Hariri Militia Strikes!

At least 4 killed by Hariri militia snipers, 2 of them students at Beirut Arab University. All have been shot in the head. 35 injured, some critically. Al-Manar reporter attacked on the south Lebanon highway.

This, once again, proves that HezbAllah does not want the “best for the country.”

And more proof that HezbAllah is the “only armed militia in the country”.

Stay tuned for more “gifts” from those who do want the best for the country.

So much for the winter tourism season… I bet ski resort owners are not too happy with that.

Update: 3 Lebanese Army soldiers have been injured by sniper fire, 2 in the back.

Update: It is being reported that a number of roadblocks have been set up in some areas, where some “elements” are checking IDs.

Update: Snipers continue to fire rounds of ammunition. Students still trapped in BAU campus. Army unable to locate the source of fire. Al Jazeera reports that a sniper belonging to Walid Jumblatt’s PSP has been captured.

Update: Hariri mercenaries burned down SSNP offices in “Tariq Jdide”.

BREAKING NEWS @ 8:03 pm: Al-Manar TV just aired footage of SNIPERS shooting from apartments and the roofs of a number of buildings.

And in Sidon… Hariri militiamen have cut off all roads into and out of Sidon, and practically laid siege to the city. This according to the inhabitants of Sidon, and the reporter of NewTV, who said that they could not leave the city; the militiamen have also detained a number of civilians.

Unofficial Numbers… The two students who were killed are: Hassan Mahmud Murtada, 23, from Temnine al-Tahta (Beqa’a) and Khalil Shuman, 21, from Sir’in al-Fawqa (Beqa’a). The other 2 victims have also been named: Muhammad Sharif, and ‘Adnan Ibrahim Shamss, 28, from Sha’ath. 106 people have been injured, including at least 60 civilians who have suffered from gunshot wounds; 20 from the Lebanese Army, including 4 officers.

Also notable… World media (and Saudi satellite stations with different names) of course have not referred to the sniping, and have emphasized repeatedly that these were merely “student clashes”. Of course. How typical. I’m trying to get a hold of the footage aired by Al-Manar. Much to the embarrassment of Hariri propaganda TV (Future TV), the camera crew of the station was happily shooting live footage of students setting a car on fire, and the reporter commented that these were opposition protestors; then the thugs started shouting “kss’emmak Nasrallah” (a swear word), and the station immediately cut the coverage. Dear viewers, we apologize for this minor propaganda glitch.

(Photos inside – you have been warned)




28 responses to “Hariri Militia Strikes!

  1. adedfd@hotmail.com

    Hariri militia??? the only militia in Lebanon is hezbollah. Armed to the teeth and they have enough willing and brainwashed members to go die in the name of Ayatollah and Bashar.

  2. There you go. You wanted militancy. You thought maybe you could have militancy without what, actual fighting?

    What a silly response.

  3. Oh yeah, now it’s not about tourism. OK. Now the obsession is with militancy, and how HezbAllah provoked these people, who by the way were NOT fighting, they were SNIPING. I would like to see them FIGHT, maybe the SSNP will finally ELIMINATE them. For good.

    You make me laugh.

  4. Is this what you mean? http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/7154EA75-EE23-48FA-9536-7649C1ED8EB8.htm
    (I don’t find any other Al Jazeera story about snipers in Lebanon)

    It doesn’t sound very convincing to me. It states: “Some students claimed that…”. But no one seems to be sure it actually happened…

  5. Yeah, Al Jazeera English, bravo.

    I suppose you are seeing live scenes on TV, of people getting shot while standing, and the army hiding behind army vehicles because they were being shot at from various locations NOT ON THE GROUND ? And people pulling injured civilians UNDER FIRE from MACHINE GUNS?

  6. Here’s what Al Jazeera Arabic reports, but since you cannot read Arabic I will let you philosophize a bit oceans away, about what is going on in Lebanon:

    ما لبثت أن تطورت إلى إطلاق نار من مجهولين استهدف في مرحلة لاحقة عناصر الجيش اللبناني الذي تدخل لفض الاشتباكات.

    “Soon it developed into shooting by unidentified persons, which later targeted Lebanese army units, which interfered to break up the clash.”

    أظهرت كاميرا الجزيرة لاحقا إطلاق نيران مجهولة على تجمع لآليات الجيش قرب المدينة الرياضية المحاذية للجامعة مما أدى إلى إصابة ثلاثة من عناصره فيما وصل عدد الجرحى حسب مراسل الجزيرة إلى 40، بينهم أربعة ضباط و9 جنود.

    “The Al Jazeera camera later showed shooting by unidentified sources on a gathering of army vehicles near the Sports City next to the university, which injured 3 elements, whereas the number of injured according to the Al Jazeera reporter reached 40, among them 4 officers and 9 soldiers.”


  7. hariri militia ya hmar
    hizbollah and their gimps are the only militia
    ur denial and stupidity are astounding

  8. Hmar? Hmar? Yeah, that’s pretty civilized.

  9. OK, so this is what we seem to know: there were riots at the university in which students died. According to Al Jazeera (no other source I found confirms this) there were unidentified gunmen. This is very worrying news, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the old militias are rearming. Not yet.

  10. Hizballah thought that they will scream and everyone will say yes sir!
    Hizb-Shaitan is the only one allowed to have weapons!

    As Assad promised, he will break Lebanon on the head of Harriri! When Hizb-Iran will stop taking orders from Syria and Iran?

  11. BREAKING NEWS @ 8:03 pm: Al-Manar TV just aired footage of SNIPERS shooting from apartments and the roofs of a number of buildings.
    So these snipers happened to be individuals acting on their own behalf, and it so happened (by coincidence) that they all chose the same day and minute and second?

    Great. That doesn’t “necessarily” mean the “old militias” are rearming.

  12. Of course the old militia’s are rearming. Your hero’s “save Lebanon” plan of burning tires in the street and blocking the airport was supposed to what? Get folks putting cedar sprigs in the Army rifle barrels?

    Either Hizbullah and Nashralla are the most naive people ever born or this is exactly what they want. Get some extremists reacting, allow for escallation.

    Here’s your militancy. Enjoy. “Tourism” the next obsession – you don’t even believe your own lines. That’s what’s laugable.

  13. It doesn’t matter who they are. Everyone will blame someone else. Civil was has begun. It will get worse.

  14. Judging the opposition’s plan and intentions based on the outcome which was planned and executed by the Hariri and Jumblatt thugs / militia /mercenaries? Boy, you ARE desperate.

    Nasrallah might be naive, or not; however, since Hariri, Inc., Jumblatt, Geagea, etc., argued that H.A was the only armed group (which they ironically called a militia) in Lebanon, and since they launched attacks on H.A 24/7, to the extent that their rhetoric moved from anti-H.A to anti-Shi’ite incitement, and since they claim that they are honest, deomcratic, civilized, and are not like the “uncivilized Shi’ites” (for more synonyms for Shi’ites, see Jumblatt), he could only take their word, like they wanted all Lebanese to believe their word. And he based his actions on their words, trusting that they would be speaking the TRUTH (sic).

    Ahh, but I AM enjoying the militancy. I cannot wait to see H.A show its teeth (unfortunately, I don’t think they will, at least not until the thugs push them to the edge). Because when they do, good ol’ USA might not be able to come to the aid of the thugs as it came to the aid of Israel in the summer.

    It doesn’t matter who they are.
    Ahh, yes, now it DOESN’T. I bet, if these snipers had turned out to belong to the opposition, you would’ve been all over the case with your “see? I told ya”. You ALREADY WERE doing that, until I put an end to it.

  15. I’m glad you are enjoying the death and battles. Then I guess you are in the right place after all.

    Sick, that.

  16. Another cheap attempt at twisting my words. Ahh well, I know what desperation feels like; after all, I deal with people like you every day. Heck, I work with people like you.

    That you feel the need to twist people’s words, that is sick.

  17. “Ahh, but I AM enjoying the militancy. I cannot wait to see H.A show its teeth (unfortunately, I don’t think they will, at least not until the thugs push them to the edge). ”

    You write them. There is no need to twist them. They are there for all to see.

    Or perhaps you mean “go to the dentist.”

  18. “My type” is also very funny.

    I’m afraid I don’t really have any desperation as I am not in Lebanon, and have no vested interest in Lebanon. I do, however, know some very desperate people at this moment. I just came from one’s business, in fact. She has cousins at the University. “Desperate” is too strong a word, actually, for her. But she is very concerned.

    I have some other friends in Lebanon at the moment as well, but they have lived through a lot and I think they are savvy enough to stay safe. So no. I am not desperate. Depressed a bit, yes. Concerned for some people I know. Yes. Disappointed. Somewhat, but not really surprised.

    So you keep on “enjoying the militancy” – party on Wayne.

  19. Murder is not militancy. Sniping is not militancy.

    Murder is murder. Sniping is murder. Both are idiotic.

    But I see you are still obsessed with the tourism season – and also the burning of tires. OK.

    Ah, so I see, your friends are the only ones who matter; the rest of Lebanon does not. The 2 million who are desperate do not. Only your friends matter, and the other 1.5 million. Because “hunting” civilians from residential buildings is much cooler than burning tires and closing roads. And it’s “militancy” after all. For you at least.

    I am astonished that whenever H.A does something, you blame H.A. Whenever the murderous thugs of Hariri, Jumblatt, and Geagea do something, you blame… H.A. OK.

  20. I am astonished that to you Hizbullah can do no wrong, never provokes, and you all are shocked that a violent strike spurred people to … wow, violence.

    So will live in our mutual astonishment.

    I am no grand supporter of Hariri, Jumblatt or Geagea. Nor do I think Hiz, Aoun, Amal offer anything more interesting.

    But I am not mendacious enough to suggest that when a militia – one side in a conflict kidnaps and kills soldiers from a sworn enemy next door, when they fire rockets at that country, when the occupy a downtown business center, then call a strike that involves forceably shutting down roads and business, involves sectarian street fights (all started, of course, by the H, J, G side – yes, yes …) that that militia group – be is Hizbullah, Amal or Aoun’s crowd, are mere innocent bystanders in the awful attack of the “thugs.” Preposterous.

    And what, exactly, do you think this “militancy” is? Fencing? Water baloons? Repartee?

    Who has trouble understanding English?

  21. I am astonished that to you Hizbullah can do no wrong
    Putting words into my mouth again?

    when a militia
    H.A is not a militia. Just because you don’t like its achievements against Israel does not make it a militia.

    one side in a conflict kidnaps and kills soldiers from a sworn enemy
    Solideres are CAPTURED, not kidnapped. Unless you are saying they were Barbie dolls. Of course, no talk about the CIVILIANS captured and imprisoned by the other side, the fighters captured by the other side the mines laid by the other side, the airspace violated by the other side. Oh, I think I should not have reminded you of the fighters captured by the other side. Now you will be back to your Samir Quntar obsession. I notice you have stopped addressing the issue after I mentioned the 1979 report in the newspaper archives. Maybe tourism is a better obsession. Certainly much more promising.

    when they fire rockets at that country
    Sorry, that country was not the one that fired rockets and started bombing roads, and made threats it would turn the clock back by twenty years, all in response to the CAPTURE of 2 soldiers, in response to the LIES that there would be a 2nd round of negotiations, in response to all the airspace violations between 2000 and 2006, all the murders of shepherds on the border, not to mention the minefield maps. Oh, yes, it was H.A who fired rockets first. Of course. How convenient.

    when the occupy a downtown business center
    Occupy? I see you have internalized the Hariri, Inc. language. First, the “business center” was stolen by Hariri, Inc., its tenants and rightful owners thrown out, and the property confiscated by Solidere. Occupy? I guess the city “belongs” to some people but not others, so some people’s presence is considered welcome, while others’ is “occupation”. By the way, I suppose you were also whining about the occupation of downtown when the March 14 set up tents?

    then call a strike that involves forceably shutting down roads and business
    No one forced any businesses shut. Speaking of forcibly shutting down roads, and harming the economy, whatever happened to the road on which Hariri was assassinated? Oh, the road is STILL closed. They are still extracting the “tooth of the bomber”, I guess. I wonder who the next investigator after Brammertz will be? Hopefully not as incompetent as Mehlis. Or Brammertz for that matter. Speaking of investigations, I wonder who will investigate the assassination attempt on Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, in which 80 – EIGHTY – civilians were killed? But I see, Hariri matters more than 80 people, and his filthy business center matters more than the businesses that have close down (and families who have gone hungry) so that Brammertz can picnic on that road, and thousands of drivers would have to go through the terrible traffic caused by the redirection of traffic. Again, some against others. I guess “some” are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    Militancy and murder are not synonyms. Murder is NOT militancy. Militancy is NOT murder. Go learn English. Or go find another obsession. The tourism thing won’t be working with me as long as the Samir Quntar one did.

  22. anarchist who used to be curious, 😉
    don’t waste ur time and strength.. reserve them for more hopeful cases.

    hope the “action” was far from where u are.
    stay safe.

  23. Wow. You are really obsessed with tourism. Perhaps you need a vacation.

    I’m not really concerned if it “works” with you. And you do notice that I have not mentioned Samir in weeks and weeks, yet you bring him up repeatedly.

    Perhaps the stress is getting to you. I’d try skiing.

    Militancy is folk dancing. Burning tires in roads is economic developemnt. .. Wait, there’s a book here, I think … oh, been done.

  24. Elements ? Setting up checkpoints ??
    Interesting how u only manage to attack hariri thugs but forget that hizbollah and amal are much more experiences thugs than the rest.

    I had to escape a checkpoint near my house ..it was set up by amal movement ….and since i had kamal joumblatts picture in my wallet ..i thought its better to escape them than to face them….
    LETS be a bit more objective ok dear?

    Oh and enough with the imitation of angryarab …get ur own identity ….if i want to read his style i’d go to his rotten blog !

  25. Where did I say the roadblocks were set up only by Hariri thugs? I was only reporting what the media said, and the media did not elaborate on what those “elements” were. But does it make a difference if Amal also set up roadblocks? I mean, how does one wrong make another one right? Or is objectivism to you equal to bashing all sides equally when they are NOT equally guilty?

    I am imitating Angry Arab? Oh boy; you ARE obsessed with angry arab, aren’t you? All because he attacked “bila houdoud”… 😀 Habibi, I don’t need to imitate anyone, and Angry Arab should be the one to imitate me, not the other way around. If you don’t want to read what I write, don’t visit my “rotten” blog either, since you claim it’s an imitation of angryarab’s!

  26. Anarchorev,

    You are terrific. ‘Nuff said.

  27. Anarcorev makes the best point and whoever doesent agree can keep their ignorant criticizims to theirselves

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