By Mazen Kerbaj. For more of Mazen’s work, check out his blog.


5 responses to “أ♥الحياة

  1. 😛 Is that supposed to be a sarcastic comment? 😛

    I love Mazen’s style.

  2. is there any translation available for the symbols?

  3. From right to left, then going downwards:

    I don’t ♥ life; and I don’t ♥ colours;
    and I don’t ♥ black or white; and not even grey;
    and I don’t even ♥ anything or anyone; is there a chance that I can also “we want to live in this country”?

    The whole “I ♥ Life” and “we want to live” thing has to do with a billboard campaign which the “loyalists” launched; it is aimed primarily at HezbAllah and the Shi’ites, whom they accuse of loving the “culture of death”. The opposition replied to the billboards by adding sentences to the “I ♥ Life” making it “I ♥ Life in multicolours” and to the “we want to live” by making it “we want to live in honour” etc etc. things like that. This guy is criticizing both camps.

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