unifil.jpgUNIFIL, in its latest press release (today), boasts of providing veterinary care in South Lebanon. And in its Sept. 25 press release tells us of a man who was saved from drowning in the sea by an Italian ship that is part of the Interim Maritime Task Force (doing Israel’s bidding). I have no doubt that those who have received UNIFIL’s life-saving services are immensely grateful. But I do not see in the press releases anything about the kidnapping of more than a dozen journalists by Israeli soldiers yesterday.

But maybe if we repeat it often enough, we might believe it after all: what would we do without the UNIFIL?


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  1. You’d continue to get your ass bombed without UNIFIL, that’s what you’d do. Everyone knows they are useless, but make no mistake about it, even though they ARE serving as human shields for Hizballah, that’s not what they’re supposed to be doing.

    They’re supposed to be kicking ass and taking names, stopping weapons smuggling, keeping Hizballah away from the border, and (oh my god, did I really say it?) disarm Hizballah.

    So excuse me if I’m not moved by your little rant about “journalists.” Hizballah is so adept at blending in, and the Lebanese population so indifferent about it, that it’s surprising anybody has the nerve to complain about decisive action taken against potential threats.

  2. You’d continue to get your ass bombed without UNIFIL
    Check your facts before uttering more stupidities. UNIFIL has been there since 1978, that didn’t stop Israeli mass-murder binges.

    On what bases are they supposed to do that? Their mandate does not allow them to do such a thing. Just because you are not willing to see Israelis die for… Israel, doesn’t mean that others should die for you.

    Potential threats? Man, you are so paranoid, but from what I understand, this paranoia has to do more with defeat than victory.

    Go spew your neo-con filth elsewhere!

  3. They have been even more worthless in DR Congo. They are accused of rapings.

  4. Yeah go spew your neo-con filth elsewhere you Megadeth quoting guy!


    I quite like this new UNIFIL deployment. I also like us having a strong army and I like us not being plunged into war in the name of Iran and/or Syria, or on the whim of a narcissistic faux-demigod who would barter with his constituents’ lives and then blame the government for not rushing to their aide when caught unawares.

    I’d like to understand something, if Hizballah cares so much about Lebanese prisoners in foreign jails then why haven’t they conducted a single military operation against Syria for its illegal imprisonement of over 200 Lebanese – taken from Lebanese soil? Is a military operation by Hizballah too strong of a request? Is it too much to ask? Why then haven’t they uttered a single word in condemnation of these illegal, painful, and tortuous detentions?

    Ah wait, I’ve gone off topic, this post is about UNIFIL not about Hizballah or the Syrians.

  5. Actually, Blacksmith Jade, I don’t understand your obsession with trying to find ways to bash HezbAllah, Syria, and Iran. It seems that none of the three, no matter what they do, will fit into your world view, despite the fact that you talk about democracy and freedom of choice. I also don’t see why you are making it look as if I am a bona fide HezbAllah defender who has made it his/her career goal to defend HezbAllah. HezbAllah has many questions to reply to, but there are far more questions that the Lebanese government and war criminals have to answer to. I don’t know why you are suddenly all concerned with the violation of human rights, illegal, painful, and tortuous detentions, when you are supportive of the very spokespeeople of such brutalities: Junblatt, Geagea, and on and on the list goes. Oh, and let us not forget whose ally Junblatt was throughout all those years of illegal, painful, and tortuous detentions. So if you are going to ask these very legitimate questions, you should ask them to all those concerned. I mean, Junblatt was no less of an ally of the Baath regime than HezbAllah. Do I see you asking Junblatt those questions? Anyway, I have accused H.A of hypocrisy on more than one occasion, both on my blog and on others’ blogs. I have also criticized Nasrallah’s call for unity government, and H.A’s alliance in the last elections, which actually BROUGHT this pathetic government upon us. I find it ironic to say the least, that these same forces H.A brought to power have now turned against it. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Ah well, guess if they did that to the Baath regime, that means they have a better hand feeding them, and H.A would be merely an inconvenience that would be removed. Or so they thought. They were betting on an Israeli victory. No, praying for it. This is your government. This is your Lebanon: where former collaborators accuse collaborators of collaboration, where war criminals and mass-murderers with the blood of thousands (not just 20-21 people) on their hands accuse other criminals of assassination of a thieving dog (that’s right, Hariri), where Syrian workers are killed on a daily basis in the name of “cedar revolution”, where “Independence ’05” has become a cult hopeless young people subscribe to, where KSA of all countries accuses H.A of “adventurism” and blames it for the murder of 1200 civilians without actually looking at its own human rights record, where a prime minister thinks he has stopped the Israeli incursion with his crocodile tears. Ah yes, this is your Lebanon. Oh did I forget, your tea-serving security forces. And here I must add, shame on H.A for not taking a stand against what was done at Raml el Ali, shame on it for bowing to the state violence against these poor people, all in the name of not standing up against state authorities! Bullshit!!! Sadly hypocritical, but this is what you get when you have an entire army of thieving dogs (on a Saudi Arabian royal family leash) barking and barking and spreading paranoia that H.A aims to establish a Shi’ite state in Lebanon. You have one of the most outspoken critics bowing to the institutionalized violence of Fatfat’s tea-serving forces for the sake of reassuring that he does not doubt the authority of the state in internal matters. What utter bullshit!!! That is not to say that H.A is not hypocritical on such matters in and of itself. But this country is being run by a bunch of thieving bastards who get their orders from the U.S and Saudi embassies, who then have the audacity to whine about H.A taking orders from Iran and Syria!! What BS!! And you call H.A Iran’s lackeys??! Hahaha!!! EXCUSE ME, H.A might be LACKEYS for Iran for all we know, BUT at least they are willing to die for what they believe in, rather than serve tea to the occupiers, the people their armed forces SHOULD HAVE been fighting, no matter WHO started the “adventure”. What army are you talking about? Strengthening the army he said… You can laugh around us, but you cannot laugh AT us.

    You also ought to know that under the memorandum of agreement, H.A was to use its connections in Syria to get information on the fate of Lebanese in Syrian prisons, which might lead to their release. You might also want to know that the capture of a Syrian soldier by anyone would not really lead to the release of these prisoners. But you are right, perhaps HezbAllah should attempt that. Perhaps you would be happy when Syrian forces use that as a pretext to re-enter Lebanon. And then you will have endless days and nights of whining and barking about HezbAllah’s “adventurism”. But I guess your fellow cedar revolutionaries have found a better method: killing poor Syrian workers. Serve tea to Israeli occupiers, and not even investigate the murder of numerous Syrian workers in Lebanon. This is your Lebanon. This is your culture of impunity.

    I still await the day UNIFIL will shoot down a couple of Israeli jets.

  6. Anachorev,

    I like your blog, I think its intelligent and pretty well written. I like the fact that you criticize these so called “leaders” running around Lebanon and sacrificing everything and anything this beautiful country has to offer just to fill their pockets or their egos. Please, don’t ever think that I’m an adoring fan of Jumblatt or Hariri or GeaGea or Aoun or Franjieh or Berri or Nasrallah or anyone this corrupt and “morally bankrupt” – haha to borrow a recently popularized term – political system has to belch out.

    What I think we disagree on is the relative importance of each and every wrong inflicted on our country, the relative importance of these wrongs to the situation today. How practical is it to ask for the detention and prosecution of every single sect leader running around the country? Its completely impractical is what it is, especially given the decrepit state our national institutions are in.

    These institutions need to be reinforced and solidified in the hearts, minds, and souls of every Lebanese. We can’t and we shouldn’t be able to just amend the constitution every time we please. We can’t and shouldn’t redraw electoral lines every time we please. And we can’t and we shouldn’t allow anyone to impose on the Lebanese a situation or a condition unilaterally without the consent of not just a majority of the people but a majority of the groups of people who call this country home. Unfortunately that is exactly what is going on in Lebanon today.

    Lebanon needs to move towards a new constitutional equation, and I think this is a development that would be welcomed by almost all of Lebanon’s constituents, including you. Where we differ, is that I think in order to take that step forward, we must first secure our sovereignty in the face of a constant, relentless Syrian infiltration of every aspect of our lives. Like you I believe Mustaqbal and Jumblatt’s group are trying to take advantage of this situation, this support for resistance the pressure put on us by Syria’s unwavering determination at dominating us, in order to secure their own selfish goals (witness Jumblatt’s moves to monopolize control over his sect, witness the biasedness of the recommendations for political appointments coming out of Seniora’s office). But unlike you, I don’t think that throwing them in jail is more important than finding a way to live forever in peace with our neighbors and forever in peace with ourselves.

    If I’m wrong about my views of your opinion I’m sure you’ll tell me, but in your reply I just ask that you tell me, in your view, what you think is the most critically dangerous problem in Lebanon today and how you would tackle it. I think that would advance the conversation don’t you?

  7. Its completely impractical is what it is, especially given the decrepit state our national institutions are in.
    How do you know? Haven’t we tried the “practical”, haven’t we allowed them to run around long enough? And by the way, I noticed you incidentally put all in one group. I beg to differ.

    we can’t and we shouldn’t allow anyone to impose on the Lebanese a situation or a condition unilaterally without the consent of not just a majority of the people but a majority of the groups of people who call this country home. Unfortunately that is exactly what is going on in Lebanon today.
    That is NOT how countries are run. You are blindly enforcing democracy on a feudal/tribal society. You CANNOT do that and not suffer from corruption, theft, and backwardsness. Moreover, your concept of the majority of the groups of people is, I believe, a call for the preservation of a confessional system of one sort or another. I disagree. Is it right to turn a majority of the population into a silent minority (or “just one group among many”) for the sake of soothing the fears of other groups? History has shown that such oppression never works. It did not work in Lebanon. And yet the Lebanese, for fear of the uncertain future and the unknown void they would be stepping in should they embrace deconfessionalization, have once again adopted confessional, sectarian politics. And it WILL lead to another war. All those March 14 slogans are fake. They are mere romanticizations. You might say that there is a real yearning for normalcy and coexistence, hell I might even agree (for the sake of agreeing, because I just can’t see how there can be a yearning and no effort made, after all those years; or maybe the people are just plain DUMB), but their tribal inclinations are far stronger. Mix in the manipulation of tribal leaders and you have groups of agitated masses, each marching after a specific vision of Lebanon (if Junblatt has one, he’s still undecided, yes no yes no yes no no yes no no yes no Syria no yes Israel no USA no SYRIA SYRIA Iran no HezbAllah yes).

    Unlike you, I don’t think that there is a Syrian “infiltration” going on. Please point to one example of such infiltration, and HezbAllah does not qualify, unless you can also prove that H.A functions on a remote control from Damascus, which it does not, for the simple reason that its leadership is Lebanese, its fighters are Lebanese, its support base, Lebanese, its prospects, Lebanese. You will point to Assad’s provocative address, and I will point to Hariri’s and Junblatt’s active attempts to bring about regime change in Syria. I mean, do you expect Assad to throw roses on them, or send them Damascene sweets? Come now, what I am saying is the truth and you know it. I am not saying that Assad is an angel. His regime is despicable, a disgrace, cowardly, a hindrance to efforts to free the Golan, an enemy of the welfare of the people of Syria, and on and on it goes. But here you have a bunch of war criminals with just as despicable a record, but who have stolen the seats thanks to HezbAllah votes, are now stabbing HezbAllah and did so throughout the war (they could not stop barking even as innocent children were being massacred), and are acting as USA’s base to force regime change in Syria (and possibly also Iran). So, IF what you say is true and there is “Syrian infiltration”, then the logical step is to actually remove all those who incite and provoke and lead to such “infiltration”. Unless you are saying that this should be practiced only against Israel. In other words, that HezbAllah should be disarmed so that the cause for the provocation would be removed, thereby not giving the Israelis any pretexts to attack us. Remind me again, BJ, did you say Syria actually had more sinister agendas than Israel?

    The first step should be: throw all war criminals in jail, try all corrupt people and thieves, order them to pay back double the amount that they stole (I am sure they can afford even more than that), and then go on from there with reform projects. The Lebanese people are living in a hopeless situation, they have been told time and again that this is the best that the government can do given the circumstances. This is UNTRUE. And how do they channel the people’s anger and frustration? Against HezbAllah and Syria. They are MANIPULATORS of the first degree. They are not only manipulators, they are also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of poor, helpless Syrian workers. Remind me again, BJ, how many Syrian lives is one Lebanese life worth? Is it the same equation as the number of Palestinian lives that one Israeli life is equivalent to?

  8. Hey Anarchorev,

    I’d like to reply to you in full but I haven’t found the time yet…just wanted to say its coming! 🙂

  9. Why don’t all belong in one group? Which, if any, are different?

    As to the topic of sectarian politics, I advocate a gradual approach (I’m writing a post on it so I won’t say too much here) but the general jist of what I advocate is the setting up of a senate to handle sectarian affairs and desectarianising Parliament – not a new idea. I also call for reducing the ‘Presidencies’ from 3 to 2, one sectarian and one not. Ah but I’ve said too much! Either way, I think the Lebanese are the greatest manipulators and the greatest dreamers in the world (something which feeds into the ease with which leaders seem to generate such ardent support for ridiculous ideas).

    As for the ‘infiltration’, Syria – its clear to me – needs no pretext whatsoever to engage in a clandestine takeover of the country, it has been working towards this for the past 50 years. So, no, I don’t think there is a need to dismantle elements that incite the Syrians to act aggresively towards us. I would hope that this current regime could learn to respect our sovereignty and live with us in peace, as two friendly and neighborly states, but if they cannot do that then wouldn’t it be wise for us nod our heads in favor of a regime change there? Especially as our ability to defend ourself from cross border influences grows (I don’t know how possible that is yet)? I don’t expect you to agree with much of this analysis but there it is. I don’t really see you proposing anything more than allowing Hizballah to retain its arms. See what would we have done? Resisted the West’s plans at global domination? I don’t know, I’d rather move towards strengthening the army, strenghtening our sovereignty in the face of Syria, moving towards ending the seemingly never-ending standoff with Israel, reforming the Constitution, setting up robust institutions, and then…then…if not throwing all these criminals in jail, at least ensuring that the crimes and manipulations they engaged in are impossible to repeat.

    The issue of Syrians dying in Lebanon is a sad one, for sure, but I don’t think there was a political campaign in Lebanon to round up Syrian workers on a large scale and execute them. What I think happened was a series of isolated events. The fact that nobody got arrested over the killings is a sign of the nepotism that plagues every aspect of life in Lebanon.
    To be fair, you also suggested imprisoning all those dirty little buggers running around the country making bombastic claims and speeches, but I ask you who is going to do the arresting?

  10. Anarchorev (on the road)

    Why don’t all belong in one group? Which, if any, are different?
    Different in what way? There are levels of difference/similarity. All are sectarian, some are war criminals, others aren’t. Some are thieves, a few aren’t. So it depends on what grounds you choose to put them together. But the least one can say is that it’s not as simple as putting them all in one box.

    the general jist of what I advocate is the setting up of a senate to handle sectarian affairs and desectarianising Parliament
    A senate? hahaha…. I suppose that would include the diaspora? Isn’t this something that many LF supporters have been calling for, to increase the influence of “the Christians”, the majority of whom happen to be in the diaspora (and a great many buried in mass graves that are yet to be discovered, courtesy Walid Junblatt, whose freedom you advocate on the defeatist principles of letting criminals go around as long as it’s impossible to repeat these crimes – how would it be impossible to repeat)? Paranthetically, how would it be impossible to repeat these crimes? A senate and a deconfessionalized parliament would ensure it? haha! Please, don’t make me laugh. Really. You think that by merely doing these two things you would be marginalizing these people, when it is through these people that anything will go? When the people’s mentality has been shaped, over the generations, by these people? When people go around stereotyping people from “the other” sect(s)? You are naive.

    No, you are not just naive, you are also paranoid. Laughably so. You are far more paranoid than any anti-Israeli paranoid folks I’ve ever met throughout my political activism “career”. Guess that’s just a trademark of March 14. I suppose your paranoia would be significantly reduced if you saw a new Sunni regime installed in Syria, which would “restore” the “brotherly/sisterly” relations between the two countries. Or maybe, just maybe, you think the Lebanese are superior to the Syrians, that the Syrians are jealous and therefore want to dominate and steal and appropriate for themselves the things that the Lebanese “themselves” have built (and destroyed?). How pathetic. 50 years? Why not make it 100 million years? What’s the next thing you’re going to say, that the Syrians have buried things underground for the past 100 million years (isn’t that how old that newly found camel’s skeletal remains are, and they’re saying it was killed by humans *gasp* those barbarian Syrians perhaps? Or maybe it was those cultured Syriacs and Aramaic peoples who actually are superior to the “filthy” Arab “culture”)? I can tell you’ve been watching War of the Worlds (great movie, though I hate the ending) on a daily basis.

    I asked for an example of “Syrian infiltration”, or proof of it (but example would be ok too, since I don’t think you can actually come up with any proof.. after all, you have taken lessons in methodology from March 14: first accuse, then… provide proofs.. or no no, no proofs are needed, we all know who was responsible; it’s common knowledge. First accuse, then … accuse and accuse, and accuse), but you are yet to give me ONE. So, based on this “abundant” proof of Syrian “infiltration”, you nod your head in agreement of a regime change in Syria? But then in the process, you expect that the current regime not retaliate, at least by the instinct of self-preservation? Oh, ok, I mean, the Assad regime is really remarkably dumb, it will just dismantle itself. Yup. Like Assad’s henchmen (Junblatt, Hariri clan, etc.) did, eh? I hear Taymur is being prepared and educated in the steps of his father for the Druze sect’s (sorry, progressive SOCIALIST party’s) leadership. I see.

    Ah, but I already proposed many things, things that you do not consider top priority. You believe that the system will/should change the people. I believe the people should (I will be more careful saying “will”, in Lebanon’s case) change the system. And for that you need education, changes in education on a massive scale, and by education I don’t just mean school education (btw, how come the history curricula do not include the civil war? Someone afraid of awakening the kids, eh?), I also mean community education, civic education, and so on. Lebanon might have the highest literacy rates in the region and for all we know the world, but it has one of the highest ignorance rates in the whole world. Like I said, you can go around repeating March 14 often enough that you will actually believe the people love each other regardless of their different sectarian belongings, but that won’t make it true. This is the difference between YOU and ME. You think there’s nothing wrong with the people, that the system has wronged them, and that once the system is fixed, eureka! everything will be OK! Ah, well, since you will accuse anyone who criticizes you and your heroes of being pro-Syrian or a Syrian “infiltrator”, why not go ahead and institute your vision on everyone? And I’ll sit back and watch the fireworks. They will be more colourful this time, I am sure, with all the multicoloured “civilized” paraphernalia that we have in our midst.

    Ah, you talk about the absence of a political campaign to round up Syrian workers and execute them, and I say, that is the only thing that is missing. I mean, if Hariri clan didn’t go around yelling “the truth!” and “democracy!” and “human rights!” and criticizing the Syrian regime for its human rights abuses (but glorifying Saudi royal family’s Wahabist regime and its abuses), he might actually endorse such a thing. Well, he has already endorsed the Wahabi army in the north (I mean, HezbAllah is the A-team of terrorists, even far more “terroristic” than Al-Qaida and their Salafi satellites in countries ruled by Saudi royal family’s satellites, I suppose). But, if there is no such political campaign, there is also NO political will to stop them, and more than that, there is a chorus of incitement that is RESPONSIBLE for these murders. And no, these have been far from the isolated criminal “incidents” that you make them to be. They have taken place all over Lebanon, and there is a political cover-up on them. But what can you expect from a REGIME (yes, REGIME, that’s what Hariri’s wahabi gangs’ rule of the country is) that kills, with impunity, 11-year-old and 14-year-old Lebanese children, who, it claims, were firing on Internal tea-serving Forces with shotguns. I say, let Mehlis and Brammertz investigate THOSE. Those 2 kids’ lives are far more precious to me than the life of some thieving dog called Hariri.

    Who is going to do the arresting? This is what I meant when I said that not all should and can be put in the same box. I did not call for the arrest of those who make claims and speeches per se, but those who incite, plot, murder, and steal. I think we all know who those are, generally speaking. This is the classical version of events. I can have a much wider imagination if I am to apply an anarchist view of things.

  11. What is it with you and personal attacks? I got to the first line of the third paragraph and I said $&%( it. Try finding another debating method.

  12. What is it with you and personal attacks? I got to the first line of the third paragraph and I said $&%( it.
    A personal attack? Pointing to a naive expression and based on that calling you naive is now a personal attack… Oh, I didn’t know you were so sensitive. I mean, if everyone were like you, Nasrallah would have to have committed suicide by now. Anyway, I suppose the above is too difficult for you to respond to. I understand. Bye!

  13. Just a parting note, guy, your arguments really aren’t hard to beat. In every developing country (and in many developed country) the opposition to a governemnt churns out the same lofty promises and campaign slogans, No to Corruption, Yes to Reform, Yes to Education, No to the Status Quo. Invariably when those forces get into power they generally behave just the same as those they kicked out. So that is to say your beloved heroes Aoun and Nasrallah – please don’t tell me they’re not because I’ll just ignore it the same way you ignored the fact that I told you I hated GeaGea, Jumblatt, and Hariri – are garbage just like the rest, yes they are corrupt in more ways than one. So please, grow up, this whole anarchy bullshit is a joke, and you’re attempts at being a serious contributor to the greater dialogue is a joke.

  14. your arguments really aren’t hard to beat.
    I would like to think they are. 😀 At least until you prove otherwise.

    So that is to say your beloved heroes Aoun and Nasrallah
    Actually, yes I do admire Nasrallah. He proved to be one of the most analytical of the bunch, though that by no means implies that he should not be criticized (in fact, I already criticized Nasrallah’s response to the events at Raml el 3ali). As for Aoun, don’t even get me started. See my reply to my Marxist friend about him in the thread before the last (this is your lebanon III), and also check out how I criticized FPM for their stands, especially regarding surveying the damage and handing out money in “Christian villages” in south Lebanon.

    This whole “anarchy bullshit” is a joke? Ah yes, because I don’t fall into your orbit of satellites, everything I say, and whatever I claim to be, must be a joke. Typical Lebanese mentality. Keep it up.

    Oh, yeah. Tomorrow is a day to commemorate those who were killed by the same Syrian “infiltrators” that you are so paranoid about. After the war their Lebanese slaves pardoned themselves of the crimes they had committed against the people. But some of them have, over the years, met the same fae as the people they assassinated using car bombs and other methods, others opened their palaces to Saudi nationals, and still others think that their tears are what stopped Israeli aggression (I wonder why they didn’t cry throughout the Syrian occupation, then?)… So, see you there? Ah but you are not in Lebanon. I am sure that had you been here you would’ve come to show solidarity with the enemies of “Syrian infiltrators”, who some say are now “March 8” and rely on Talal Erslen’s speeches. (!) haha… what a joke… anyway, dude, I won’t take too much of your time, I am sure your “we want the truth (but only in the thieving dog Hariri’s death, and not the truth behind the massacre of some 140,000 Lebanese and Palestinian civilians)” campaign requires much work.

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