They Love Life

They Love Life

They love life

They love life…so they burn Orange (FPM) kiosks

The peak of civilization


“They had to take matters into their own hands.” OK. Enjoy your Civilized Revolutionaries.

(Sorry ‘ammo Gea’gea, I had to post these pics, even though I did get them from Syrian Mukhabarat.)


4 responses to “They Love Life

  1. What about the other headline on Those green balloons, I mean.

  2. Ah yes, those. It’s funny, ha? I mean, it’s funny, cos Israelis dismiss this and laugh at it. They have too much blind trust/faith in IDF’s goodwill (the same IDF that killed 1200 civilians and littered South Lebanon with cluster bomblets).

    Anyway, here goes:

  3. you’re still believing the shit they’re showing you on ya khayeh? like those poisonous balloons from israel, which are actually simple balloons that crossed the border? like that bmw in supposedly belonging to an FPM’er that was spraypainted with orange paint which actually turned out to be a picture of a car belonging to a guy in canada whose wife found him cheating, and hence destroyed his car? like those pictures shown by that orange idiot from rabieh on al manar television supposedly showing an LF member aiming his weapon at the army which actually turned out to be photoshopped? come on man, try to be a little less naive. I am not saying the government are saints, but aoun / hezballah are clearly criminals trying to manipulate you.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling that even if I give you proof of this manipulation, you’ll still be a poor brainwashed sheep of an orange lunatic under heavy medication. Here are the sources anyway, as you can see, I still have hope that you’ll wake up one day : (go down to the news “tayyar site faked news)

  4. First, Tayyar at least OWNS UP to its mistakes (often without even being exposed), and therefore it is NOT propaganda.

    Second, I don’t really care about Tayyar; I am not a supporter or a member. Why are you so defensive?

    Third, that pic of the LF man was sent in by LFers.

    Fourth, did you see that pic of the gunman in Nahr el Kalb? Or is that photoshopped too?

    Fifth, the balloons story that was posted on tayyar was taken from other sources including the NNA, Manar TV website AND *gasp* Annahar.

    Sixth, it is not so clear to me how H.A are criminals.

    Seventh, Geagea belongs to where he was for 11 years, along with the rest of the bunch. Or, for those who don’t believe in such “authority”, someone should do the world a favour and rid us of those idiots and criminals (and their thugs).

    Eighth, wanabka??? hahaha!!! Yeah, you will stay alright. 🙂

    Ninth, I am not khayyak!

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