A Letter to UNIFIL


We are one of the peoples that some of you have previously colonized, once or more than once. Then circumstances were such that they left before it was too late. Please set your watches correctly this time.

You know that some want to limit your role to being “international policemen”. Honestly, this is a mission that does not suit you. You have crossed seas; it is not reasonable to be satisfied with such a secondary role.

Today the land and sea are in your custody. And you did well to pose the issue of what you called the regulation of the airspace. Our air cannot remain unregulated, especially that the Lebanese are spendthrifty. We hear you have extremely accurate measurement tools, so please control our breathing well.

We are actually embarrassed, but … we have some financial problems. And since your numbers will reach 15,000, we suggest that you extend your activities and administer the treasury. We have, for years, been unable to limit the expenditure or increase the income. We know that in your countries there are experts who specialize in “finance”, so if you want, we can add this clause to the “rules of engagement”. And as you will discover, we also need experts in prison administration, judiciary, education, diet, elections, etiquette, municipalities, silicon (plastic surgery), restaurants, and traffic signs. Honestly… everything. And we are ready, in return, to honour resolutions of international law, and willingly abandon sovereignty, freedom, and independence.

-Khaled Saghieh, Al-Akhbar, Monday, October 16, 2006


7 responses to “A Letter to UNIFIL

  1. When I read this one from Khalid I thought it deserves translation. I am glad you did.

  2. Interesting. My father and I were talking on the phone after the war about France leading UNIFIL and since he is a real frenchman he said it wasn’t a good idea mainly because France has a real history there and in the middle east in general and that French soldiers there would just agitate the people…

  3. Well I think it’s not related as much to the French history of colonization as it is to the more recent context of the politicization of the UN according to the American-Israeli agenda and the fact that the UNIFIL is widely perceived to be in Lebanon to do Israel’s bidding and defend it from HezbAllah, rather than defend the Lebanese from Israel (which is the way it is supposed to work), not to mention the fact that the French are not ready to open fire on Israelis.

  4. Hi there! 🙂
    No, there’s no website. By the way, Winograd comittee is a big joke for me. And for everyone. They won’t get to any conclusions apart from the ones we know right now. And no, I haven’t read anything here about the plot against the Christian leader.

    Where did you get it?

    Anyway, keep on the good blogging. Hope to keep in touch. Send me a mail if you feel willing to talk. I love overcoming Middle East distances.


  5. Hello again,

    Thanks for the quick reply and the clarification! Yes I am aware that most Israelis feel that the Winograd commission/committee is a window dressing.

    As for the targeting of the residence of Aoun, one of the papers here reported it, and mentioned the name of an Israeli pilot “David Sefri” or “David Sevri” (transliterating it, so I am not sure which is the right spelling) who testified that there was a plan to do it but was ditched at the last minute… I live really close to the place that was supposed to be targeted, and yes there was unusual air activity (fighter jets + drones) in the area (throughout the day and especially at night) even though this area has absolutely no HezbAllah presence (or as people say, it’s a “Christian area”). I just wanted to see if there was any validity to the paper’s claims, since it also mentioned a name (it could be a fabrication for all we know)…

    Thanks again! And I enjoy reading your blog too!

  6. I like your blog and respect your views, but I’m not sure how to take it?
    do you hate americans or politics?

  7. Why would I hate Americans?

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