The Awham (Illusions) holed up in Serail


Fatfat, Siniora, & co. holed up in the serail.

Enjoy your majority, dear Fatfat & co. I personally prefer … tea.

More photos inside.


These guys asked to be photographed…

(on the flag: Free Patriotic Movement – Faraya)



Flags. Lots of ’em.



Akhdar asfar laymuneh, badna nsa2et l7koomeh — al mu3arada al wataniyya

(Green, yellow, orange, we want to topple the government – the national opposition)



Karameh tents



In the early morning hours…



Riad el-Solh… with a Lebanese flag.


7 responses to “The Awham (Illusions) holed up in Serail

  1. Thanks for the pictures. Much appreciated

  2. Free Syria from whom/what?

    Impending doom?

    American project?

    Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights?

    Alawite rule?

    Saudi Arabian designs?

    “Terrorist” organizations?


    Those who do not fight for their right and expect others to fight for them, are doomed to failure.

    At the risk of sounding like a romantic:

    Iza al sha3bu yawman arada al 7ayat fa la budda an yastajibal qadar.

    Where are the people? What are they doing? Why are they not rising up and shaking off their shackles? Why are a few people in exile talking and talking (they sound more Bushist than Bush…)? If the Syrian people are oppressed, they should rise up and fight the oppressor. I’m not saying they are not oppressed; I am saying, where are the people?

  3. Well they just aren’t that oppressed after all. Or they just accomodate. For people to rise up you need quite exceptional circumstances. The rise of people is quite a rare thing judging from history. It’s not because we see marketed and disciplined demonstrations since the cold war’s over everywhere in the world that you can call this ‘rising’.

    One is better off understanding how a people accomodate then at how they rebel. And in any case when they do rebel it’s because a few bunch of them took the lead. In the case of Syria there are no impending social and economic reason (the prime causes for severe rebellion) to press for change. Only political quiblings.

    By the way I took a picture from your blog to remarkz. Hope it’s ok.

  4. By the way ‘freesyria’ is horrible website!

  5. Bech – sure, you are more than welcome to take pics. 🙂

    About Arabs revolting – I will start believing in god when the Arabs start revolting against “their own” leaders. I’m pretty sure that won’t be in this lifetime though. If there is a god I dare him(her??) to prove me wrong. 😀

  6. Now, is that racist against Arabs? (Not really giving you a hard time, but I am interested.) I thought of you today when I was playing a little pick-up footie. It was a really mixed group today, a few Brits, a couple of Caribs, one or two guys born in West Africa – prolly Ghana or Cote D’Ivoire and some Persians, some Americans, bla bla. And one of the West African born cats was really goood – and every time he pulled off a n ice move he’d get complimented “Hey Makelele” or “nice Essian” etc. (great black players in other words) and there was a rangy little Scots man and ever time he ran a mazy little run it would be “hey Giggsy” or “look out for Robben” or like that – and everyone was doing it, it wasn’t restricetd to the Brits or Caribs or americans. Obviously there was nothing perjorative in the comments, but I thought it was funny how everybody on the field: black, white, middle eastern, carribean, still catagorized things from a color perspective.

    Idle ramblings, but interesting to me at least.

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