On Obsessions

So I was watching Geagea’s press conference. Boy, that guy has some obsessions. He appears to be going through many sleepless nights over Tayyar’s popularity and the fact that nothing he is doing lately has been successful in pushing the majority of Christians towards the Lebanese Forces, or in convincing them to believe his words again; as they say, once a militia, always a militia. He continuously focused on tayyar, and like a schoolboy proud to have done his homework showed some pictures of Tayyar supporters burning tires. Like we haven’t seen them. Like these pictures were taken “in secret”. Like the media was not covering the whole thing since the early hours of the morning. Amazing. He kept saying sarcastically every time he showed a new photo, “this is civilized”. He said that the reason LFers [militiamen] had been on the streets since 5 am was that the security forces were not doing anything to open the roads so that people would be able to go to work, and so they had to take matters into their own hands. Notice the contradiction. First, who goes to work at 5 am? Not a lot of people, I reckon. Second, how did they know that the security forces did/would not do anything, to go down to the streets at 5 am? No answers. He also talked about the photo that appeared in Al-Akhbar, of a LF militiaman with a gun. Here he totally lost it. He said that Al-Akhbar newspaper works with Syrian mukhabarat (intelligence), and that the photo was given to them by the Syrian mukhabarat. But whose photo is that? Is it in Lebanon (I can ascertain that it is)? How did Syrian mukhabarat infiltrate the Christian heartland to take this photo, and where is the state security, is it not supposed to be working against such infiltrations? Or are Walid Jumblatt and his dog on a tight leash Samir Geagea only good for barking about Syria, while ministers are getting “offed” at an alarming rate? Or does the non-prevention of these crimes suit the “March 14” gangs, because it portrays them as “the targeted”, the “victims”, etc., and turns this conflict into one between “the good” and “the bad”, where of course the good guys are the “March 14”, and the bad guys are Syrian-Iranian agents? And doesn’t this lack of concern raise questions as to why, if there is such a criminal mastermind behind all these assassinations after that of Hariri, he has not targeted the head(s) (unfotunately multiple) of the snake?

Of course, he did not show the journalists any photos of the groups of LF militiamen waving huge black flags with skull symbols on them, the flag of the Sadem (Collision) Force, as it was known during the civil war. He insisted that LFers were unarmed. He said, if we were the ones who were armed, how can it be that the one who died was from our side? Fallacious. Just because you hold arms does not mean you cannot be killed. At best, it means that the other side had arms (or that the army shot you because you were threatening the other side with your guns – which was the case, as reported by those present there – some of whom I know – and in other areas around Lebanon, including reporters and journalists – but don’t expect Fantasy TV or LBC to report this); moreover, just because there was no one killed on the other side does not mean that there were no injuries, some of them critical, from gunshot wounds in the back. But assuming that his logic is not fallacious, what do the 4 dead from yesterday’s “clashes” (as the events are referred to in foreign – and Saudi-sponsored – media) signify then? That it was the doing of –?? Oh I see, the perfect scapegoats : Syrians and Palestinians. Of course. Fantasy Movement seems not to have learned yesterday’s lesson (where their lies got exposed live, for all to see, on Fantasy TV), and today Mustaqbal newspaper reported (in one line) that the snipers had been caught, and it had turned out that they were Syrians and Palestinians. Brilliant reporting. By the way, if the security forces are so good with doing their homework, how about arresting some of the militiamen who appeared with weapons in photos, both on Tuesday and on Thursday, and we will see which party they belong to???? It would not be difficult to identify them, as their faces are apparent in the photos. And what’s with the obsession with “our areas” and “Mount Lebanon”? I wonder, is Mr. Geagea still obsessed with the idea of cantonization? I know that Jumblatt is dying to spill blood to draw the borders of his canton with.

Didn’t know that Al-Akhbar had such close ties to the Syrian mukhabarat, by the way. Damn, must be that the ones who work there, and whom I know, are Syrian agents. That makes me a Syrian agent by association. And while everyone’s busy with the witch-hunt, the “civilized” continue to wave the Sadem Force flags. Enjoy your Cedar Revolutionaries.


4 responses to “On Obsessions

  1. Not that I care about what Geagea had to say or what your opinions are on him but I couldn’t help myself from correcting one minor information you have stated. Geagea claimed that his people did not move until 10. That the LF contacted all security, such as army, minister of defense, etc between 5am and 10am and then took things into their own hands … and it was at 10 when the people moved to the streets.

    There are some other minor errors in your post as well, but it doesn’t really count or matter.


  2. Point out whatever errors you see. I did not intend this post to be a transcript of his speech; if you will notice I did not put his speech in quotation marks. But I don’t see where I posted anything he did not say. I am sure the video of the press conference will be up in a few days (if it isn’t already).

    Geagea stated that people had been on the streets at 5 am (at the same time as they were allegedly contacting the security to “act”) and SAW that the security forces did not do anything, and that is when they took things into their own hands. FYI, the first clashes were at 5:30 am, and many were injured in those clashes. Either way, even if he had not said that (which he did), he would still be contradicting himself, because there were clashes as early as 5:30 am.

  3. You blog rules. It is a diamond of clarity and truth in an ocean of kharra.

  4. Anarchorev, you have a knack for asking all the right questions (and there are plenty!). As for the Al Akhbar, Mukhabarat connection, isn’t anyone who expresses an unorthodox (by orthodox, I mean March 14) idea/opinion/fact/position Syrian Mukhabarat, or at least pro-Syrian? And while we’re on the subject, isn’t the unseasonably mild weather, and underlying climate change, the doing of Syrians and/or Palestinians and/or other “non-Lebanese Arab elements” (and we wouldn’t want to unfairly exclude the Iranians, who make up a sizeable portion of Lebanon’s population)?

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