Beirut 1982, 2006


Beiruti remnants of 1982, in 2006. The Magen Abraham Synagogue to the left.

5 responses to “Beirut 1982, 2006

  1. THis image must have some significance for you. SOrry if I’m dense, but I’m not following what it is. What’s the connection bet. 1982 & 2006? Or do you mean to say that just as parts of Beirut were ruined in 1982 they were also ruined in 2006?

    BTW, have you found the Jews of Lebanon blog? I find it intriguing but you seem to have better images. I like the historical archive photographs you posted many months before the war.

  2. Yes, it does have significance. These are the remains of the 1982 aerial bombardment of Israel (ironically the synagogue was also its victim). These are also the few buildings still standing following the massive takeover of plots of land by Hariri’s Solidere, which has proceeded to dynamite buildings to the ground and build towers and apartment blocs for his Saudi tourists. This was once the heart of pre-war Beirut. There is a strange sense of urgency in me when it comes to these buildings. They might be there today, but they might not be there tomorrow. They can be gone in the blink of an eye, a victim to Hariri’s capitalistic Saudi royal family endeavours. Other than these, and the history and architecture they represent, there is not much in Beirut worth going around for, except jewelry and clothing shops, which one can find anywhere. Blocks of cement with no beauty in them. A soulless city.

    Yes I have seen the Jews of Lebanon blog (and have linked to it). A nice initiative. I was in touch with the guy, too. Yes, I think I might have the biggest collection of photos. Speaking of which, on my visit to the synagogue, and given that I had not accurately checked the location of the Jewish Alliance School on the map, I went round and round and could not find the school. It could be that the building is not there anymore. But I have it in my mind to check it out again. Hopefully within the next week (or max two).

  3. This is a picture of a class in the Jewish Alliance school in 1956:

  4. Thank you for that heartbreakingly ecocative shot. I’ve cribbed it onto my site (with credit).

  5. Glad you like it, Pierre, and thanks for posting it on your blog.

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