This is your Lebanon – Episode VII: Islamophobes and Proletarians with Mobile Phones

A conversation at work today:

Some dude at work: What are you reading?

Me: Learning Hebrew.

Dude: Oh, I want to learn too. Can you photocopy them for me?

Me: No.

Dude: Can I see it?

Me: Sure.

I hand him the papers. Since there is no book on modern Hebrew at any of the libraries I have checked, I had to rely on print-outs from the net in Arabic, prepared by a Lebanese teacher of Hebrew. The print-outs had at the top of each unit an opener sentence like “In the name of Allah”.

Dude [looking at the papers] : What’s this?

Me: What’s what?

Dude: This. [pointing at the opener sentence]

Me: Oh, that. Yes, the guy happens to be Muslim.

Dude: Take it, I don’t want it. I will find another source.

Me: ?? What???!

Dude: Khalas it’s OK.


Add him to the 100,000 idiots I had to “fight” on the roads today. Why do people in this country drive as if they don’t have to reach a destination?? Or do I have a severe chronic case of road rage??!

And excuse me, but I would like our resident Marxist or Trotskyist or communist or Palestinian or Lebanese or or or… to clarify this: how does one reconcile proletarianism with owning mobile phones while more than half the country is below the poverty line and cannot put food on the table? Or better yet, how does one reconcile proletarianism and communism with capitalism and imperialism, one symbol of which is … yup, Pepsi?

Give it to Lebanese proletarianists or Marxists or Trotskyists or or or… to put a special touch on things and call it “intellectualism”.


I guess I will now be accused of inciting and encouraging civil war. That’s pretty much the battle-cry of silencers these days (a revamped version of the bookburners of Al-Azhar, if you ask me). But come to think of it, I am now part of the “nationalistic power struggle”. Oh, I did not know Marxists tended to denounce nationalism, and the whole concept of “self-determination” for national groups. Guess that’s part of the remodeling of Marxism, since it was a dismal failure after how many years (perhaps our resident Marxist/pseudo-intellectual can clarify) of totalitarian (that’s what hierarchy ALWAYS ends up doing) rule?

Idol-worshippers accusing others of worshipping idols. Enjoy your proletarianISTs (different from proletarian) and Islamophobes. Enjoy your silencers who accuse those who wish to end the silence imposed upon opposing voices, of “siding with one side against the second”, or of disrespecting the dead (tell me what’s more disrespectful than freeing a war criminal with the blood of thousands on his hand, or never even jailing another criminal [and there is an abundance of those in this country] who bragged about his civilian kills of the day?). Enjoy your idol-worshippers who think sipping a cuppa coffee with Amory Starr increases their value. Oh, the workings of the ego…

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13 responses to “This is your Lebanon – Episode VII: Islamophobes and Proletarians with Mobile Phones

  1. lol

    you need a vac, i hear honolulu is a nice place, but id give it a while before bush leaves ๐Ÿ™‚


    and they say japan is stressful

  2. LOL

    Yes, I realize I need a vac… some people have been getting on my nerves lately.

  3. my oh my… getting personal it seems… what to expect from anarchists with no platform? Just as you issue judgements and decrees… you should recieve as well, specially if interested in replicating mr. Angry Arab with everything to gain value. At least I attack both camps, you attack one camp… and I am accused of worhsipping people? Angry Anarchist/Arab?


  4. Getting personal? It was you who got personal by accusing me of jumping on the bandwagon of the “nationalistic power struggle”. Or do you write while you’re high on weed? Re-read what you wrote. But I realize you will not find anything wrong with it, since accusing any dissenters against your “party line” (Heil Lenin, Heil Marx) of joining the “nationalistic power struggle” seems to be in your blood. And you did not answer: last I checked Marxism did not specifically go against the idea of nationalism. Is this a remodeled version of Marxism?


    Our platform is clear. No to authority, including YOURS. Don’t give me the proletarian crap. Just because we’ve stood by you guys does not mean you can emotionally abuse us at every corner. Go and busy yourself with the WSF. You call that a platform? hahah… what a joke you “Marxists” are.

    I am doing it to “gain value”? Oh yeah, I can see the heaps of praises for my blatant accusation of March 14. Yeah. I must’ve gained SOME value… Oh yeah, accusing both sides, is that the trend these days? The party line that we should give an oath to?

    Umm, actually I wasn’t the one who came up with the “angry anarchist” thing, it was another blogger who reads my blog and has linked to me in that way, and I found it rather funny/sarcastic. It’s a pun. Get over it. I am not the one going around and telling everyone I had lunch with Amory Starr!!!

  5. Well, I wrote it once and you want to follow me to the grave. I agree with some ideas she said, there is nothing wrong with that.

    As for the authority abolishment, I find it rather amusing that you want to abolish it but side with one against the other. (And notice, you have been accusing me of being nationalistic every time I attacked both 8th and 14th of March).

    Now, we both know that I am a Marxist and consider Anarchism as greatest bullshit on earth and you are an Anarchist who considers Marxism as the greatest bullshit on earth (even though I stick with my perspectives ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so how about we cool off a bit then debate this in a more calmer thing.

    You gotta admit though, when we team up we are a great team, and when we bash each other, we really bash each other. Anyways… we will talke later before this gets really crazy. So give me my anarchist hug ๐Ÿ˜›

    Viva Proletariat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. And why I don’t have those smilies in my blog? Probably they would be middle fingers coming from Israel commenting on my posts ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Well I was calm until you started accusing me of being part of the “nationalist power struggle”. In fact, even after that, I was being quite “diplomatic”. You haven’t seen anything yet trust me.

    As for me siding with one against the other, where did you get the “fact” that I am siding with one??? Who am I siding with? And do you have a better plan? Ironic that you, who are preaching me about not siding with one against the other, sided with the resistance of HezbAllah against Israel. Why did you do that? Hypocrisy at its best. Now, after all the while I was saying you guys should get over the March 8 vs March 14 bickering, while you guys were insisting on taking a position on it, you come and preach me about it? Actually I always insisted that you guys should not address the issue in such terms altogether. I was not even calling for bashing both sides equally (anyway, you cannot bash two sides equally, how can you? they are not equally bashable). But it seems you are forever trapped in the petty bickering over March 8 vs March 14, which are obsolete concepts to begin with. This dates categorization trend is ridiculous. Halla2 you will come up with another group, November 21? Then we have the Nov 22, and also the Oct 13 and the March 14 and March 8 and Feb 14 and May 25 and april 13 …. way to go, some trendsetters you are following.

    You stick to your perspectives? lol… no, I think you are inspired by Walid beik… one day you’re a Marxist another day you’re a Trotskyist, another day you’re a communist, another day a “Lebanese”……. which are you? Do you know? ๐Ÿ˜€

    You use a different blog software, it doesn’t have smilies.

  8. No Comment, because already said these things a zillion times to you but you refute to listen and will not answer what you said since I already explained it. Now, remind me never to say names of people in front of you in case you might accuse me of worshiping people, illogical logic of yours.

    Next thing you will do another post on me…
    /me goes away

    PS: No War but Class war, I will leave u with your nationalistic turmoils and how you want 14th of March pawned by all costs

  9. Yeah, go away, actually run away. Every time I make a point, you just “go away” or conveniently disappear so as not to answer my questions.
    Oh, and your phrases “no war but class war” etc are all hollow. You should realize that you have the luxury of philosophizing on proletarianism and class war while sitting at a coffee shop sipping a cuppa coffee or hot chocolate while using wifi on your laptop and talking to your friend on the mobile phone. I am sure the real proletariat out there will understand the necessity of these “tools” in your “struggle” against capitalism.
    Cheers, and good luck in that class war of yours. You will need all the luck you can get.

  10. why dont u two get a roooom already !!!
    WTF ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    a blind man can see it how much u two are in loooooooveeeeee

    Stupid ass anarchists and communists …
    long live the Jordanian Monarchy (and the like )

  11. um. in love? hahaha… yeah that’s a really nice counter-argument right there. you’d make a lousy match-maker. ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. LOL
    I’m studying Arab BTW

    Tel Aviv-Yafa

  13. Hey Chicky ๐Ÿ˜€

    It’s great that you’re learning Arabic. I have been trying to learn Hebrew but it’s going at snail pace for lack of resources. I have managed to learn the alphabet (I think…) and have been practicing reading for some time, but still get confused between the letters. :-S

    Take care.

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