Badna N’ish- Part IV

Numbers speak louder than words:

  • 5 is the number of half-meter-deep potholes in the middle of the Dawra-Nahr el-mot highway, one of which my car ‘experienced’ today. Hey, my car loves life too.
  • 3 is the number of months those potholes have been there and no one has bothered to fill them up or patch them up.
  • 4 is the number of times the power was on and off in the past 5 minutes.
  • 2 is the number of lanes that the south-north “highway” near Mar Mikha’el (after MTC touch building) will be reduced to, to make way for more lanes for the opposite side.
  • 2 is the number of years they have been working on constructing a bridge on the highway and are not halfway done with it.
  • 0 is the number of photos I was allowed to take of Wadi Abu Jmil, because apparently it is a security risk.

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2 responses to “Badna N’ish- Part IV

  1. man, the antelias bridge took over three years, so be patient 🙂

  2. Haha , eh, ba3ref, ya3ni ana tarakt el balad w rje3t w keno ba3don 3ambyeshteghlo 3leiha looool……

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