And on the 7th day…



… the awham are still holed up in the grand serail.

More pictures from Friday’s gathering inside.


The HezbAllah-led pro-Syrian coup d’etat. Beware of bearded men and flag-wrapped boys.



Warning: A Shi’ite Islamic state … in the making.

Today’s Friday prayers were held in the open, jointly between Sunnis and Shi’ites.



Because I like to give war criminal Geagea (whom I called, um, a war criminal in an interview with a local news agency today) the goosebumps.



Ignore that ugly structure to the right. Focus on the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party) flags (for the last time, NO, it’s not a swastika!!)



Whose is Beirut Central District?

(something to the effect of:) “Return to us our rights that were taken away unjustly and forcefully”- The gathering of owners in Beirut Central District

“Beirut… Pity the nation whose heart is removed and does not revolt.”

That orange tent is my favourite tent of all.



Ma’arouf Sa’ad lives. Ma’arouf Sa’ad was assassinated in Feb. 1975 (succumbed to his wounds in March 1975, a month before the eruption of the Lebanese war) during a peaceful protest for fishermen’s rights.


11 responses to “And on the 7th day…

  1. So, the Arab League saves the day? 29+1 ministers? But the Harari enquiry goes through? Is this enough for Hezbullah to say they’ve won? Why give up so cheaply?

    Odd, no?

  2. Who has given up?

    The Arab League plan has not been accepted…

  3. A bunch of news outlets say Nasrallah has said he’ll take 10+1 MPS v. March 14th’s 19, which gives Hiz veto power. But it won’t affect the Hariri investigation, apparently, as Egypt is going to push through soem sort of international enquiry.

    Just repeating what I read.

    reuters and others seem to have it as “accepting Arab League mediation” rather than signed off on the deal.

    What do you hear?

  4. Do you have pics of Sunday’s demos. it seems there was a deliberate omission of pics in all news coverage.

    nice blog btw..

  5. Hi Leila –

    Yes, here are some pics:

  6. WOOOOOOOW Thanks for the pics, found some on as well. No wonder they were omitted and al-mustaqbal put 1pic in page 8 or 9 🙂


  7. ouffff shou ktar. Too bad all the people attending byeswo sermeyto lal sayyid hassin. Or else i would have maybe cared.

  8. No one cares that you don’t care. 🙂

    That’s the bottom line ya Traffic.

  9. Now don’t go breaking my heart saying things like that!!!!

    You must have cared enough to take the time to post a response :).

  10. Sadly I don’t share your positivity. Big shots are cutting deals, sect leaders disputing the power and decision-making, and we can either follow their lead blindly, or watch them passively, or leave the country. I think there is just as much constructive discussion for the future of our country in those tents as there was in the tents of March 14. You can ask the Aounists, since they participated in both. Are the people really talking about what they really aspire for, and are any of the leaders interested in what they have to say? The “leaders” are fighting over their SECTARIAN pie, and the people are fighting with them. Peacefully. No real change will come out of this unfortunately, and your gleeful attitude is disturbing.

    I hope you won’t mind me posting the captions I would have used for the same pics in your post.

    [pic 1]
    Four symbolic over-simplifications

    [pic 2]
    Some people who voted for Hariri in many previous elections

    [pic 3]
    Missing slogans: A new government to free the war prisoners in Israel and Syria, to clean up the unexploded bombs in the south, to provide shelter for the refugees, to liberate Shebaa, to abolish capital punishment, for better palestinian refugee conditions, for better treatment of foreign workers, education for all…

    [pic 4]
    After all those years, the Maronite sect’s most marginalized but most popular representative wants to run the country. It is only fair to give him his chance. It is his turn according to the sectarian rules.

    [pic 5]
    At the SSNP, what we call ‘coping with a fleeting reality’, has forced us to tolerate that the red and white flag with a Cedar be flown next to our party’s flag, and to tolerate the presence of the effigy of the murderer of our leader, and being in a square that bears his name.

    [pic 6]
    A peculiar white tent with a poorly designed flag.

    [pic 7]
    Martyr from before the era of killing by ID.

    Anyway, for the light-hearted the following two links provide good entertainment, more proof (if ever any was needed) that “existence precedes essence”:
    SSNP news website in 2003:
    Tayyar news site in 2003:

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