Another quotable quote

In his letter of resignation, IDF’s Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said: “There is no army as moral as the IDF.”

I see.

(note: click on “more” at your own discretion, to view some of the “operational mistakes”* that General Gantz talked about yesterday; the mistake was that they didn’t do more of the below.)

Marwahine massacre, South Lebanon


Qana massacre, South Lebanon


Ghaziyeh massacre, South Lebanon


Mass grave in Tyre, South Lebanon

Al-Jamaliyeh, Baalbak

Zahlé, Beqa’a


Zahlé, Beqa’a


Chiyah massacre, southern Beirut


Haret Hreik, southern Beirut


Lebanese Red Cross Ambulances


Madfoun bridge, North Lebanon

Peace! (sic)

*Photos from various sources


20 responses to “Another quotable quote

  1. War is terrible thing and you can’t expect that cevilians wouldn’t hurt, especially when you fight with people that drag you into cevilians territory…but think what would happen
    if the russian army was attack lebanon…a lot more than 1100 casualties, even the U.S.A
    army is much more aggressive..look at iraq.
    I.D.F killed cevillian but you should look who start this war, where did he fight from
    and what he do the other side cevilians. and to look on other cases like WW2, or Vietnam
    Checnia, and now the africa crises…yes the I.D.F is much more moral than many other
    army, of course not like the Swisses, but comparatively to an army which fight for 60
    years so yes I agree.

  2. It is relative to other armies, so I tend to agree with him on that one. At war, sometimes innocent people get hurt by mistake. Let’s hope this was the last war.

    p.s. In my 30+ years, I have never seen a picture of dead Israeli. The reason for this is that in Israel, respect for the dead is more important than PR.

    Peace dude.

  3. I saw you deleted my comment… I guess you don’t want to hear any opinion except your own. I will search for more open-minded blogs.

  4. Sorry, my bad.

  5. Actually my friend, don’t give yourself too much credit. Your arguments are not that articulate. The system somehow mistook your comment for spam, and queueed your comments for moderation.

  6. Who started this war: indeed who did?

    How many times did Israel violate Lebanese air space since 2000?
    How many kilometers of Lebanese territory did Israel continue to occupy?
    How many maps of how many minefields did Israel refuse to hand to the UN in violation of international law?
    How many prisoners did Israel continue to hold since 2000?

    If Israel has the right to wage a campaign of “retaliation” for the capture of soldiers and HezbAllah’s refusal to hand them back, why doesn’t HezbAllah have the same right, and if it did, then doesn’t it mean that both the Sheba’a farms operation and the July 12 operation are legitimate?

    Why did Israel lie about a 2nd phase of negotiations back when the negotiations were concluded and the prisoners & corpses were exchanged?

    If Israel wanted to truly create the conditions for the disarmament of HezbAllah, why did it not withdraw from Sheba’a farms, the last remaining piece of territory which is officially Lebanese, and which all Lebanese agree must be returned (as opposed to the issue of the “7 villages”, which most Lebanese think is pointless to demand back at this point in time)? If Israel wanted to truly put pressure on HezbAllah, and I mean real pressure from which HezbAllah cannot truly escape, why didn’t Israel release the remaining prisoners, no matter how much blood they have on their hands? Shouldn’t the leaders of the very “moral” state of Israel have thought that the crimes of the past, however horrible, must not lead to crimes in the future, and that not preventing this knowing that it would result in further bloodshed is a crime in and of itself?

    Where is the evidence that HezbAllah hides “behind civilians”? Can you show me a picture of a HezbAllah operative caught red-handed at “hiding behind civilians”?

    “John Smith”:

    By mistake? Sorry, I guess you still believe that Qana 1996 was a “mistake” and that the UN was insensitive because it asked a Dutch general to write the report, knowing that the Netherlands had allowed its Jewish population to be sent to Auschwitz in WWII (for more, read Fisk’s Pity the Nation, p. 683). Or maybe you are saying there is a military gain in bombing clearly marked ambulances, and so it is justified under international law? Or perhaps dropping bombs on a group of people gathered for a mass funeral of victims of a massacre that had taken place only the day before at Ghaziyeh was merely a “mistake”, I guess they were digging tunnels or digging out Zilzal rockets to fire at Israeli civilians, so the bombing was in “self-defense”. Or maybe the bombing of a pregnant woman driving herself to the hospital in Baalbak was by mistake, I mean, it could’ve been a HezbAllah operative (or it could’ve been someone else). Who would’ve known, so we bomb anyway, and if it weren’t a HezbAllah operative, too bad. What was she doing on the road anyway? She should’ve just stayed at home and given birth alone.

    Or maybe the bombing of trucks carrying medicine and flour, or a convoy of ambulances donated by UAE, forcing them to turn back, was also by mistake. Or bombing and re-bombing UN posts was also by mistake. Or the bombing of buildings in Tyre and South Beirut were also mistakes, I mean, there could’ve been HezbAllah operatives in them, who knows. Or there could’ve been kids in there, and if there were kids, less babies to grow up to become “terrorists”, I guess. I wonder, what on earth were the Israeli forces doing, bombing all those kids, while the HezbAllah fighters were firing Katyusha rockets right from the border? I guess the HezbAllah fighters had reached as far north as the Madfoun bridge and Batroun, and the port of Tripoli. I guess the bombing of irrigation pipes on the Litani were also by mistake, as were the bombing of some 200 factories, and… an abandoned water driller in Christian-populated Achrafieh. Also by mistake.

    Gee, a lot of mistakes in 1 month.

    And you have not seen pictures of dead Israelis? Really? I have seen pics of many dead Israelis, in fact the Israelis have made a point at showing those pics, and also showing the buses that have been bombed, they even took the bus all the way to California. I guess you will not miss a chance to glorify and moralize the Israelis. Not that the Israelis are one monolithic bloc of people that you make them to be, in an attempt to “prove” that all Israelis are moral, as a rule, and do not use their dead for political purposes. But assuming that showing pictures of dead people is immoral and implies politicizing the suffering of people and turning them into public relations material, doesn’t that give credence to the claims that there is something called the “Holocaust Industry” (see Norman Finkelstein)? Or does this standard of judgement only apply to the “Arabs” and “Muslims” who “do not care about their children”?

    I guess you are implying that it’s a cultural thing.

    How non-racist of you.

    What, you did not see pics of the dead people at the Haifa railway station? Or the picture of the severely injured man in that building in Haifa that sustained a direct hit? Or the body of Shimon Glickblich in Haifa? Or the soldiers who were killed in Kfar Giladi? Or the body of David Lelchook in Kibbutz Saar? Really? No PR there? I even know their names for heaven’s sake. Do you even know the name of one Lebanese child who was killed?

    And you think you are so eloquent that I had to censor you?

  7. how many time hezbolla attack israel after the withdrawal? 20? 30? I can tell you on 8
    cevilian casualties, how much soldiers???? more than 10…
    “How many kilometers of Lebanese territory did Israel continue to occupy?”
    non…shaba farms isn’t lebanon territory according the decision 1559 of the U.N.
    “How many prisoners did Israel continue to hold since 2000?”
    4 – one of them children killer, and one of them is israeli cevilian.
    israel not kidnap soldiers, they arrested them. stop with this bullshit, I’m not some
    trash that beleive to this shit.

    “Where is the evidence that HezbAllah hides “behind civilians”? Can you show me a picture of a HezbAllah operative caught red-handed at “hiding behind civilians”? ”

    of course.

    there is much more…and by the way read this, an american who came to the south and
    heard from people that hezbolla use their villeges to lunch from their rockets, and shoot
    on them when they try to ran away. read the january 7, and other if you want.

    I heard
    in sandmonkey that U.N officor, send him a letter and told him that hezbolla used theit
    position as shilds. stop to be so naive many Lebanese told me that they saw this in
    first body, many israeli soldiers, friends of mine, who against the govermant and against
    the war told me this, they have no interest to lie…you can find always excuse to start
    a war, but don’t expect later when you got hurt.

    anyway this isn’t the issue…read again what I wrote. and than answer.

  8. P.S the I.D.F warned people how do you explain this???? I’m not saying that cevilians
    didn’t killed but I do say that the I.D.F is more human than other armies, and you didn’t
    gave me any objector pleading about it, only say thing that I know and some of them
    I agree. I’nm not I.D.F spokesman, but I look on this with rational view.

  9. I was actually tempted to say, please don’t post links to those alleged real videos showing alleged HezbAllah operatives allegedly hiding behind civilians. I decided not to, because I wanted to see if you will post it. When I saw that you had posted it, I had to laugh out loud. A 15-year-old can come up with a digitally produced video of the sort. Really, is that the best you can do? Anyway, how do you know that these are HezbAllah operatives? Is there some sort of special odor that they emit, which allows the drones to be sure that they are HezbAllah operatives going in and out of buildings? Really?

    Actually, you are lying, Israel held much more than 4 prisoners after 2000. Israel held dozens of prisoners, some had been kidnapped from their homes and had been IN THE PAST (not at the time of kidnapping, that is) AMAL fighters, like Jawad Qasfi who was kidnapped from his land while planting tomatoes, and others were HezbAllah fighters, and these were imprisoned and tortured for more than 15 years. One was a sheikh who was kidnapped from his home. Another one is Anwar Yassine, who was imprisoned for 17 years. He was not a member of HezbAllah. These people were still in Israeli dungeons after the end of part of the occupation of Lebanon, and had it not been for the operations which resulted in the capture of 3 IDF soldiers and Elhanan Tannenbaum later on, they would’ve remained in Israeli dungeons till the rest of their lives.

    Your heroic IDF doesn’t kidnap? I guess we forgot about the grocer (or was it brick-layer?) Hassan Nasrallah. 😀 Oh yeah, he was only ‘arrested’. Yup. Civilians are arrested, but soldiers are “kidnapped”.

    By the way, the right-wing pro-Israeli fascist Lebanese daily Annahar, in its April 23, 1979 paper cites Israeli sources and tells the story of what happened the day 4 fighters entered Nahariya. The story makes no mention of Quntar bashing anyone’s skull. It mentions two people, who were taken hostage, and were being led to a small boat to take them back to Lebanon (to be held for negotiations for the release of Palestinians and Lebanese whom Israel had kidnapped), and on the shore there was a battle with an Israeli military patrol, and the two hostages were killed in the crossfire. So much for the fake stories that are circulating these days, in which Quntar allegedly bashed the skull of the girl after killing her father in front of her.

    By the way, Nissim Nasr gave up his Israeli citizenship. He is in fact also Lebanese, and at the moment only Lebanese.

    The IDF warned people. Ohhh, after bombing the roads around them as well as gas stations, and when people got into their cars and started to run away, they were bombed. See first picture. This is what happens when you heed Israeli “warnings”. And the 2nd pic shows what happens when you stay put. Either way, Israel was intent on massacring people, because its ego had been shattered. That also explains why in the last 72 hours the entire south was riddled with cluster bombs. That was the ‘revenge’. I am sure you condemn your very own “children killers” (whose victims are shown above) as much as you demand that the Lebanese condemn theirs. Or are some children more precious and more deserving of life than others?

  10. O.K you clear my point, you support them blindness, and I realy have better thing to do
    than talk with you..bye bye…

  11. the whole argument about the relative morality of the idf truly fascinates me. is the idf more moral than the swiss army (just one example of many), which hasn’t engaged in a single was for quite a few decades?

  12. I don’t think that it is more morality than any other western army, I think it is the same…
    but israel as a state which have fought for 60 years, even more, and still success to be a
    democratic state, with a major left, that is a success.
    I do have a problem with the cevilians casualties, and the damage of the people who not
    fight, and I do all what I can to make people aware to this problem…but to say that is
    the only one who fight like this this is hypocrisy. especially when it come from hezbolla
    supporter like Anarchorev.

  13. to say that is the only one who fight like this this is hypocrisy.
    Who said that? When on the losing end of the debate, put words into your opponent’s mouth.

    Dude, get a life. Please! And I thought you were leaving.

  14. Alon Dude,
    Israel is NOT a democracy – it is a theocracy which relentlessly suppresses the rights of Arabs living within its borders. The leaders of Israel are racists and barbarians. They kill wantonly. They need to be removed from history before things are bound to improve over there.

    Have a nice day.

  15. check out this vid of an israel force hitting two terrorists

  16. Stop spamming; posting the link once is enough. You have been banned.

    What does the video show? I do not understand a thing, and it gives more credence to the argument that these videos are fabricated. If the drones could take such video shots so close-up, what prevents the Israelis from putting more high-quality video capturing devices that would prove once and for all that HezbAllah hides behind civilians?

    And what does that video you posted have anything to do with hiding behind civilians?

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  18. khalil yassine

    when the nasrallah speaks all ur so called leaders
    and generals listen with respect and admiration..
    u created hezbollah..
    action and reaction,simple physics.

  19. khalil yassine

    we hezbollah are not only perfect
    were lebanese too..
    and the hell with all your silly mythology
    we are the new spartans.
    ur army was humiliated by villagers
    ur command ended the war before our special forces had any chance to fight
    the boys didnt like it
    but its okay..maybe next time..
    untill then my advice to ur army is to train and
    practice well ..good luck

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