upgrade to a hotter model?

    You ought to come back and give SF another try. I’ll set you up with some real hotties if you tell me what kind you like. I know a bunch who get really turned on by old time rockers.

    Looks like you’re missing all the action in LA, even though you’re at the Gaslite. When do you hang out there?

  25. ha ha ha what was wrong with my first wife Liza in SF 1985 to fin 1986 ???
    let me tell you what was right, it is much shorter,
    because it is f-in zero rights
    ha ha ha
    a pack a day of cigarettes versus moi cig-virgin to begin with ?
    2) numkeour 3) ghoornuzz 4) temper 5) etc

  26. I wish my 1st wife drowned in Beirut River !!!

  27. Hey buddy George, looks like you turned Anonymous now. Too bad Liza was a sh*thead. What was her last name? I could look her up if you want in SF — maybe straighten her out.

    You must be on wife #2 or wife #3 by now, since you got kids. Is she any good in the sack?

    I’ve got a windbag at home who I’ve got to bang at least once a month to keep her from bitchin’. The rest of the time I’m getting a lot of Asian action, not to mention a few blondes and brunettes thrown in to keep things fun.

    Sometimes a guy makes a mistake, but that’s no reason to miss out on all the hot poon. I’m lining up a couple of threesomes in the next few weeks.

  28. Another thing, George. I’ve got to deal with some real nutjobs in my work, and the hot chicks are a great way to release all the stress caused by those idiots.

    You might try it if you have some looneys to put up with.

  29. are you mumblin’ sumthin’?
    are yourself being affected by those nuts to be nuts ?
    change your job
    be a UPS pilot pays great
    San Bruno SFO to NY biiig $$$
    perheps will lessen the nutjobs
    after a silence of 1 to 2 years
    this is what ouuta the blue…???

  30. Hey buddy George, or Anonymous if you want to be

    No way to get rid of the nut jobs, no matter what line of work you get into.
    You got any nut jobs in your business? I bet you’ve got some stories to tell!

    Have you been nailing any hot poon lately? What’s up with wife #2 or #3?

    My little buddy has been getting quite a workout!

  31. Hey George Anonymous

    I might be heading down to LA. What clubs do you hang out at? Which days? Might run into you , we could catch up on stuff back home.

    • right now I am NUT in the USA
      I am in Sin El Fil Hotel Haptoor overelooking Jisr El Basha and Tal El Za’atar; back in Santa Monica like mid August 2012

  32. ha ha ha
    btw OMG aka WTF LOL !!!

  33. I hope n wish that my bitch of an ex wife is caught swimming in the nude right at Nab33a’a south of BH in the Beirut River and that Nasrallah picks her up from the water and hangs her to hell right there by a crane…how I wish

    • Hey Anonymous George,

      If your ex was such a bitch, did you get luckier with #2? Maybe you’re one of those guys that keeps getting hitched to one bitch after another.

      That’s why it’s better to check out some extra-curricular activities, if you get my drift. How about some more from back home? Or did you get totally turned off to Armenians?

  34. I luuuuv Armenians n basturma and oghee and BH bitches and biiiig Bourdj Hammoud Arax Street asses and tits !!!

  35. Hey buddy George Anonymous,

    What did your bitch of an ex wife do to you that you wanted her drowned in the Beirut River, or hung from a crane by Nasrallah. Too bad about all the bad luck you had with females.

  36. Hey George,

    Can you get BH oghee in LA? Where? I’m going to get some when I’m there.

  37. 1) now I am in BH bourdj hammoud not beverly hills
    2) my condo is in wilshire corridor hirise near UCLA
    3) oghee ? check the vallet at coldwater canyon and magnolia no hwd there is a jons supermarket full of oghee
    4) pls check open to the public you do not need to be my friend
    Mark George Dorian Kassabian

    the profile pix is Al Capone the man with the hat and cigar
    I have like 6 to 700 photos ther
    check me out

  38. Hey Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    You never told me what your “bitch of an ex wife” did to you. Maybe you’re keeping that a secret.

    I saw your photos, but it doesn’t look like you’re bangin’ em. Can’t let wife #2 keep you tied up. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

    I don’t post photos, but I figured out how to get the real hot stuff!

    Thanks for the info on the oghee
    I’m definitely gonna check it out.

    Did you ever get any action on Arax Street?

  39. Hey buddy Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    I looked at your photos some more. I think I know one of the ladies you got your arms around. The one with short brown hair, kind of round ball shaped hairdo, wearing a black top, white pants. Banged her a few times some years back. Can’t remember her name right now.

    She giving you any action? Still any good?

    • the black blouse and white pants
      huge tits biiiig bourdj hammoud ass 27 killer curves and smile
      is my BEBE now she is Sohar Nafsee a Moroccon Jew from Dar Al Baydaa Casablanca; we speak fluent Arabic together

  40. and she works at payroll at Santa Monica Toyota Lincoln n Sta Mca Blvd her cousins have Motel 6 in Hacienda Heights fwy 60 east exit 7th we bang for free board n lodging…oooooHHHH Babeeee !!!!

  41. Hey buddy Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    Thnx for reminding me her name. I knew it was something like the Saharra dessert, but I couldn’t get it exact in my head.

    By the way, back when I knew her she liked to make hot videos like getting banged and giving head. Not something you’d expect out of a Morroccon. I bet she gave up that kind of kink by now.

    I’m gonna have to check to see if I still have those pics.

    What makes you think she is a Jew? maybe just a story line, you know how they are back there.

    • stay away from one of my chicks !!! I know Sohar since May 2009; and in 2011 all of July we went LAX to South of France to Cape d’Agde (Google that up) the most seekeesh city in the world ! she is cool, she is an orphan and yes in the past she has done plenty of porn; butt now she works for Toyota of Santa Monica…she is superHOT !

  42. oh and yeah she is a sephardic jew but she does not care about israel her love is morocco casablanca I know all about her even have counted her pubic hair once

  43. Krikor please let me have any fotos of Sohar


  44. in return I will send her 2 nude of hers in motel 6 Hacienda Hts CA

  45. Hey buddy Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    If you want to send me some pics of Sohar, you can send them here:

    Bet you don’t have any where you are getting head or banging away!

    I’m working on finding my pics. I think I got lots.

    By the way, that e-mail is not my regular one, so I almost never check it. You’ll have to leave a message here when you send the pics.

  46. Hey buddy Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    Another thing. You don’t have to get worked up about me going after any chick I was with in the past. I like to keep things moving along, not look back.

  47. Hey buddy Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    I found out that you’ve been shoveling a lot of BS here.

    Sohar doesn’t even work at Toyota. Bet you didn’t even bang her, just making it up!

    I don’t think you’ve got a single pic of you banging any chick or getting head, except for the same cow you’ve been milking for 20 years.

    Am I right, or am I right?

  48. we need upgrades at the Nahhar !

  49. Hey buddy Mark George Dorian Kassabian Anonymous,

    Now what’s the problem with An-Nahar?
    And how much banging have you been up to with the chicks on your Facebook?

  50. a message to Bourdj Hammoud Municipality: arrange for at least 2 storm water catch basins’ construction from the Matn down to BH with sleuce gates and flood control at Sadd al Bawchreeyah and Madeenat alSina33eyyah; to better the Nahhar flow to the estuary Thank You !

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