Amal – Hope
December 2006
Beirut, Lebanon


4 responses to “Amal-Hope

  1. I would like to introduce to you a service that was very helpful for us. We were Iraqis refuges living in, Lebanon and in Seoul Korea and we were helped by a wonderful Canadian entrepreneur. We wanted to do something to make the dreams of others come true.

    In 2006 we met Chris Carmichael in Seoul and we wanted to do business in Canada. We have a small Car/vehicle import / export business in Seoul Korea and we wanted to expand our business and we did exponentially, making more profit than we dreamed.

    We cannot go into our business details as that is extremely confidential and we need to have some privacy in regards to our Business, but the process of investing in Canada and becoming qualified for the Investment Immigrant Visa was the result of our business enterprise.

    The automotive industry in Canada and the USA is at all time low and were able to buy low and sell high in Dubai, Beirut and Baghdad and we are exploring other markets at the moment.

    We invested what we could and within a year we were into the Million dollar range. That investment guaranteed our being granted the Landed Visa for Canada and we operate now in 3 countries, Dubai, Seoul and Canada.

    Chris Carmichael arranged everything. He incorporated the company in Canada, opened international bank accounts so we could move funds around in 3 countries. He organized the accounting firms, opened up all the Canadian tax documents and git the Immigration lawyers we needed to take all our hard work and turned into our dream, Canadian Citizens.

    He drove us around the country, to meet our suppliers. He was relentless in pursuing the bargains and ensuring we were well taken care .of in every aspect.

    Chris Carmichael fees were $50,000 for opening the accounts and creating the Directorships and all the Bureaucratic process so necessary in building your company. It was not his fees but all the charges from the administering Canadian offices. . From Incorporation, Banking, accounting and the huge bureaucracy of Canadian taxation. But we saved so much money as well and our investments paid of and made us rich.

    We have received our Canadian Investment Visa’s and my family will immigrate to Canada by July 2008. We decided to pay Chris this fee but he was willing to allow us to pay it in instalments. But he is working with so many budgets and can workout a plan that is easy for you. From a minimum of $10,000. Upwards. It is the cost of doing business in Canada while living in your home country.

    We also investigated the lucrative home building and the cost of a Prefab housing is so low compared to the established way in the Middle East. A house that costs $250,000 Canadian dollars will resell in the Middle East at a great savings value. But the trading of Brand names for Furniture, Cars, Clothing, appliances.. Whatever your business interest are. Chris can help you. He works with your Budget. There is a Canadian investor program in place but you need $1, 200, 000, 00 Canadian Dollars to qualify. A minimum of $800,000 and a loan for $400,000. And that also is decided upon where you should relocate. The choices are Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or the North West territories. Areas of Canada that need the most comic revitalization. But these places are not where you want to live. So through developing our Business plans and employing so many Canadians we qualified for immigration to Canada,
    Once we opened our business we started small and then it turned into a Million dollar business in 18 months. Then we qualified for the Immigration Visa. But that was for the Car industry.

    Chris lives in Seoul Korea and Asia is the market place of the world, he is here developing the markets for Taiwan and in China. He too like us works out of Canada for tax purposes and conducts business world wide. He is not a large company just a connected individual who works to assist people in developing their dreams for a better life.

    You can contact Chris at or via home phone. 82-02-795-0141. Email is best as Chris is either on the phone or on the road or air.

    Please realise that as he is so busy only serious applicants should apply.


  2. Hi. How your project develops?

  3. Really enjoying the blog. I have recently stated a Blog which focuses on the Arabian peninsula ( and would love to know your thoughts

  4. After what I received from my friend in Syria I think that history tests not only Turkey and Syria but all world.

    It is terrible that they kill children.

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