Seriously, how do they publish this stuff???


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  1. Tell this Kinsley apologist to go live in Ghazza for 3 months. He’ll bullshit no more after that.

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
    I bet he hasn’t set foot anywhere close to the region let alone Gaza or West Bank.
    But he feels the moral “duty” to point out that it’s “not” apartheid.
    I bet he also has not set foot anywhere close to Africa let alone South Africa.
    This should go down in books as a good example to demonstrate the usage of the word “banktruptcy”.

  3. Sounds to me like the guy didn’t even read the book, and is reacting only to the title.

    In an interview to Terry Grros from November, Carter presented an extensive analysis of the situation in the occupied territories, which made me wonder if Apartheid is actualy a mild description of the situation.

  4. The guy is a complete jerk. I actually couldn’t get past the first paragraph where he says that Arabs and Jews were struggling over the same tiny plot of land.

    The Arabs weren’t struggling over it – THEY HAD BEEN LIVING THERE for hundreds of years. It’s the Zionists who were trying to move in on it.

    I just couldn’t read any more of his crap after that.

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