March 14 fingerprints all over Gemayel’s assassination

So Pierre Gemayel is dead. Gunned down in broad daylight.

The media immediately underlined that he was an “anti-Syrian politician”. OK. So he was “anti-Syrian” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean…), that means that the culprits are “pro-Syrians”. Of course (brilliant logic I must add). Very convenient. The Syrians (or pro-Syrians – again whatever the hell that means) must be very dumb to only assassinate “anti-Syrian” politicians; they couldn’t have tried to assassinate “pro-Syrian” politicians too, “as appetizer”, to have fingers pointed in all directions rather than only at Syria. But then again, even if that happens, expect that Jumblatt would somehow put the blame for the assassination of “pro-Syrians” on… Syria. Anyway, coupled with the incitement of the “March 14” as of late and the “tekhwin” (accusation of treason) game that they have been playing, and the “lan nansa” (we will not forget) billboards all over the place with pictures of all those who have been victims of assassination attempts, it seemed that another assassination was “in order”, to keep the “lan nansa” mood in the country alive, and to prevent any demonstrations to topple the government. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jumblatt, Geagea, Hariri Jr., and Siniora signed Mr. Gemayel’s death warrant. No buts. Period.

Topple this government and put Jumblatt, Geagea, Hariri, Siniora, Fatfat, & co. on trial. NOW. Or else I will have to call 4 million Lebanese IDIOTS. NOW.

Update #1: My dad was at the crime scene seconds after the assassination had taken place. He describes the following. A fuel truck stopped in the middle of the road, and in front of it a car, and then another damaged car (a KIA) that had swerved to the left. The passenger door of the KIA was open, and in it Gemayel in the driver’s seat, his chest riddled with bullets & all red. There were a few bystanders, in particular a young woman who was shocked, and all were looking on in confusion and shock.

Update #2: Apparently the assassins were so comfortable that they did not even feel the need to cover their faces. This substantiates the argument that these were professional hitmen hired from outside. Another thing that might be related to this is the issue of gun silencers being shipped to the American embassy (see Al-Akhbar, Oct. 30, p. 7)


25 responses to “March 14 fingerprints all over Gemayel’s assassination

  1. Why dont you go to St.Georges hospital and say it out loud ya idiot inta ?
    Respect the dead for one day at least and let him rest in peace.

  2. The Whole Nation is about to enter a civil war and that is what you are concerned? Now you are in the nationalistic power struggle!! Let us hope that there is a Lebanon tomorrow! Let us hope that there won’t be killing between the different supporters


  3. Eh walla, I will go to Qoraytem and say it too.


    MFL, what the fuck are you on? Part of the “nationalistic” power struggle? Last I checked I wasn’t the one who identified as “Lebanese and Palestinian”!! What a joke. Get over yourself and quit it with your cheap shots already. Is that your way of getting back about a fact that you could not refute?

    What does this have anything to do with nationalism? Sheesh. Now we aren’t even allowed to analyze who might’ve been behind this assassination? You think that’s what “Marxism” is all about? What a Marxist… No wonder you guys can’t do a thing.

  4. Oh yeah, “M”FL, the whole nation? Some terminology. Maybe stick to using the term “proletarian”, that might make you look more like a Marxist. Quit hiding behind pseudo-intellectualism. Your time is better spent glorifying some of the crimes of the “left” bloc in the civil war.

  5. N10452minusShebaaFarms,

    Funny, I thought it was Jumblatt, Hariri, & co. who were trying to score political points off this brutal murder, while your “enemies” were condemning the attack in the strongest of terms without any other political manoevers.

  6. It is a sad day in Lebanon for Pierre Gemayel was assinated, and my heart goes out the family ad Lebanonese people. Pierre Gemayel’s father has called for calm, and it it my hope that everyone will respect the family’s wishes.

  7. Anarchy it is you who is siding with one faction against the second, for me they are all business men. So yes, do some introspection. And Funny they were all saying the same things…


  8. Siding with one faction against the second? Man, you really ARE an idiot. And i do mean it. I advise you to drop your plans for writing a thesis or pursuing a PhD, because with this logic I am doubting you can do the former (the latter is out of the question really), and am surprised you got a Bachelor’s degree.

  9. lol

    whats going on?

  10. Good question, bodhi. Some people are now banned. 😉

  11. Hey very good points! keep up the good work…


  12. My uncle (a Palestinian living in Lebanon) once said to me “kharia, lebanese polticians are all crooked mafia thugs that would kill their own children to make a quick buck”.

    I see so much truth in what he said to me.

  13. by the way you have some stupidly angry commentators here 🙂
    I’m sorry about that. Those who polluted my blog finally left.

  14. Haha Bech, don’t I? But that’s nothing compared to the stupidly angry commentators that were glued to my blog throughout the summer. What’s ironic is that even some of the most extremist right-wing commentators who present the dominant Western viewpoint about “those terrorists” are more willing to actually discuss (however silly and unknowledgeable their arguments might be) rather than resort to name-calling, than most of the so-called “cedar revolutionaries”. That says a lot about the bases of this movement: hooliganism. They still kill Syrian workers every day or two, to make themselves feel better about the fact that they are nothings and wish to blame the poor Syrian workers for their own lazyness. That’s what happens when you are indoctrinated by a culture that glorifies war criminals.

  15. They say syria is benefeting form the assasinations ,, till now i can’t see that !. Syria is the only one who loses when these thigns happen ,,so stop syaing that. also Hezbulla has different plan, the plan was to go to the street ,this assasination stopped Hezbullah from doing his plan ,,so Who is the the loser from such assasination? and it is not good to say bad words when you don’t have a good explanation or convencing statements . I am not syrian and never liked Syria but it is a workout .think without heart feelings for awhile ..

  16. Ya Majid, who said it was Syria behind it? *I* did not. On the contrary I pointed the finger at March 14 (Hariri Inc.)

  17. guys guys take it easy now let us all go sit together and have kess arak , and god bless his soul, and bring hope and peace to the wife family and all of us. Ash lebnan without the souri

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