Since I am unable to actually mess around with the template/CSS, or embed javascript on my blog, I can’t add any “extras” except by linking to outside pages. So, if you have the time, check out the link to a poll in a new section I have added in my links list, to make it more convenient and accessible. I will be adding a new poll every 2 weeks or so.

The current poll: Who won in the latest round of fighting in Lebanon?

Expiration date: October 14, 2006


15 responses to “Poll

  1. I’ve already voted and it seems quite obvious. Isreal got its ass kicked by HezbAllah and Nasrallah.

    Israel may have been able to destroy more buildings because of its air power, and kill many more civilians in its barbarity – as usual, but any time you have a ground force that is unable to take a village of 10 houses (!), you’ve lost. And they lost.

    The cost in human lives can’t be understood by those of us away from the front lines, and I’m not sure I can feel the enormity of the loss, but it is very very sweet to see Israel’s ass get whomped. My only wish is that it would happen more often – to the point where Olmert and his clan think twice.

    The problem is that not much seems to have changed. Israel continues to steal water. They are thieves – in land and water. Until the thieving bastards are forced back into their hole, justice will never be served.

  2. I agree with you Chris, but I have to admit, I voted for “March 14, with PM Siniora’s tears”, because Sinora’s tears were the best thing that has happened to Lebanon *sarcasm*. Of course, the Israelis got ther asses kicked – otherwise this mighty army would not have to plant an Israeli flag on a partially-constructed building near a border village they are lingering around (but will soon quit for fear of any further embarrassment). I mean, what is the point of planting that flag there? (Yes, I do have the picture) Obviously it is not for identification purposes, as Israeli forces are clearly distinguishable from say the Lebanese army.

    At any rate, the French UNIFIL contingent allegedly blocked the movement of Israeli forces deeper into Lebanese territory (HezbAllah is still abiding by the ceasefire), but later “withdrew” (if this isn’t proof that the UNIFIL forces are irrelevant and are present ONLY to uphold the balance in Israel’s favour, I don’t know what is – so yes, UNIFIL SHOULD leave, and this is the opinion of many outside of HezbAllah’s member base). It was clear from day 1 that the UNIFIL were there to defend Israel from within Lebanese territory, and were not interested at all in defending the Lebanese from Israeli incursions and infiltration. Israel’s purpose was to use UNIFIL as its own fighting force against HezbAllah. This has not materialized so far, and I dare say won’t (yet another of Israel’s miscalculations). So there remains the question of what is on Israel’s agenda next. The obvious is, in my opinion, attempting to use the Lebanese Army against HezbAllah, which is from a military P.O.V stupid, but the larger agenda is to sow the seeds of civil strife.. I don’t think this will work, though March 14 forces, and at their command Hariri’s son (who barely knows how to speak or read Arabic), feudal chieftain Walid Junblatt, and warlord Samir Geagea, are definitely doing their best to do that. In fact, it seems that Hariri’s son is arming his own supporters, in addition to the already-armed Salafis/Wahabis (Al-Qaida gang) in the north (Tripoli). The Junblattists already have weapons (who are they kidding by saying all militias other than HA disarmed after the Ta’ef???), and Geagea’s gangs have also been stockpiling (I mean, rifles are not that hard to get in Lebanon, really). So from here on, it all depends on how March 14 wants to play it, and IF HA will use its weapons internally, it would only be because it has been attacked by internal forces. Again, HA has, over the years, pretty much shed all its militia characteristics and has taken on the role of resistance, so I think it will continue to be very patient even in such a scenario. But the possibilities are endless, and Lebanon has already become a melting pot of forces and actors… There’s another possibility – the government will fall. Already the government is under heavy fire over corruption and theft, and the campaign is gathering speed. So who knows, there might be early elections and a clean sweep by HezbAllah & Aoun, in which case Lebanon would be on a better track than it is now and is expected to be should the March 14 forces continue to rule..

    Well, who knows.

  3. both lost… Nothing was accomplished… what a waste of blood on both sides!

  4. I didn’t click on “March 14” because, to be honest, I don’t understand what that means. What is this March 14th thing – or what sites could I visit to read about it (my guess is that most on this blog are well aware of what it is so it might be boring to have to write all about it – just a link or two would do!).

    Sam – yes, you have to look back and just shake your head. All those dead people and families whose relatives will never come back. But what do you do? I mean, if hooligans are regularly breaking into your house and stealing stuff, what do you do? At some point, you can’t sit back anymore.

    I’m not sure I would characterize it as a waste of blood, though. In my opinion, it’s more like an unnecessary tragedy. This didn’t need to happen. But sometimes, the only thing to make a bully stop is to break his nose. The problem here is that the bully doesn’t come with fists, he comes with tanks and F16s! Horrible and unnecessary.

    I am completely convinced that it is Israel that is the sole source of problems in the region – simply because they cannot manage to stop screwing with their neighbors. I am also completely convinced that if Israel could simply stop stealing water, stop stealing land, stop kidnapping people, stop bombing people, and get its ass behind the green line and stay there, things would dramatically calm down.

    I mean, look, the UN set aside 55% of the land for Jews. Why 55%, I don’t know. That, alone, was an amazing rip-off. But anyway, they now either own outright, control, or have cantonized much much more than that. Who is really the hostile neighbor here?

  5. I do not believe anyone won. I see it as exactly what it was, a ceasefire of a war that is “To be continued.” The more I see of Islamic Revolutionaries and Zionists the more I’m certain that extremist religions should be handled as recommended by Pope Urban II – total destruction.

    Perhaps the world is past due for a world-wide religious war. Perhaps the world simply can not live in peace with extremes of religion. I do not believe any of the groups want peace, at least a peace that permits the other groups to live in peace. I do not see either side working for peace, but I see both sides working towards war. Add the extremist Christians into the mix and we have all the makings for an excellent religious war.

    I think I am beginning to believe NONE of the parties in the Middle East wish for peace. I believe all sides wish to dominate and destory the other side, so why go the United Nations and obtain ceasefires — let them all fight to death. Nasarallah had an opportunity to lead in peace, and set an example for peace, but no, he’s rearmed Hezbollah and still holds Israeli soldiers. Nasrallah would not give one inch for peace, so how he different than the Zionists?

    I am dissappointed in Nasrallah. I expected him to be a leader for peace, but he has chosen to waste the opportunity to lead for peace because he loves war more than peace. I’m angry that people use the name of God to make war, and refuse to make an effort for peace. I am angry that Nasrallah did not have the courage to chose peace of over.

  6. Chris,

    March 14 is the name given to a grouping of parties that have formed an alliance against Syria and want to force a regime change on it (well, basically a subsidiary of the Hariri clan). They also call themselves cedar revolutionaries. March 14 is the date that the demonstration took place following the assassination of Hariri on Feb. 14. Some are claiming that it was the only demonstration in which people allegedly held Lebanese flags only and not party flags. I still remember people going to demonstrations with their respective party flags, until their ‘elite leaders’ (zu’ama) instructed them not to bring those flags and instead bring Lebanese flags.

  7. Nasarallah had an opportunity to lead in peace, and set an example for peace, but no, he’s rearmed Hezbollah and still holds Israeli soldiers. Nasrallah would not give one inch for peace, so how he different than the Zionists?
    I’m afraid it’s not so easy. At least not when you have an overly aggressive neighbour who has a history of theft, occupation, and war crimes. Remember that Lebanon suffered its share of that, and only thanks to the resistance did it not turn into another Gaza strip or West Bank..

    Also, given that Israel has the superior firepower, what guarantees do the Lebanese have that Israel will not force itself on them at one point or another with a clearly expressed objective: occupation and settlement? I mean, Israel has done this without making direct references, Israel has bombed Lebanon to pieces and not one country raised its voice and condemned it and threatened it to stop or else… So what guarantees do the Lebanese have? Their “legitimate” army? This army, with its French mandate-era equipment could not even stand in the face of the Soviet-era equipment of the Syrian army, and it’s expected to defend the country against Israel, which clearly has an expansionist doctrine running deep through its leadership over the decades? So let’s see, HA disarms, Israel decides one day (at the closest opportunity, or does it even need an opportunity, in the absence of any real force capable of hurting it really badly in case it steps on Lebanese territory…) to invade Lebanon (at least up to the Litani – this by the way is part and parcel of the Greater Israel doctrine), and what happens? The world watches, the world passes resolution after resolution, some are vetoed by the U.S, Israel accuses the rest of anti-Semitism, Arab states continue to conduct under-the-table economic and political relations with Israel, and the cycle of occupation and subjugation continues. Peace? To argue that HezbAllah could’ve chosen the path of peace is like saying that one can clap with one hand. How can there be peace when there is an aggressor who is not put in check, at least from time to time?

  8. Wow. What is “March 14th?.” I mean, I just started looking into the Lebanese situation in depth in June and I know what March 14th means. How do you make judgements on a situation when you aren’t even aware of the genesis of the current governement and the history of the Syrian occupation? Odd.

    No one won this. It was a disaster for all sides. Lebanon’s economy and infrastructure was destroyed. The revival of Beruit stalled. Well over 1000 people died. Many children. There are cluster bombs all over South Lebanon. It’s awful for everyone, period.

  9. Breaking news! Lebanon’s economy and infrastructure were already destroyed! Lebanon’s treasury has been constantly stolen by none other than March 14 leaders, who were pro-Syrian for more than a decade, and stole millions of dollars from the Lebanese people, MY tax money.

  10. I thought twice about asking what that March 14th thing was all about. The way I figured it, there was sure to be some stupid jerk out there who would take it as an opportunity to take a cheap shot or two.

    Guess what? I was right!!!

  11. No, you were wrong. You sit around pontificating as if you know something about the situation and you don’t even know the name of the government coalition of Lebanon? And I’m the “stupid jerk” – wow, thin skinned and ignorant. Chris Swift, it is clear that you have an agenda and view of the world and simply look around to find things that support that agenda and view. Fine, most of us do that to a large degree, but don’t get your knickers all knotted when it’s pointed out.

    And Anarchorev, if you are really trying to argue that the Lebanese
    infrastructure was as destroyed before the war as after, ok fine – then why is everyone so upset with Israel? Silly sophistry. If Lebanon won, and perhaps they did – I’m not there – how did they win? Are there actual tangible improvements coming to the average Lebanese from this? I’d like to know what you think they are.

    I haven’t found many folks who argue Lebanon as a nation won much, except in regard to finally getting Lebanses regulars to the south. But even there, Hezbullah claims to have fighters and arms along the border and apparentl claims nothing has changed since the 12th, so … I dunno.. But obviously there are many sides to this. How has Lebanon won?

  12. if you are really trying to argue that the Lebanese
    infrastructure was as destroyed before the war as after, ok fine – then why is everyone so upset with Israel?

    Huh??? Did you REALLY ask that question? And just because the infrastructure in Lebanon pretty much dates back to the early 90s in most areas does not mean that there were NO standing bridges, and certainly does NOT mean that it was “OK” for Israel to come and bomb us.

    When talking about victory/defeat, we are talking about military victory. Lebanon won militarily thanks to HezbAllah. If victory is to be assessed on the amount of damage in a certain country, then by all means Britain did not come out of the 2nd world war victorious, or at least it was “as victorious as” Germany.

    You still blabber on and on about “Lebanese regulars”. It’s pretty clear what these “regulars” are best fit to do. Serve tea. Anyway, I would rather live in a theocratic country than trust my life to this pathetic entity called the Lebanese army.

    If you are still wondering how Lebanon won, then I advise you to check in to your nearest health ward to get your head checked.

  13. Tired,
    I’m afraid that you’re just not making any sense and any “point” you’re trying to make is simply non-existant.

    Look, let’s face it, we see at the same situation and come to completely different opinions about it. Although, you might know, I don’t disagree with everything you say – just most things! Anyway, that’s not the point.

    What I really resent is someone taking me to task in a completely unjustified way. I’ll be honest, I know next to nothing about the genesis or evolution of the Lebanese government and all the various factions peripheral to it. Basically – nothing.

    On the other hand, you seem to be completely unaware of the fact (willful or otherwise) of my derth of comments about that very same issue! Not long ago on this blog, there was a very long discussion about Lebanese politics. Do you remember me posting any comments? Of course not. That’s a topic I’m happy to back away from. In fact, if I remember right, the only comment I’ve ever made on this blog (or any other) about the Lebanese government was something about wondering why the Army never took any action against Israeli agression.

    As I said, your claims about me “…pontificating as if you know something about the situation…” are simply wrong, a cheap shot, and, yes, stupid. Every single one of my comments has been about the Israeli agression against its neighbors (a situation I do know something about). Where do you find me “pontificating” about the Lebanese government? Nowhere, that’s where!

    Your “point” is baseless and, again, stupid. It’s like taking someone to task for critizing George Bush’s war in Iraq while not even knowing that he’s a Republican. You don’t seem to be aware of the fact that knowlege of the latter is not requisite for expressing fact-based opinions about the former!!!

    And in your latest post, you’re again completely wrong about my so-called ajenda. In point of fact, I’m more than willing to listen to facts that argue against my opinions. It’s the only way to learn more. The problem is, I don’t hear much on that end. It’s kind of like asking questions – it’s a good way to learn more. And the problem here is, there’s always someone who is willing to take advantage of that and try and turn it around and “disqualify” every opinion you have ever expressed – about anything because you asked a question about something you never actually expressed any opinions on! Sheeeeesh. Give me a break.

  14. The US. Now they have more reasons to enterfere.

  15. Since when did the U.S need reasons to interfere? 😀

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