Al-Akhbar: LF regains LBC

lf.jpgToday’s front page story on Al-Akhbar: The Lebanese Forces regains LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation)

An excerpt: “When Al-Daher [general manager and head of the operational board] attempted to control the issue, he began receiving contradictory signals from more than one side. Daily broadcasts on Geagea’s meetings and news, in addition to a daily talk by him. Technicians downing attempts at live broadcasts of Aounists’ celebrations, and others cutting off in an unprofessional manner reports in news broadcasts that pertain to those who oppose the Forces, especially on the Christian street. Then he [Geagea] worked on planting a large number of employees who were not pro-Daher in various sections of the station.”

Since it was launched recently, Al-Akhbar has become my favourite newspaper. In addition to the html version, the website features the daily paper edition in pdf format.

Unfortunately, only in Arabic. I have contacted the website team with a suggestion to add an English section. Hopefully they will take it into account.


9 responses to “Al-Akhbar: LF regains LBC

  1. Greetings comrade,
    well eversince i said that akhbar is my new favourite newspaper …the DLMers in the group started accusing me that am iranian or baathist or whatever ….. more reason to hate those mustaqbal reading bastards…
    Anyways i think its gonna be hard for the paper to have an english version online anytime soon …give them some time ….
    See ya around …glad ur back in business ….


  2. Iranian or Baathist??!??!?


    These people are SURELY out of their minds.

    I never read Al-Mustaqbal, though I should, for entertainment. But I never feel like reading it. I mean, who wants to see everything turned into a “Syria is behind it” accusation? Ironic that these same people were accusing HezbAllah of paranoia and accusing Israel of every little thing. Now they’re the ones doing that.

  3. al akhbar is crap

    Al akhbar is the least professional newspaper I’ve ever seen. They take their dreams and wishes for reality. Sad that there are some idiots out there that actually read this sort of crap… and pretend to like it.

  4. What are the bases of your claims? It seems YOU are the one taking your dream and wishes for reality…

  5. Al akhbar is crap

    The basis of my claim? Well just about every half truths these idiots at Al Akhbar have published in their short lives…

  6. Please point to one “half truth”. As opposed to the “truths” published in Al Mustaqbal? March 14 must’ve gotten to your head. Take a deep breath, let the blood rush back to your brain, if you have any.

  7. al akhbar is crap

    Here we go again. You assume that anyone who is against this fanatic PharAoun, is with March 14th. Get it through your little Aouneh brain, Al Akhbar is the latest propaganda tool for NapoleAoun, and at best it should be used to wipe our asses while taking a shit, just like Al Mustaqbal.

    Sad that your only line of defense is attacking another pathetic political party, to defend the shameless FPM losers, and their AflatAoun. I’m not sure there is anything to be salvaged from you.

  8. Get it through your little Aouneh brain
    !!!!!!! I am not even a Aounist. For God’s sake. How more paranoid can you be? And how does that differ from my “assumption” that you are pro-March 14?

    Yet again you try to diver our attention from the main issue, which is the accusation you leveled at Al-Akhbar. Substantiate your claim!

  9. From the heart of Beirut city

    Well, I don’t know how you judge the newspaper, from which point of view, from which logic… My dear just introduce yourself and professional credentials to do that…

    This is not to defend Al Akhbar newspaper nor any newspaper. I guess they are more professional, accredited and experienced people than me or you to judge them… My dear, I am sorry to say that you have appeared a very unprofessional person, so how do you describe these people to be unprofessional. It seems that everyone describes others in the way he/ she sees himself/ herself. I guess you are giving them a plus with this attitude. I am just trying to explain your stupidity.

    I clearly see that you are out of logic since the 14-March, sorry I mean 14-February have brainwahsed your mind. My dear, I really feel pity for this piece of meat that you hold in your crane, and which you are letting everybody to buy and sell with it. Anyway, everybody has will to express himself/herself. But, I trully ask you to professionaly looking at national issues, from a wide angle and not from the tiny idiot short-term oportunistic vision of 14-February forces.

    The main issue is that Lebanon is a stone for rising the New Middle East where neither you nor I will have the free-will or the right to govern ourselves. My dear, neither the Amercian nor the Syrian umbrellas protect anyone. Your favorite people were hiding under the Syrian umbrella and now they are replacing the Anjar umbrella by Aoukar umbrella due to better accessibility, proximity and money profitability…

    Just let us think in a more cool way. Nobody aims at eliminating the other like the 14-Feb think. Just let us cool and think for the sake of our nation and the coming generation.

    Do u love Lebanon? I am sure you do like I do. So this is enough for us to love each others, and talk as mature people. have a nice day

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