UN Resolutions: Only for Arabs to Abide By?

I must say, despite the fact that Mrs. Bouthaina Chaaban “forgot” to mention the brutal and oppressive and repressive measures of the Ba’ath regime in Lebanon, in addition to its decades-long occupation (this reference ought to please the nationalist “Marxists” out there who believe in national borders and integrity and divine inviolability thereof), she was quite eloquent and convincing on BBC’s HARDtalk yesterday. I am impressed, especially given the incompetence of Lebanese politicians in that regard. I must add that I gasped on a number of occasions at the terminology that Mr. Sackur used in referring to some domestic (Lebanese) and regional actors, and the manner in which he kept putting words into Mrs. Chaaban’s mouth. Of course, Mrs. Chaaban was aware of this, and pointed out on a number of occasions that she did not say what he claimed she said. The questions he posed to her were rather silly to be honest. At one point he mentioned the entry of “insurgents” from Syria into Iraq, and she grinned, pointing out that it was the U.S that was standing on the opposite side of the border which the “insurgents” were allegedly crossing. Another question was about UN SCR 1701, and Syria’s compliance with it (in terms of alleged weapons smuggling), and here she was quick to ask why Israel was in violation of UN SCR 242 (and I think she also mentioned 497), and if UN resolutions were only for Arabs to abide by? It was quite entertaining. I wish I could find a transcript of the interview.


6 responses to “UN Resolutions: Only for Arabs to Abide By?

  1. The UN’s list of Security Counci Resolutions is here. I note that Clause 15 of UNSC 1701 authorizes and encourages Israeli overflights of Lebanon as long as weapons smuggling from Syria continues.

    UNSC 497 denounces Israel’s official “annexation” of the Golan Heights – but the only action prescribed is for more talk, and that Israel consider that the Golan be administered as occupied territory and its citizens as under occupation, rather than subject to domestic Israeli law, in which case the Arabs of the Golan would become Israeli citizens with the greatest civil rights of any Arab population in the Middle East.

    Israel is in compliance with the official text of UNSC 242. A mis-translated Arabic version of the resolution implies that Israel is not. The thrust of UNSC 242 is to bash Arab regimes for allowing terror attacks to continue against Israel. It is not more reasonable to ask if Arabs ever abide by UN resolutions?

  2. Wrong on all counts.

    UN resolution 1701 does not allow the Israeli overflights any more than it allows the presence of ARMED HezbAllah personnel and activity aimed at liberating what Lebanon recognizes as its own territory, which is occupied, as stipulated by Ta’if.

    UN SCR 497 – I am not 100% sure she mentioned it, but it actually brands the annexation as illegal under international law, and specifies a specific date beyond which, if the Israelis continue to be in violation of this resolution, the SC would meet and take the necessary course of action. Never did happen, that’s another issue. This actually supports the argument that UN resolutions are considered only for Arabs to abide by, and not for Israel to respect.

    UN SCR 242 – Israel is in absolute violation of this. This resolution calls for a just and lasting peace, based on the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Golan Heights and the termination of the state of belligerency. Whereas Syria has on more than one occasion called for negotiations that would lead to this “land for peace” deal and by land I mean ALL of the Golan Height, not like Barak’s “generous offer” re West Bank, Israel has continuously shunned it. Even lately Mr. Assad made such an overture, which was shunned on the bases that he should visit Jerusalem if he wants to talk peace. Jerusalem is not recognized as the capital of Israel by any state.

  3. Let people read the texts and decide for themselves, rather than decide their minds on the basis of what commentators say.

  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/hardtalk/6177910.stm

    you can hear the interview here.
    BTW , you made my day with Hariri reading his paper every second….. what a scream !!!

  5. OH!! Thank you for the link! I had checked a while ago but they hadn’t uploaded it yet.
    Yeah that guy does not know how to read Arabic, or he has severe mental deficiencies (I know, I know, cheap shot, but hey, I’m cheap). Ironically the talk about the majority and fake majority, was off the mark with only “tens of thousands” and that’s a generous estimate by all means, being present at the “funeral”.. I guess they didn’t have the time to alter the speech. 😀

    Solomon2 I am not exactly in control of access to the internet or UN resolution texts. What is your point?

  6. i have the transcription of the hardtalk interview WITH BOUTHAINA SHABAAN

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