This is your Lebanon – Episode V

A conversation at a “progressive” (nothing to do with Walid Junblatt) institution of higher education yesterday, while a discussion was taking place on the Palestinian factor in the eruption of the Lebanese civil war :

Person A whispers : I really hate the Palestinians. I really really hate the Palestinians. I hate them so much.

Me, looking away, trying to take it in : ……….

Person A : And you?

Me : …………………………….

Silence for some 10-15 seconds, while I try to actually grasp what I was just told.

Me, turning to her just to see if she had dropped the subject, and seeing that she was still waiting for an answer : No comment………

Person A : (inaudible)

Enjoy your Lebanon.

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3 responses to “This is your Lebanon – Episode V

  1. Good God, what a buffoon. I admire your restraint. I might have ventured to ask her to elaborate about this general irrational hatred, but her initial comment indicates she might have been more attached to her prejudice than to being disabused of it. I too have come across this abhorrent attitude among a Lebanese cousin here and there (actually, the wife of a Lebanese cousin was particularly afflicted with this stupid attitude and verbally assailed a good Palestinian friend of mine), and my strategy is to overwhelm them with a loving spray of facts and reasons for our solidarity. Failing that, I might have to resort to a good cuff around the ears … but I am a pacifist (just love that credo ‘practice non-violence, unless you want you head bashed in’). Any suggestions?

  2. Heh… well, actually, on any other occasion I would not be restrained at all, and would start with a whole list of factual information to enlighten the bigots, but given that this was a side-conversation when others were talking, I just let go of it…

    Sometimes, though, it is better to let go. It all depends on the person; if I realize that there is no chance to actually get that person to at least SEE if not accept the facts, I would not waste my breath on them. I guess this is just another case of that, which is why I did not re-open the issue afterwards… and probably won’t.

  3. eh hayda libnan
    3ich ktir bitchouf ktir

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